Minecraft patch 1.19.80 details released for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Minecraft 1.19.80 patch notes, the latest update adds quality-of-life changes and improvements. Apart from this, Minecraft Bedrock update 1.19.80 also includes stability and performance fixes.

Previously, a big Minecraft update 1.19.1 (Wild Update) added new features like the mangrove swamp biome to the game. Recently, update 1.19.10 was also released with various tweaks. Unfortunately, players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Minecraft patch 1.19.8 will fix a few of these issues.

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Minecraft Update 1.19.8 Patch Notes

Cherry Grove

  • Introducing the Cherry Grove biome, with pretty Cherry Blossom trees. You can find it in the mountains, like Meadows
  • It has a new flower, Pink Petals, as ground cover, which can be crafted into Pink Dye
  • Pigs, Rabbits, Sheep, and Bees spawn there
  • Comes with a new wood set for the Cherry Blossom trees

A Minecraft screenshot of a villager standing near some cherry trees and cherry blossom. There is a sniffer in the background, and a decorated pot on the cherry wood planks.

Decorated Pot

  • Tweaked the Decorated Pot neck based on feedback (MCPE-167168)
    • With the former pot, we decided that the pot’s neck would clip with blocks so it would be extra flexible to build with. However, we’ve had some Z-fighting issues which means that 2 objects are in the same exact position and this causes flickering. With this new block model we prevent that and the pot looks a little bit more complex!
  • Decorated Pot no longer provides support for blocks wanting to attach to its side faces (MCPE-167165)
  • Decorated Pot is not stackable in Inventory (MCPE-167223)
  • Base recipe for the Decorated Pot now shows up in the Survival recipe book
  • Decorated Pot particle is now based on the default Decorated Pot side texture
  • Updated archer Pottery Shard texture


  • Changed the Brush recipe to use a Feather, Copper Ingot, and Stick (MCPE-167619)
  • Breaking animations now work when holding a Brush in third person view (MCPE-167183)
  • Added a slight cooldown for particles and sounds when using the Brush item

Suspicious Sand

  • Suspicious Sand is no longer waterloggable (MCPE-167222)
  • Suspicious Sand now connects to Fence blocks
  • Suspicious Sand now turns into regular Sand after it’s been destroyed with a Brush (MCPE-167166)
  • Suspicious Sand now emits particles when broken by Pistons
  • Fixed an issue that caused the item inside Suspicious Sand to flicker while brushing (MCPE-167180)
  • Additionally, blocks that were previously not emitting particles when destroyed by pistons now do! (MCPE-109293, MCPE-126257)


  • Camels now stop dashing when entering a rideable entity (MCPE-164065)

1.5 Sneak

  • The ability to sneak under 1.5 block gaps is now behind the Short Sneak toggle. Enable the toggle to continue to test out the feature while we continue polishing it

Updated “You Died” experience
Starting today, we’re rolling out some changes to the screen you see when you die in Minecraft. This design is available to everyone in Preview/Beta, except if you have add-ons applied. We’d love to hear what you think! Please share your feedback with us here.

Mobile version of the “You died” screen

Image: Mobile version of the “You died” screen.

To use the old screen instead, go to Settings -> Video, and turn off ‘New “You Died” Screen (Experimental)’.


  • Text-to-speech no longer reads previously selected items after moving to new one
  • Text-to-speech no longer gets stuck on reading accessibility tab while the user switches between different tabs
  • A glint strength slider that adjusts how transparent the visual glint is on enchanted items has been added to the Accessibility Settings
  • A glint speed slider that adjusts how fast the visual glint shimmers across enchanted items has been added to the Accessibility Settings


  • Mangrove, Bamboo, and Polished Blackstone buttons are no longer visible on maps
  • Flowers are once again displayed immediately when placed inside a Flower Pot


  • Fixed the player moving in the wrong direction after exiting a container screen while using a gamepad (MCPE-121565)
  • Players can no longer sneak while flying (MCPE-166834)
  • Fixed an issue where unnecessary black boxes appeared in VR while around partial blocks
  • Fixed animation transition between swimming and walking (MCPE-166769)
  • Fixed a bug where command blocks could cause actors within a level chunk to freeze (MCPE-162011)
  • The health boost effect will no longer fully replenish the player’s health after the effect runs out (MCPE-165434)


  • Fixed ambient cave sounds to no longer play when the player enters or loads into The End (MCPE-141493)
  • Cooking Chorus Fruit in a Furnace will now generate experience (MCPE-68127)
  • Nether Portals can now replace blocks other than just air when being generated. This includes blocks such as Grass and Snow layers (MCPE-162272)
  • Light Blocks can no longer have their light levels changed in Survival or Adventure modes (MCPE-138868)
  • Campfire sounds are now louder and more clear (MCPE-122296)


  • Fixed the issue where multiple light sources (such as torches) were incorrectly emitting white light in RTX (MCPE-166947)
  • Boots do not z-fight anymore when worn by Player
  • The “leg” and “belt” parts of Leggings do not z-fight anymore when worn by Player
  • Capes no longer flash red when getting damaged (MCPE-105347)
  • Fixed a visible gap in Hopper model (MCPE-55122)
  • Fixed alignment of the output slot of Crafting Table (MCPE-143255)
  • Halved the default visibility of the glint on enchanted items, which can now be modified in the Accessibility Settings (MCPE-167814)

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed a bug where invalid Banner Patterns were causing players in render distance to crash (MCPE-164478)

Touch Controls

  • Fixed an issue where items could get stuck in the Crafting Table when using touch input
  • If the player is underwater and Auto-Jump is enabled, as they approach a block that is 1 level higher than the current level, they will rise. This also allows auto-jumping out of water onto land

User Interface

  • Added a header and title for the inventory tab in inventory screen while using Pocket UI
  • Increased the spacing between headers in the settings screen to increase readability
  • Touchpad scrolling now matches the operating system’s scroll direction

Vanilla Parity

  • Renamed and enchanted weapons are now displayed in respawn and chat windows with color when a player is killed by an entity using it (MCPE-162679)
  • Weighted Pressure Plates now produce the same sound as in Java Edition (MCPE-164912)
  • Removed the character limit for scoreboard objective names and objective display names (MCPE-165064)
  • Melons and Pumpkins can now grow onto Mud, Podzol, Rooted Dirt, and Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Nylium blocks are now grouped with Netherrack in the Creative inventory (MCPE-163587)
  • Armor Stands now vanish with no sound effects when killed with the /kill command (MCPE-159136)


  • Mobs can now enter a Boat only if they are smaller than the Boat itself
  • Villagers will now generate green particles when a successful trade is completed
  • Mobs no longer play the player eat sound when fed breeding materials
  • Slightly decreased Panda collision box to match Java Edition
  • Slightly increased Polar Bear collision box to match Java Edition
  • Turtles can now enter Boats and Boats with Chest (MCPE-65719)
  • Hoglins, Polar Bears, and Spiders can no longer enter Boats and Boats with Chest (MCPE-161197)


  • The /execute command will now display an appropriate error message when there is an error in the second or subsequent subcommand target selector (MCPE-164304)
  • Provide auto-complete support for block states
  • Added two new overloads to the summon command :
    • /summon [spawnPos : x y z] facing <position: x y z> [spawnEvent: string] [nametag: string]
    • /summon [spawnPos : x y z] facing <lookAtEntity: target> [spawnEvent: string] [nametag: string]
  • Fixed an issue where the paste button in the Command Block UI would remember extra presses from failed pastes (MCPE-163705)

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