JWE 2 Update 1.05 Patch Notes (New Dinosaurs) – March 8, 2022


[Jurassic World Evolution 2] JWE 2 update 1.05 (1.003.000) is now rolling out on PS4, PS5, and PC(Steam). According to the JWE2 update 1.05 patch notes, the latest update added the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack to the game. This pack includes Scorpios Rex and Monolophosaurus. Apart from this JWE 2 patch 1.05, the new patch also includes a bunch of new changes and fixes.

Previously, a day one patch was released with various gameplay improvements. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the launch, players are facing various bugs with the game. Today’s Jurassic World Evolution 2 patch 1.05 will fix a few of these issues.

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Patch 1.05 notes – March 8, 2022

DLC 2 – “Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack”

  • 2 x Camp Cretaceous Dinosaurs
    • Scorpios Rex
      1. Camp Cretaceous Variant A
      2. Camp Cretaceous Variant B
      3. 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
    • Monolophosaurus
      1. Camp Cretaceous Variant
      2. 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
  • 2 x Camp Cretaceous Variants
    • Ouranosaurus
      1. Camp Cretaceous Variant
    • Kentrosaurus
      1. Camp Cretaceous Variant
  • 8 x Camp Cretaceous Skins
    • Ankylosaurus Skin x 1
    • Baryonyx Skins x 3
      • “Grim”
      • “Limbo”
      • “Chaos”
    • Carnotaurus Skin x 1
    • Parasaurolophus Skin x 2
    • T. rex Skin x 1
  • Added new dinosaurs to dig sites

JWE2 Update 2 (1.3.0)


  • Added “Species Viewer” to the Main Menu
    • Allow players to observe their prehistoric species in more detail
    • All Species can be viewed by default
    • Cycle through various animation examples
    • Cycle between different Skin and Pattern colours
    • Alter the position and rotation of the lighting and the colour grade
    • See and hear the species name pronunciation
  • Added a “First Person View” option in all levels
    • Dedicated button on the Build Menu that will ask the player to select a starting position to enter First Person View
    • Navigate the open areas of your parks
    • The player can switch between Low and High Speed movement
    • The player can switch between Low and Normal View height
    • Toggle a light on/off
    • Enter Attractions Views and Rides
    • Interact with Buildings and Vehicles in your park
  • Added additional Decorations to each of the 3 Building Eras
    • 22 x Facility Pieces
      1. DFW Container (DFW)
      2. Blue Container (JW)
      3. White Container (JW)
      4. Large Wood Crate (JP)
      5. Container Fuel Tank (JW/DFW)
      6. Supplies Pile 1 (JW/DFW)
      7. Supplies Pile 2 (JW/DFW)
      8. Concrete Barrier (JW/JP)
      9. Stegosaurus Cage (JP)
      10. T. rex Cage (JP)
      11. Velociraptor Cage (JP)
      12. Indoraptor Cage (JW)
      13. Construction Crane (JW/JP)
      14. Tent Small (JW/JP)
      15. Tent Large (JW/JP)
      16. Velociraptor Paddock (JP)
      17. Helipad Arrival Sign (JP)
      18. Unpacked Container (DFW)
      19. Storage Shack (DFW)
      20. Maintenance Cover (DFW)
      21. Trailer Office (DFW)
      22. Camera Post (DFW)
    • 26 x Decoration Pieces
      1. Aviary Banner (JW)
      2. Lagoon Banner (JW)
      3. Spinosaurus Skeleton (JW)
      4. Jurassic World Signage – Aviary (JW)
      5. Jurassic World Signage – Lagoon (JW)
      6. Jurassic World Signage – Gyrosphere (JW)
      7. Jurassic World Signage – Lagoon (JW)
      8. Poles (JW)
      9. Poles (Awning) (JW)
      10. Poles (Birds) (JW)
      11. Aviary Perch Point – Large (JW)
      12. Aviary Perch Point – Small (JW)
      13. Tree Planter 1 (JW/JP/DFW)
      14. Tree Planter 2 (JW/JP/DFW)
      15. Tree Planter 3 (JW/JP/DFW)
      16. Foliage Planter 1 (JW/JP/DFW)
      17. Foliage Planter 2 (JW/JP/DFW)
      18. Foliage Planter 3 (JW/JP/DFW)
      19. Amber Planter 1 (JW)
      20. Amber Planter 2 (JW)
      21. Amber Planter 3 (JW)
      22. Fountain 1 (JW)
      23. Fountain 2 (JW)
      24. Fountain 3 (JW)
      25. Fountain 4 (JW)
      26. Jurassic Park Pillar (JP)
    • Trees
      • Added forest comfort to single placed trees
      • Added new single placed trees
        • 3 x Large Trees (Unique per biome)
        • 3 x Medium Trees (Unique per biome)
        • 2 x Small Trees (Unique per biome)
        • 2 x Bushy Trees (Unique per biome)

