Legion TD 2 update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Legion TD 2 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of changes and fixes to the game. Apart from this, Legion TD 2 patch also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a minor update was with tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game.

Today’s Legion TD 2 Multiplayer Tower Defense patch will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Legion TD 2 patch notes?

Featured Game Modes

All featured game modes now have the following:

  • Skill-based matchmaking: Play with and against players near your skill level.
  • Visible ratings: Used for matchmaking and bragging rights.
  • Event Points (EP) leaderboard: Gain and lose EP by winning and losing games. Additionally, +2 EP each game, so play as much as you can to climb.
  • Rewards:
    • Top 10 finish: 10,000 essence
    • Top 100 finish: 5,000 essence
    • Top 1,000 finish: 1,000 essence
    • Reach 150 EP at any point: 500 essence

1v1 Mode

Teammates holding you back? No more excuses. Prove yourself in our first ever 1v1 featured game mode! As mentioned above, the 1v1 mode has skill-based matchmaking, ratings, leaderboards, and rewards.

1v1 lasts from January 6 to 11, but we’ll bring it back in the future!

Season Goals

  • Achieve up to 3 season goals based on your current rating and previous season’s rating. Season goals reward players who play early in the season and keep climbing throughout the year.
  • Goal 1 must be achieved by April 1. Earn 5,000 Essence.
  • Goal 2 must be achieved by July 1. Earn 5,000 Essence.
  • Goal 3 must be achieved by October 1. Earn 5,000 Essence.
  • If you achieve any 2 goals, you immediately unlock the Water Spirit Nekomata skin, which won’t be offered in the shop until next year (January 2023).
  • Seasons are now 12 months long and named by the current year. Now that the game is fully released, year-long seasons better reflect the stability of the game. We’ll still be patching the game and adding new content throughout the year, as usual.

Mastermind 2.0

When you play Mastermind in ranked, you are now given 3 playstyle options: Lock-In Fighter, Greed, and a 3rd playstyle randomly selected from a pool. All players in your game receive the same 3rd option. When you play Mastermind in classic, campaign, or play vs. AI, All Pick is enabled, allowing you to select your favorite playstyle every game.

Mastermind Playstyles:

  • Lock-In Fighter: +3 income. Lock in a fighter of your choice
  • Greed: +5 income
  • Redraw: +3 income. 4 rerolls
  • Yolo: +7 income. Fully random roll
  • Chaos: +6 income. New roll every wave. No rerolls
  • Hybrid: +5 income. Every fighter you build is random. No rerolls
  • Fiesta: +4 income each time you leak
  • Cash Out: +17 gold
  • Castle: +35 income after wave 10
  • Cartel: +10 income. -35 income after wave 10

Essence cost of Mastermind playstyles: 9000 –> 7500

Water Spirit Nekomata

Immediately unlock the Water Spirit Nekomata skin for free if you achieve any 2 season goals. Otherwise, you can unlock it via the shop when it’s offered next year.

Mecha Consort & Sand Worm Deepcoiler

Sad Hopper & Spaghetti Monster

New secret cards! Visit the Card Trader to see which game events can trigger a drop.

Improvements & Fixes

Matchmaking & Ratings

  • Increased the duo penalty for low-rated parties
  • Decreased the duo penalty for high-rated parties

Pathing & Targeting

  • When the wave spawns, enemies will now more dynamically/accurately attack the target nearest to them, rather than “locking on” to a target ahead of time. This means your ranged units are less likely to be unexpectedly targeted when your melee units run ahead of them. This change is most noticeable on ranged waves and against ranged mercenaries when you build ranged units in the front.
  • Fixed some targeting cases with Sea Serpent, Deepcoiler, Great Boar, Red Eyes, and units revived from Guardian Angel.

Classic 4v4

  • The loading screen now shows a rating badge icon based on your hidden classic Elo. Note that this badge does not unlock end-of-season rewards, and it is not displayed on your profile.
  • The loading screen now displays income icons if an allied players receives bonus income due to lopsided teams.


  • Essence gain per 2000 Guild Contribution: +3% → +20%. Now even more rewarding to donate cards to your guild!
  • This bonus also applies to cards donated in the past, since it is based on your total contribution.


  • Platinum, Diamond, and Campaign Hard bots now play more aggressively and take more risks in the early game. This means it’s no longer always correct to try to outscale them.
  • Now smarter about attacking on wave 21.

Major Fixes

  • Graphics: Fixed a bug where projectiles would disappear when zoomed out on non-Ultra graphics settings
  • HUD: Fixed a rare case where rolls didn’t update properly on the HUD
  • HUD: Fixed a bug where opening the Codex during the loading screen would crash the HUD
  • Top Games: Fixed a rare case where the leaderboard would unintentionally get wiped

Minor Improvements

  • Weekly Challenges: First Place Finishes (counting ties) leaderboard is now a per-season leaderboard instead of lifetime, while True First Place Finishes remains a lifetime leadboard.
  • Fonts: Swapped out some text fonts that didn’t support Asian characters for player names
  • Guilds: After being kicked from a Guild, the inbox message now notifies you how much Essence was refunded
  • Game Coach: When an ally disconnects, now shows a tip about loss forgiveness (drop only half rating if you lose)
  • Classic: Ranked callout messages now show for all players in the top 250 instead of just the top player
  • Guilds: Added an Inbox message if your guild application is rejected

Minor Fixes

  • Tooltips: Fixed a bug where skin names would sometimes display on units that didn’t have skins equipped
  • Profiles: Fixed a bug where peak Elo ranks were incorrect for some players
  • Hotkeys: Fixed a bug where Downgrade accidentally wasn’t in the last ability slot in some cases
  • Pity Points: Fixed some rare cases where Pity Points weren’t working as intended

Game Balance

Full Eco (worker only strategy)
2v2: Gold earned from leaking: 50% the normal amount → 0% (now the same as 4v4)

Download free Legion TD 2 update on PC (Steam).

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