A new Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 2.0.0 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest update contains optimization fixes, various UI and quality of life improvements for the Enhanced Edition, controller support, new photo mode. Apart from this, Pathfinder WOTR update 2.0.0 also includes a new quest for the Legend mythic path, additional epilogue slides and a number of improvements for the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC.

Previously, a big update 1.3.0 was released which added numerous tweaks and fixes for the crusade, various mythic paths and other aspects of the game. Unfortunately, some players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Pathfinder WOTR patch 2.0 will fix a few of these issues.

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Pathfinder WOTR Patch 2.0.0 Notes – September 29, 2022

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


  • During Woljif’s quest in the 3rd chapter, it was impossible to disarm a trap in one location – fixed;
  • In Drezen, one of the entrances to the citadel has been moved to a more accessible location;
  • Additional optimization fixes should improve the performance in multiple areas.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Armor Training now gives the correct Dexterity bonus allowed by armor;
  • Dragon Discple now can add spells from Nature Mage, Eldritch Font and Unlettered Arcanist archetype to their spellbook (retraining is required);
  • Eldritch Font (an Arcanist archetype) now can cast the 10th level spells, if they have chosen the Lich mythic path;
  • Green Faith is now available to the main character!
  • In the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, the number of expeditions between tiers has been reduced. Now after defeating The Songbird party is no longer reset;
  • Shielding Tailwind granted AC bonus to any character and disappeared after retraining in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC – fixed. Now it grants AC bonus only to shield-wielding characters and stays after retraining;
  • Some bosses in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC with immunity to Trickster’s persuasion were not completely immune – fixed;
  • The Delay Poison spell now blocks the effects of the Death Throes ability;
  • The Dragon Disciple prestige class can now interact with the arcanist archetype Eldritch Font spellbook;
  • The circumstance bonuses from Glasses of Unspeakable Truth and Robe of Unspeakable Truth have been fixed;
  • When the type of elemental damage is changing to a different element, it also changes the descriptor now;
  • Spellbooks and caster levels now work correctly with different prestige classes combinations.

Turn-based mode

  • Fear effect could cause freezes when changing turns – fixed;
  • Horzalah has a portrait in the initiative order now.


  • Fixed the animation for caster classes in the inventory;
  • If you want to play with a controller, make sure it’s connected to your PC when you launch the game, it will allow you to continue playing with it;
  • The animal companion’s health bar is now displayed above the owner’s portrait. Click on it to open the animal companion’s own portrait and see all the active status effects;
  • A search option in now available in the inventory;
  • In the battle log, you can scroll to the bottom with a single click now, and also see more information about the damage and healing numbers;
  • In the inventory, it’s possible to customize the colors of your armor now;
  • Photo mode is now available from the Esc menu.


  • Animations in the first cutscene have been improved;
  • Camera didn’t properly hide the objects on bookshelves in Gwerm’s Mansion when zooming in – fixed;
  • Fixed objects blocking the camera view in Defender’s Heart area;
  • Fixed the incorrect movement of flags, hanging on the walls in Drezen Throne Room;
  • Fixed the issue with lighting in Mage’s Tower;
  • Optimized and improved some death effects from critical hits.


  • The sounds of strikes and abilities have been synchronized with the animations for the final boss of the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC.


  • Corrected the formula for calculating the accumulation of Pirate’s Ire in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
  • Fixed the issue in the Through the Ashes DLC where some characters would not return to camp after completing their quest;
  • Fixed the issue when you couldn’t loot some chests and vases in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
  • Selecting a mythic path after becoming a Golden Dragon or a Swarm That Walks didn’t work in the Treasures of the Midnight Isles DLC – fixed;
  • Some pirate barrels were removed in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, and the loot from them moved elsewhere;
  • The Life Bubble spell now protects you from effects of the undertows that cause area damage in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
  • Various minor issues with traps in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC have been fixed;
  • We’ve disabled artificial intelligence in traps, so they don’t roll Will saves when the island modifier is Psychotic Undertow in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC. Skynet shall not pass!
  • Wild Magic Undertow no longer affects potions in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
  • Armor reforge becomes available now via a special golem NPC. You can encounter it starting at chapter 1. In later chapters, it will be delivered to your throne room;
  • Some mythic paths got additional reinforcements in chapter 5;
  • The epilogues have been enhanced;
  • The Legend mythic path got a new quest, which becomes available in chapter 5, after Wilcer Garms visits you in the throne room.

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