Liftoff Update 1.4.2 Patch Notes (Official) – January 17, 2022


Liftoff game update 1.4.2 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Liftoff patch notes, the latest update added a series of fixes to smooth out the game experience. Apart from this, today’s Liftoff patch 1.4.2 also includes various fixes and changes.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still facing issues with the game.

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What is new in Liftoff 1.4.2 Patch Notes? – January 17, 2022

1.4.1 changelist

  • Fixed: rooms disappearing in the lobby.
  • Fixed: Liftoff-logo hanging in infinite race when no bots/ghosts are flying with you.
  • Fixed: Night Fever skins not loading in the drone editor.
  • Fixed: Soupape V2 antenna weight.
  • Fixed: uncolorable skins having custom colors applied anyway.

1.4.2 changelist

  • Optimized: removed entities in the game code that could cause CPU spikes.
  • Fixed: changing flight mode is now saved between drone resets.
  • Fixed: foodstands in the Short Circuit environment don’t pop anymore.
  • Fixed: the Bluecheese paddock in the Short Circuit environment has its visuals restored.
  • Fixed: the button assignment popup now shows the current action being re-assigned again.
  • Fixed: some errors in the French translations.
  • Removed: the white bar in the multiplayer ranking bar, which visually separates in-game players from players in the lobby, has been removed.
  • Fixed: the multiplayer chat did not hiding with the rest of the UI when pressing F1.
  • Fixed: the battery now doesn’t drain anymore before the start of a race, while waiting for others to start.
  • Fixed: issue with multiplayer classic and dropout race not progressing as expected.
  • Fixed: the multiplayer ‘disconnect’ issue where this would happen after a (long) loading time.

Download free Liftoff patch 1.4.2 from Steam.

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