Naraka: Bladepoint update (Jan 20, 2022) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added a new hero (Wuchen, the Mystic Daoist) to the game. Apart from this, today’s Naraka update also includes map updates, improvements, and stability fixes.

Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new game mode (Bloodsport) to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka: Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

What is new in Naraka January 20 Update?

Brand-new content!
I. New Hero: Wuchen, the Mystic Daoist
Born with the blood of both common mortals and the Heralds flowing within his veins, Wuchen was once scorned for his mixed ancestry. That is, until he began studying under the Heralds’ leader, Omnius. The arduous, pained years Wuchen had endured burned like a fire within him. They gave him the drive to push harder, and realize the mysteries of heaven and earth. Wuchen holds firm to one thing more than anything else: he is the one with the power to shake off these worldly chains.

II. Map Updates
1. Added the all-new locations ‘Breezy Maze’ and ‘Dragonspine Yard’, and some other architectures and natural landscapes.

III. Limited-time mode [Shadow Surge] returns
Available from 01/24/2022 20:00 (UTC) until 02/03/2022, 20:00 (UTC).
The Shadow Surge mode is back again for a limited time, with the following updates:
1. Increased the number of Soul Altars upon the map.
2. Players now start with 2 different random melee weapons, instead of 6 as in the previous version.
3. When players are defeated, Soulbloom Essence will be dropped into their Cairns left behind (as in The Herald’s Trial).

IV. Limited-time mode [Eternal Blazes] returns
Available from 02/03/2022 20:00 (UTC) until 02/13/2022, 20:00 (UTC).
The Eternal Blazes mode is back again for a limited time, with the following updates:
1. Players can now revive faster so they can return to the battle sooner.
2. Players are now given Pistols, Bows, Cannons, Repeating Crossbows and Muskets instead of receiving 3 random ranged weapons, as in the previous version.
3. Players will get a certain amount of Dark Tide Coins when using different weapons to defeat enemies.
4. The price of souljades and weapons from Rift Dealers are now priced according to their strength.
5. The maximum party size has been adjusted from 2 to 3 players.
6. Reduced the map size of the battle area.
7. In this mode, all heroes can be selected, but two heroes will be banned randomly in each game.

V. Preparation Phase
Available from 01/24/2022 20:00 (UTC) until 02/13/2022, 19:59 (UTC).
There will be a huge Red Envelope Rain in the preparation phase during the Spring Festival. Players can snatch Red Envelopes and redeem rewards in the Inventory.
Event Info:
1. In different modes, there will be one or two rounds of Red Envelope Rain during the preparation phase.
2. Players can get up to 15 Red Envelopes per day or each round.
3. Players can check and open the Red Envelopes in the Inventory when the match ends.

VI. Limited-time event [Spring Festival Greeting] begins
Available from 01/25/2022 12:00 (UTC) until 02/13/2022, 20:00 (UTC).
Event Info:
1. Once the event begins, players can spend their [Spring Nian Gao] to greet one of the Four Divine Beasts: either the Azure Draco, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird or Black Tortoise. [Spring Nian Gao] can be obtained from the [Spring Vitality] event.
2. One of the Four Divine Beasts will appear at 04:00, 12:00 and 20:00 daily to give all players Spring Festival gifts. If the Divine Beast that appears is exactly the one that players have chosen at the beginning of this round, they will have an extra chance to win one of the 5 big rewards (includes Extreme outfits [Rong’s Glory], [Original Maiden], [Blistering Rage]). If not, players will receive a [Participation Prize] instead.
3. Players who have already get [Spring Nian Gao] can greet the Four Divine Beasts again and wait for their next appearance.
4. The event consists of 59 rounds in total, with one of the Four Divine Beasts appearing in each. Their first appearance will be on 01/25/2022 12:00 (UTC), with their last appearance on 02/13/2022 20:00 (UTC).
5. The deadline for claiming event rewards is 02/14/2022 20:00 (UTC).

VII. Time-limited event [Spring Vitality] begins (two rounds)
Start Time
Round 1: 02/24/2022 20:00 (UTC) until 02/05/2022 19:59 (UTC).
Round 2: 02/05/2022 20:00 until 02/13/2022 19:59 (UTC).
Event Info:
1. Before each round begins you can choose a high-grade reward to receive. Choices made are final.
2. Complete daily quests of each round to get corresponding numbers of Firecrackers. Redeem Firecrackers for event rewards during the round.
3. You need to choose a reward again once a new round starts, and cannot choose those already claimed in previous rounds.

VIII. Limited-time event [Nature of Taoism] begins
Available from 01/20/2022 Update until 01/26/2022 20:00 (UTC).
Event Rules: Gain Spirit Charms by completing quests during the event. Spirit Charms can be redeemed for great event rewards.

Weapon Adjustments
I. Nunchucks
1. Optimized the counterattack moves of [Dragon Flurry], the second horizontal strikes, and [Horizontal Block], in order to shorten the duration.
2. [Horizontal Block]: Adjusted the hit times of counterattacks from 5 to 3. Adjusted the damage from 53%*4+84% to 82%*2+131%.
Match Adjustments
I. Combat Adjustments
Shortened the protection period while reconnecting.

