Project Winter Update Patch Notes – May 5, 2022


Project Winter Thunder Pressure update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Project Winter patch notes, the latest update includes a shockingly new global event – Thundersnow, a blizzard filled with thunder and lightning. Today’s Project Winter patch also reworked some of our social aspects with some new additions to the friends list and toxic management!

Previously, a major update was released that added quality of life changes.

Unfortunetly, players are still facing problems with the game. Today’s Project Winter patch 3.0.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Propnight Patch Notes


New Weather Event – Thundersnow:
Thundersnow, like its real life equivalent, is a blizzard that produces lightning and thunder. This global event will cause certain electrical components to be inoperable until the Thundersnow passes.

Friends List Update
Now players can sort by online players, see who is already in a match, search for specific players in their friends list, and add friends or block users from other screens.

Toxicity Management Update
Additional improvements to how we handle player reports can be made to increase likelihood of positive player experiences.

  • Additional match data is now saved when players make a report
  • Added a report button to the “Recently Met” tab of the friends list
  • We now prompt frequently reported players to view community guidelines
  • Banned players are now notified of the reason for their ban and its duration
  • Players are now notified if a player they recently reported is banned.


Gun/Gunpart Balance Changes

  • The spawn rate of gun parts has been slightly decreased in bunkers.
  • Guns and Gunpart spawn rates have been slightly increased inside the Armory.

Some Stockpile objective requirements have been adjusted

  • The minimum required amount of Quick Disarm Kits has been increased
  • The maximum required amount of Landmines has been decreased
  • [Blackout] Hatches outside cabin tile will be disabled until first objective complete

  • Some Tutorial/Practice Mode prompts not accurate
  • Player’s role shows as Scout after they’ve had their role stolen by an ID thief
  • Practice mode changes the players avatar to the original tutorial player
  • Some Limited Event Crate items are displaying ‘None’ instead of ‘Limited’
  • Name Censoring not accurate across all Platforms
  • Bear traps may teleport back to cabin after use

  • Fixed a bug where Traitor items can be consumed if a natural event occurs during it’s countdown. Players will now receive the item back if there is room in their inventory.
  • Fixed Baby Step Achievement to apply to Practice mode on all platforms
  • Fixed UI issues after the cipher station is sabotaged, the UI will now function properly
  • Fixed remote sabotage being usable when first objective is not repaired
  • Fixed issue with the HackUses, BreakUses, and WolfTrapUses LiveTracker properties not resetting
  • [Consoles] Fixed issue where the on-screen keyboard would repeatedly open after opening text chat and a menu at the same time
  • Fixed repair item table for the Stockpile objective.
  • Re-add smoke signals as a primary objective console type.
  • Cosmetics – Walrus hat displays face masks now
  • Cosmetics – cape physics fixed for wild cape brown
  • Cosmetics – modification to capes glowing runes
  • Cosmetics – gas masks can be equipped with animal masks again
  • Adjusted gun part spawn probability closer to original value
  • Fixed Player is unable to scroll through the roles list in a lobby with a controller
  • Fixed instances in when Interacting with the Survivor Air Drop will make users unable to open crates
  • Fixed instance Player stops walking after aiming a remote traitor ability for more than 2 seconds
  • [Switch] Fixed issue when purchasing items with the touchscreen causes artifacts to be withdrawn without rewarding items while on the Store tab

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