Project Zomboid update 41 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Project Zomboid patch notes, the latest update added huge improvements for graphics, gameplay, audio, and netcode. Apart from this, today’s Project Zomboid patch build 41 also includes various stability and performance improvements.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Project Zomboid patch 41 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Project Zomboid Build 41 Patch Notes – December 20, 2021

Massive animation and character overhaul, more immersive animations and smoother gameplay and combat, highly customizable character that shows clothing and equipment in the world. Visibly ripped and damaged clothing. Visible Backpacks and Bags.

  • In-game map system to allow the player to chart their exploration and find their way around the huge map.
  • New animations and new movement systems. Sneaking, sprinting, jogging, racking, reloading, climbing, fence-jumping, collapsing and much much more.
  • New multiplayer built from the ground up for smooth, immersive and low latency player and zombie movement.
  • New combat, new weapons, new difficulty balance.
  • New tutorial teaching you the very basics of the new movement and combat.
  • New character creation – many, many different new clothing options both on spawn and discoverable in the world as loot or on zombies.
  • New city to explore, the gargantuan Louisville, as well as many improvements across the entire map, including new buildings, decoration, and curved roads for easier driving.
  • New zombie behaviour: feasting on recent corpses, lolling against walls, falling over fences etc.
  • Blood and dirt system that progressively bloodies bodies and clothing of survivors and zombies
  • New injury system – movement and combat visibly hampered when injured. Lacerations now possible, an injury state that lies between bites and scratches.
  • Improved gunplay: green/red target outline while aiming, increased gun loot spawn.
  • Randomized environmental storytelling elements. Death Scenes, zombies discovered in the situations in which people died. Prayer meetings, sports-viewing parties, survivor zeds wearing backpacks etc, vehicle crashes and blockades.
  • Situational zombie type/clothing and inventories – cop zeds in police station, firemen zeds in burnt buildings, Chef zeds in restaurant kitchens, bride and groom zeds at a wedding ceremony in church etc.
  • Clothing protection: different clothing provides different levels of protection from zombie attacks.
  • New Sims-style cutaway vision system.
  • Vehicle handling improvements, resizing and appearance tweaks.
  • Updated, remastered and expanded Kentucky-themed soundtrack.
  • Complete soundscape overhaul – All new sounds, building a more immersive and compelling sonic landscape.
  • Items now have placeable 3D models in the world, for all your decorative needs.

New Gameplay Styles
Apocalypse: Stealth focus. Short lifespan. Combat best avoided and picked selectively.

Survivor: Powerful combat. Longer Lifespan. A challenging playstyle based on PZ’s previous Survival mode of Build 40.
Builder: Construction, Exploration, and Farming focus. A more relaxed experience.

  • New Challenges
    Kingsmouth – A separate challenge map, Kingsmouth puts you on a paradise island vacation resort.
    Studio – Try to survive as the Knox Infection hits the dream factory. Some of these zombies are not like the others.
  • Entirely new foraging system.
  • New inventory slots – belts and holsters now give quick equip slots. Weapons can be attached to the character’s back.
  • New thermal / body temperature system.
  • New Tailoring system for clothing repairs.
  • New Fitness / Exercise system.
  • New emote system – Hold Q to bring up the Radial Menu for Emotes.
  • New water visuals – including visible flow direction.
  • New puddle system during heavy rain.
  • New fog visuals.
  • New levelling system.
  • New VHS, and CDs system.
  • Broken glass and related injuries.
  • 3D Store Mannequins – can be dressed however you like
  • Working washing machines and driers
  • Server-side saving: MP save system now in a server-side database. Offline SP-side, also means no more lost cars via irl power outages.
  • New radial menu for reloading firearms.
  • New game cursor

New loot balance and loot balance system: houses and stores now have loot in the containers you would expect from real life – and not in a jumble.

  • Isometric aiming cursor that shows where you’re aiming in iso space to aid in combat.
  • A gigantic list of fixes and QoL improvements.

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