Naval Action update is now available to download on PC. According to the official Naval Action patch notes, the latest update brings ship maneuvering and turning overhaul. Additionally, the Naval Action version also includes stability fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Naval Action patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Tactical turn diameter

Tactical turn diameter stays almost the same at any speed of turn (when rudder still working). Previously your turn diameter was much smaller at smaller speed which allowed tighter turns especially when stern-camping.

Turn speed loss:

The ship loses speed during sustained turn. This feature was Naval Action some time ago, but it was switched off as it was not working correctly. Now it is back and is done properly. Constantly doing zig zag maneuver will lose more and more speed every turn.

Stopping inertia

Previously, ship stopping time was not done properly and is now fixed, for example Ocean acceleration was 80 seconds and stopping time 59 seconds, while cutter had 13 seconds acceleration and 30 seconds stopping time. Stopping time must depend on ship parameters and is always longer than its acceleration. All ships inertia has been improved and tuned.

Rudder efficiency

Naval Action turn diameters were too high. They were higher than tanker turn diameters compared to hull length (length between perpendiculars). New Mexico battleship was longer This is now corrected by general increase of turn rates for all vessels compared to their L/B/D. All turns are tighter.


Ship continues turning when you set rudder to zero. Overshoot has been slightly increased for all vessels. Yard turning time was slightly increased

What it means for combat.

Sustained zig-zag maneuver on the stern (stern-camping) becomes much harder now as continuously turning you will lose more and more speed every turn until your ship reaches balanced forces state.

Captains have to plan for the maneuvers and try to keep their speed above the balanced state for optimal and fast turning. Remember that tactical turn diameter will still be similar, you will not achieve tighter turn by slowing down if you only use rudder.

Other changes

Ship will now surrender the ship if they lost all men who are capable to fight (detroyed all crew). Articiail limit that stopped all crew damage below certain limit was removed

Mission bots will drop slightly better loot starting this Friday. We will improve it further next week based on feedback.

This feature might need additional tuning please post your feedback in comments on steam or in Discord.

Download free Naval Action patch on PC(steam).

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