Mordhau update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Mordhau patch notes, the latest update added a rework of Castello, which has been redesigned to flow and perform better.

Previously, a big update was released with a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Mordhau patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Mordhau Patch 23 Notes (Halloween Update) – October 28, 2021


  • Enabled Halloween event – faces now look scary and horses poop pumpkins which can be picked up


  • Added Jester Set
  • Added Fisherman’s Hat
  • Added Goatskin Hat
  • Added Wooden Maul skin


  • Kicks can now flinch releases again
  • Kicks no longer drain stamina on hit/parry
  • Small parry/block adjustment to reduce backparries
  • Toolbox can no longer build out of bounds
  • Updated CombatTest with new WIP riposte animation rework & explosive barrel prototype

Weapons & Equipment

  • Added new instrument: Shawm
  • Added new toolbox building: Deployable spawn
  • Toolbox ballista cost increased to 6
  • Toolbox firepit cost increased to 8
  • Toolbox walls now take increased damage
  • Toolbox walls and spikes now take longer to auto build
  • Toolbox no longer drops on melee hit
  • Doors now take increased damage
  • Firebombs now have slightly more radius & deal slightly more wood damage
  • Longbow buffed slightly, faster draw speed (1.1 -> 1s) and slightly faster projectile speed
  • Buffed rock basket
  • Buffed two handed rock base damage


  • Reworked Castello
  • Various map optimizations and fixes
  • Added ammo boxes to Taiga brawl maps
  • Reduced noble area on MountainPeak Invasion
  • Cleaned up Feitoria town area and improved the layout in some areas
  • Mallets (next to barricades) and lances now respawn
  • Fixed bots not moving on SKM Feitoria


  • Added new Lute equipment emote
  • Added new jester global emote
  • Added new emote for throwables
  • Fixed interact animations looking bad with 2h carryables


  • Adjusted AI behaviour to now avoid areas other AI is in to prevent congestion


  • Equipment now draws the same type of shadow as characters
  • Equipment now draws indirect shadows
  • Projectiles now bounce off a bit more when hitting characters without sticky
  • Optimizations for toolbox buildings
  • Adjusted Arming cap
  • Various mesh and texture optimizations
  • Tweaked physics assets for some equipment to better match their shape and size


  • Added heartbeat sound on low health
  • Added new crossroads ambient sounds
  • Added new sounds for door and firepit breaking
  • Added new sounds for ballista, buildable ballista and catapult breaking
  • Added new ambient sounds for Grad, Pit, Castello and Taiga
  • Improved fire sound


  • Refactored and updated all sliders with additional functionality
  • Updated analog cursor image
  • Chat entry button now covers the whole message, making selecting it easier (to apply mutes/etc)

Download free Mordhau patch 23 on PC.

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