Monster Hunter Rise PC Save File Location (MH Rise Failed to Save)


Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC, Steam, and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing various issues including a bug where Monster Hunter Rise failed to save the game.

Today we have posted MH Rise save file locations for Steam and Microsoft Store.

MH Rise save file location for PC(Steam Cloud Save)

Here’s how you can locate the Monster Hunter Rise save file.

Copy the save files to: “<Steam-folder>userdata<user-id>1446780remote”


The Steam default game folder location is

C:Program FilesSteam


In the address bar, change the  “user-id” with your personal ID.

Download Monster Hunter Rise save files

You can download the 100% completed save files for Monster Hunter Rise from here. All you need to do to backup / replace your saves is copy the root folder from the directory mentioned above.

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