Quality of Life Updates

  • All dinosaurs, skins and patterns available by default when beginning a Sandbox level
    • Does not apply to Challenge Mode Cosmetic rewards
  • All buildings are now available by default when beginning a Sandbox level
  • Minerals can now be instantly sold rather than added to the Extraction Queue
  • Accessibility Options
    • Enter the “Accessibility Settings” when starting the game for the first time after setting the game’s brightness
    • Added Dinosaur Highlight accessibility option
    • Shortened subtitles at larger font sizes
  • New building upgrades
    • Science Centre
      • Cheaper Research
      • Faster Research
      • Extra Scientist
        • Increase the Scientist Limit of Tasks from this building by 1
    • Expedition Centre
      • Cheaper Expeditions
      • Faster Transit
        • Expeditions are 25% quicker
      • Extra Scientist
        • Increase the Scientist Limit of Tasks from this building by 1
    • Hatcheries
      • Cheaper Genetics
      • Accelerated Growth
        • Speeds up Synthesis and Incubation by 25%
      • Extra Scientist
        • Increase the Scientist Limit of Tasks from this building by 1
    • Paleo Medical Facility
      • Automatic Resupply
      • Faster Treatment
        • Decreases task time by 50%
      • Cheaper Treatment
        • Decreases task cost by 50%
      • Extra Scientist
        • Increase the Scientist Limit of Tasks from this building by 1
    • Response Facility
    • Staff Centres
      • Improved Costs
        • Tasks globally cost 10% less
      • Specialist Facility
        • Globally increases the value of the Specialist staff traits by 1
    • Control Centres
      • Improved Motivation
        • All scientists Unrest meter increased by 1
      • Improved Efficiency
        • Tasks globally time reduced by 20%
  • Contracts:
    • Additional Contracts
      • Sell Dinosaurs
      • Increase Largest Territory Herd/Size
      • Build Lagoon
      • Build Aviary
      • Cohabitation
      • Complete an Expedition
      • Release a Dinosaur
      • Photo Multiple Species at Once
    • Changed “Photo with Species” contracts to ensure the players own the selected species
    • Added time completion bonus to large number of contracts
  • Ranger Post improvements
    • Allow MVUs to be assigned to Ranger Posts
      • Within range of the post, MVUs automatically treat Minor Injuries and Diseases that can be cured by medical darts, and heal dinosaurs with Critical Health.
    • MVU, Ranger and Capture Teams can now be assigned from a Ranger Post
    • Ranger Patrols now prioritise dinos needing welfare scans above all other tasks
  • Added Bankruptcy Warning and Timer
  • Improved building tooltips
    • Ranger Posts
    • Science Centre
  • Sandbox Mode Improvements
    • Ability to turn expeditions and fossils On/Off
    • Ability to turn research On/Off
    • Ability to adjust Task Time length (10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
    • Added Jurassic Difficulty to Money and Appeal Difficulty
    • Ability to turn Scientists On/Off
  • Ailments Improvements
    • Added new “Chronic Stress” disease type for marine reptiles that causes fighting and lack of appetite
    • Changing Common Cold to a territory issue caused disease rather than a random one
    • All territory-caused diseases can be cured by fixing territory issues
    • Added a help screen when a new disease source first appears in the park
    • Selecting a dinosaur with an active monitored ailment or injury should take you to the ailments tab by default
    • Button in Ailment Tab now opens Comfort Tab
    • Added new “Hyperoxalemia” disease that causes low fatigue and low max health, and is caused by a lack of High Leaves
    • Added new notifications for when an injury is diagnosed and needs player treatment
  • Added Filters for Expedition Map
    • Species Type
    • Expedition Cost
    • Expedition Time
    • Scientist Skill
  • Tour Rides
    • Added a Jurassic World Gate for use on Jurassic Tour and Gyrosphere attractions
    • Allow tour photo points to be triggered by player-driven tour vehicles
  • UI
    • Present the total scientists skill pool when hiring scientists
    • Improved Decorations UI to handle larger number of decorations
    • Added a display map icon for dinosaurs that are the subject of a transport request
    • VO subtitles will now pause when the game speed is paused
    • Added a display map icon for dinosaurs assigned to be tranquilised
    • Added an arrow to indicate the required turn direction (indicates the direction of input the player needs to apply) when the gunner is not facing the target
    • Added Dinosaur Status to Park List on the Map
    • Added a filter to the Map that displays calamities
    • Specify on the tool tip and info panel when it is just the power cable attached to a building that needs repairing
    • Added dotted circles around aviary domes and lagoon pools to aid alignment
    • Added the ability to refresh contracts sooner for a cost
    • Prevent players from buying upgrades they can’t afford
  • Hatchery
    • Player now informed if the hatchery is not opening because it’s blocked by a dinosaur
    • Prevent dinosaurs from falling asleep in front of hatchery exits
  • Jurassic World Database
    • Show a “Wingspan” stat for flying reptiles
  • Aviaries
    • Aviaries now count as destroyed as soon as the first panel is broken
  • Dino Behaviours
    • Indominus Rex and Velociraptors will now share territory
    • Dinosaurs may now flee when group attack start
    • Dinosaurs may charge on group attack start
    • Prey can now outrun predators if they run out of stamina
    • Tweaked Iguanodon combat stats
    • When a dinosaur throws another during a jump attack it now does a minimum amount of damage
  • Capture Teams
    • Helicopters now resist gravity when in photo mode
  • Vehicles
    • Adjusted driving model so all Ranger Teams drive in a more similar way
  • Added DLAA on PC

