Motor Town update 0.6.3+1 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Motor Town patch notes, the latest update added new construction site and various bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Motor Town patch 0.6.3+1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in today’s Motor Town Patch Notes? – February 9, 2022

New construction site

Betty is working hard to bring more stuff to the island!

The construction site is added near Three Water Factory.

A new building for a new job will be placed here eventually!


[Vehicle] Vehicle now move along with moving ground(Other vehicle)

[Vehicle] Ranch Pickup now has cargo bed painting (Thanks to ΣLЯICOFATAL)

[Vehicle] Ranch Pickup now has an operatable tailgate

[Vehicle] SRT Wheel’s tire color is fixed (Thanks to Slagat0r (#TRUCKgang))

[Vehicle] Sidemarker is added to Bus (Thanks to OrcinusC7)

[World] Rough ground at the log pick up are is improved (Thanks to majored1)

[AI] Improved AI Vehicle shaking steering wheel at low speed

[AI] Improved AI Vehicle to stop better before traffic cone (Thanks to Zapp)

Bug Fixed

[Map] Delivery map icon was not visible in Multiplayer client (Thakns to JPstyleNL)

[Crash] Random crash after using a rental vehicle (Thanks to NoPizzaNoGlory and LordCarlitosWay)

[Crash] Random crash while picking up an item

[Vehicle] Skidmark in the air (Thanks to 10K)

[Vehicle] Trophy Taxi has a random issues with interaction (Thanks to Knightowl5000)

[Cargo] Strap fails too often with overlap error

[UI] Truck driver level doesn’t show in HUD while driving Vani (Thanks to Reddington [Red] ★)

[World] Character stuck at the entrance of building at the Lumbermil (Thanks to Chevroletloco)

[World] Housing at the Gu-Jwa needs stairs at the entrance (Thanks to 10K and AZYKLE)

[World] 2nd-floor furniture leg is visible from 1st floor at the Cafe (Thanks to BakaNeko77)

[World] Building is floating at the Orange farm (Thanks to BakaNeko77)

[World] Rough collision box at the entrance road of the harbor (Thanks to TheBlackDante)

[World] Floating road at the Jung-Moon (Thanks to [GTY]Lou)

[World] Parking space overlapped at Oedo (Thanks to Vandragorax)

[World] Pole not aligned at the Overseas Imports Company (Thanks to Mike Brownten)

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