II. Bounty quests
A special ‘guard’ icon is now shown on bounty targets, visible only to themselves and their teammates. This should make it more evident that they’re being hunted down.

III. Adjusted number of Ballista
The Ballista found to the right and left of Shadowjade Mine now each have only a 50% chance to appear.

IV. Earth Shrine during Spring Festival
The grades of items gained from Earth Shrines has been greatly elevated with this update. Happy Spring Festival!

V. Performance optimization
Optimized the multithreading performance of some game logic, which can effectively improve the frame rate.

Out-Game Adjustments
I. Optimized hero customization
1. Optimized some of the animations shown when switching outfits, equipping cosmetics and unlocking gestures.

II. New face customization features
Added new custom feature [Skin Type] to face customization. Here players can adjust to change the appearance of their character’s skin.
This new feature can be found by navigating to [Customization] — [Edit] — [Skin], as shown below:

At present there are two male [Skin] options, and one female [Skin] option.

III. Added the ‘Add From Recently Played’ shortcut
When completing a match in a party, you can now quickly invite party members again after returning the Home page.

IV. Optimized avatar interface
Added category tabs for convenient sorting, making it easier to find the avatar you’re looking for.

V. BOT Mode season statistics
Added season statistics of BOT Mode.

Store Updates
I. New Year event [Mascot’s Blessing]Available from 01/20/2022 Update until 02/13/2022 20:00 (UTC).
Event Content:
1. During the event, players can buy [Spring Lanterns] with 360 Gold. After using it, there will be a chance to obtain Wuchen Extreme outfit [Eminent Apparel], Bow Extreme skin [Bifang], Kurumi Legendary outfit [Smile of Spring], Longsword Legendary skin [Peace & Prosperity], Cannon Legendary skin [Pixiu Devourer] and other great rewards (The Extreme items will not be obtained repeatedly until players get all Extreme items of this event).
2. Added the item [Spring Lantern Pack] during the event, containing 50 [Spring Lanterns]. This can be purchased once per player. They are sold for 11,880 Gold and cannot be gifted.

II. Added new packs
1. Added the Wuchen exclusive [Dream of Shu Pack], containing the Wuchen Legendary outfit [Sunwing Relics·Dream of Shu] and Wuchen Legendary accessory [Sunwing Relics·Sunwing Flight]. Original price: 2,700 Gold. Current price: 1,920 Gold.
2. Added the Wuchen exclusive [Spring Celebration Pack], containing the Wuchen Legendary background [Spring Celebration], Wuchen legendary base [Spring Celebration] and Wuchen Legendary gesture [Happy Spring Festival]. Original price: 2,700 Gold. Current price: 1,920 Gold.

III. Discount info
1. Added new Wuchen Legendary outfit [Elucidae]. Original price: 1,800 Gold. Current price: 1,500 Gold.
2. Added Viper Ning Legendary gesture [The Dragon·Decay]. Original price: 900 Gold. Current price: 750 Gold.
3. Valda Cui Legendary outfit [Dragon Will·Unchained] is now back to its original price of 2,400 Gold.
4. Matari Legendary outfit [Dragon Will·Truth] is now back to its original price of 2,400 Gold.
5. Temulch Legendary outfit [Dragon Shadow·Tiger’s Fury] is now back to its original price of 2,400 Gold.
6. Tarka Ji Legendary outfit [Ill Omen] is now back to its original price of 1,800 Gold.
7. Greatsword Legendary skin [Ominous Crimson] is now back to its original price of 1,800 Gold.
8. Katana Legendary skin [Soulbloom Gem] is now back to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
9. Temulch Legendary gesture [The Dragon·Formless] is now back to its original price of 900 Gold.

IV. Added new outfits + skins
1. Added multiple new outfits of Wuchen.
2. Added Viper Ning Legendary outfit, Bruce Lee crossover [Dragon Will·Awareness]. Original price: 2,400. Current price: 1,700 Gold.
3. Added Viper Ning Epic outfit [Soaring Dragon], which can be unlocked by Spring Vitality event.
4. Added multiple new outfits in Spring Lantern event. Head to the Mascot’s Blessing event page for more details.

V. Silk Store updates
1. Added Temulch Extreme outfit [Rong’s Glory], available for 98,000 Spectral Silk.
2. Added Temulch Legendary hairstyle [Grey Wolf Leader], available for 12,000 Spectral Silk.
3. Added Wuchen Legendary outfit [Valley Finery], available for 24,000 Spectral Silk.
Bug Fixes
I. Weapon Bugs
1. Fixed a bug where players could not dodge, crouch, or jump to cancel Daggers’ Counterstrike Combo move.

II. Combat-related bugs
1. Fixed a bug where equipment on the ground would sometimes disappear in the Bloodsport mode.
2. Fixed a bug where hero skills cast at the end of a round would continue into the next in the Bloodsport mode.

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