Madden 22 update 1.014 (1.014.000) released on PS5 and Xbox Series X. According to the official Madden 22 1.014 patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and fixes. Apart from this, today’s Madden NFL 22 patch 1.014 also added various bug fixes.

Previously, a major update added quality of life changes. Unfortunately, players are still facing some connection issues with the game. Madden 22 version 1.014 will fix a few of these issues.

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Madden 22 patch 1.014 Notes (1.014.000) – April 21, 2022

Gameplay Updates: 

  • General Stability Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Play Art taking too long to update when flipping a play
  • Fixed the Red Route WR Screen issue that was causing coverage defenders to crash and attack the QB as soon as he left the pocket.
    • DEV NOTE: This issue was caused by logic that would have defenders break to defend a scrambling QB during a WR Screen play call. Now the defense will react appropriately and stay back in coverage when a Smoke Screen Hot Route is used on any passing play.

Franchise Updates:

  • Fixed a draft issue where users were unable to select a player on their turn for both solo and multiplayer Franchise leagues.
  • Scouting Tuning:
    • The General Scouting portion of scouting now provides a 10% unlock of information for prospects
    • Increased the Tier Bonus for scouts:
      • Tier 1 Scouts 2% > 5%
      • Tier 2 Scouts 5% > 15%
      • Tier 3 Scotus 10% > 25%

X-Factor Hot Streak: The X-Factor Hot Streak scenario occurs when facing an X-Factor defender coming off a big game in the previous week. Depending on the position of the player, you will be tasked with slowing them down in different statistical categories and extinguishing the fire. To make matters more challenging, when this scenario occurs, the player will start the game with their X-Factor activated meaning you’ll need to direct attention to them immediately or risk them wrecking your game early. But if you manage to keep them in check, you’ll be able to earn rewards that can be anything from XP to temporary boosts as well as staff points.

Team Turmoil: The Team Turmoil scenario emulates growing frustrations between a thriving offense and struggling defense. If you find yourself on a losing streak with one of the league’s best offenses while also fielding one of the league’s lowest ranking defenses, you may find yourself at a crossroads and having to answer questions about a divide in the locker room. This will provide your defense with the opportunity to step up and quell some of the frustrations in the locker room. But beware as another poor performance from the defense could send the whole team spiraling and looking for answers.

Unstoppable Force: How do you stop the vaunted “Unstoppable Force?” That’s what you’ll be tasked with tackling when facing one of the league’s best offenses coming off a strong performance in their previous game. Formulate a gameplan around creating constant pressure, stuffing the run, or creating turnovers and take that challenge into your game that week for the opportunity to provide your defense with a momentum boost moving forward.

Weak Link: The Weak Link scenario fires when your team has made the playoffs despite fielding one of the league’s worst defensive units. The media will question not only your ability to make a deep playoff run but also your ability to even win a playoff game. Similar to the Unstoppable Force scenario, you’ll be tasked with how you need your defense to step up that week and based on the results of the game and their success, you have the opportunity to build momentum to help you make a Super Bowl run.

Bye Week: We’ve updated our Bye Week scenario from text messages to modular cinematics with all new choices and impacts. During your bye week, you’ll be asked how your team is handling the week off. You’ll be posed with choices of taking a team bonding retreat to build team chemistry, self-scouting to identify weaknesses to correct coming out of the bye or continuing to grind through the week to help with the development of your players. Each choice comes with a different positive and negative effect and as the coach, it’s on you to decide what your team needs and how to put them in the best position to succeed in the stretch run of the season.

  • Goal Updates:
    • Added Score 30 Points or More Head Coach Goal
    • Added Hold Opponent to Under 17 Points Head Coach Goal
    • Added Score 2 Offensive Touchdowns Offensive Coordinator Goal
    • Added Score 21 Points or More Offensive Coordinator Goal
    • Added Get 2 Turnovers Defensive Coordinator Goal
    • Added Allow 275 Pass Yards or Less Defensive Coordinator Goal

Download free Madden 22 version 1.014 on PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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