Lego Bricktales update 1.05 is available to download on PS4, PC and Xbox. According to the official Lego Bricktales patch notes, the latest update resolves issues related to animations, brick colliders, and much more. Apart from this, Lego Bricktales version 1.05 also improved stability and performance in Drezen

Previously, a major Pathfinder update 1.04 added numerous tweaks and fixes for the crusade, various mythic paths and other aspects of the game. Unfortunately, some players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Lego Bricktales patch 1.05 will fix a few of these issues.

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Lego Bricktales Patch 1.05 Notes – October 17, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Missing footstep sound for walk animation.
  • Fixed various brick colliders.
  • Fixed issue where rotating a crank wheel to open secret doors could lead to an open door that still couldn’t be used.
  • Fixed positioning issues where player potentially could get stuck.
  • Z-Fighting and mesh clipping fixes.
  • Fixed palette focus tutorial being visible in simulation.
  • Caribbean near the end [spoiler] fixed issue where player couldn’t cross the gangway onto the ship after successfully solving the puzzle. [/spoiler]
  • City [spoiler] fixed inconsistent lever states when in the substation to restore electricity. [/spoiler]
  • City [spoiler] fixed rail in underground lab being too near to the wall causing people to get stuck. [/spoiler]

Download free Lego Bricktales update 1.04 on PC.

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