A new KurtzPel update (December 29, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official KurtzPel patch notes, the latest update added new contents, a new Chaser guide, and much more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s KurtzPel patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

KurtzPel Patch Notes – December 29, 2021

New Contents

1.Event Mode

-4 vs 4 Normal Match will be removed.

-4 vs 4 will be updated every 2 weeks with the event mode, and 4 vs 4 Deathmatch will be the very first event mode.

-‘Play Event Battle Mission’ will be added to the weekly quest which will reward ‘Emote Random Cube’.

-Emote Random Cube will reward one of the below Emotes with equal rates.

Content: Crab Legs, Shuffle, Forgive Me!, Love You, T Pose, Mime, Pop & Lock, Sad, Like, Lit, Dark Meditation, and Salute.

New Chaser Guide

-24 Guide Quests will be added for new players.

-Guide Quests consists of Tutorial, AI battle, PVP, and PVE to help new players get accustomed to Eltheca.

-Players can acquire various rewards by completing the Guide Quests.

  • GP, AP, Official Chaser Costume Package, Official Chaser Costume Weapon Select Cube, Unleash Karma (Blazing Fist), Unleash Karma (Diabolic Witch), Guide Completion Package (1 Emote, Official Chaser Mask)
  • Every player can complete the Guide Quests only once.
  • Players who already unlocked Blazing Fist and Diabolic Witch Karma will receive [Heroic Karma Token] when completing the Guide Quests.

Karma Balance


-Using Rage Break removes all debuffs on the caster.

[Sword Taliah]

-Reduced Leap Endurance by 20%

[Dance of Wind]

-Reduced Aim Charge Shot’s range by 20%

[Aegis Knight]

Shield Counter

-Reduced Counter damage by 25%

-Reduced Chase time window by 20%

[Crimson Lily]

Blood Arrest

-Reduced the AOE radius behind the caster by 60%

-Reduced all AOE radius except forward radius by 40%

-Reduced the number of hits by 1 (4 -> 3) (Hit Damage and Break damage stays the same.)

Bone Splitter

-Reduced the tracking time by 0.49s

[Fallen Light]

-Players can use Rage Break while they are in a frozen state by Ice Trap.

Atomic Blast

-Increased projectile speed by 50%

-Increased projectile size by 20%

-Increased the AOE radius of magnetic field when the projectile is hit by 20%

-Improved the projectile to do the same amount of damage regardless of where it hits

Lightening Shot

-Increased the mana cost of the first attack from 30 to 50.

Full Burst

-Magic bullets change to trace bullets 40% faster

-Increased the projectile speed of the trace bullet by 100%

-Reduced the damage by 30%

-Reduced the transition time between 1st attack and 2nd attack by 11%

-Reduced the transition time between 2nd attack and 3rd attack by 33%

-Reduced the mana cost of Full Burst, Slug Shot, Ice Trap, Mist Trap, and 2nd and 3rd attack of Lightening Shot by 50% (30 -> 15) (20 -> 10).

Combo Example

-Chase Attack can be activated with Dash Command during Basic Combo Attacks starting with [LMB]

-Chase Attack can be activated with [LMB + W + W], [LMB + LMB + W + W], [LMB + LMB + LMB + W + W]
[Ruler of Darkness]

-Players can use Rage Break while getting hit by Death Blossom

[Lightening Fang]

-Players can use Rage Break while they are in a frozen state by Charged Kunai


1.Removed multiple mission queue in PVP

To prevent PVP mission with lower number of required players from always matching faster, we have disabled the function to queue for multiple PVP missions at once.

2.Renewed In-game Video

Renewed some in-game videos that did not match the description, had different resolution, and had sound errors.

3.UI Revamp

-Completed Quests will be on the top of the list

-Changed the name of Quest Categories

Battle Mission -> Season Battle Mission

Monster Mission -> Season Monster Mission

Season -> Weekly

-Added Karma Management Window guide description

-Added Level Progress guide description

-Removed Challenge UI that are no longer being used.

Bug Fix

-Fixed the bug where Aegis Knight’s Shield Block effect size would be different when RMB Shield Block is released.

-Fixed the bug where Ruler of Darkness’s Dodge Attack effect color was indistinguishable.

-Fixed the bug where Lightening Fang’s Reflect Command could reflect certain Rage Skills.

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