Steam Deck Support (1.3.1 Only)

    • Added Steam Deck support to the PC version of Jurassic World Evolution 2
    • Ensured the on-screen keyboard appears appropriately on the Steam Deck
    • Disabled driver date check on Steam Deck
    • Added a default graphics preset which appears in Graphics Settings UI only on Steam Deck

Bug Fixes

  • Dinosaur Behaviour
    • Additional fixes for dinosaurs getting stuck
    • Additional fixes for dinosaurs and flying reptiles escaping their enclosures
    • Fix for dinosaurs stuck in constant panic
    • Fix for dinosaurs dying of old age whilst being transported
    • Only diseases which impose a max stamina of less than 70% and injuries that cause the Fatigue effect now prevent running
    • Make flying reptiles immune to “Damaged Tooth” injury
    • Prevent dinosaurs from going to sleep immediately after waking up from tranquilisation
    • Dinosaurs eating live food can now fulfil the “Photograph a Dinosaur Eating” contract
    • Fixed airlifted released reptiles from popping onto the ground on the Classic and DFW Lagoon Hatcheries
    • Various animation bug fixes on dinosaur behaviours
  • Dinosaurs
    • 2001 Male/Female Velociraptors – Eyes, hands and head art fixes
  • UI
    • “Synthesis Failure” changed to “Egg Failure” in Sandbox Mode
    • Split appeal between duplicate attraction buildings
    • Fixed shops not updating when shop type was changed
    • Fixed missing Dr. Alan Grant entry in the Jurassic World Database
    • Preserve vehicle ranger post assignments when changing vehicle skins
    • Marine and Flying Reptiles now have their own bio group
  • Buildings
    • Gates build instantly instead of waiting for the fences
    • Arrival building helicopters now leave and returns to signify the arrival of guests
    • Updated Flying Enclosure sign and UI icon so that it uses the correct texture
    • Fix for tuna escaping the lagoon
    • Prevent guests from entering destroyed/inoperable buildings
    • Various art improvement bug fixes across numerous buildings and assets
  • Park Teams
    • Park Teams no longer get stuck in land hatcheries
    • Storms no longer damage parked vehicles
    • Vehicles “damaged by storm” are not drivable at all
  • Economy
    • Prevent park rating dropping after releasing the first dinosaur(s) via airlift
    • Fixed fuel/food of the Response Facility and/or Paleo Medical Facility going to 0 when saving/loading a game
  • Animations
    • Fixed seated guests from using the wrong animation
    • Guests trapped with no way to return to a path now disappear after 30 seconds
  • Game Modes
    • Chaos Theory: Jurassic Park – Updated amenity construction mission stage so you can build any size, not just a small one
    • Chaos Theory: Jurassic Park – Increase comfort requirement for Velociraptors
    • Chaos Theory: Jurassic Park – Block access to build menus during hatchery research objective to prevent the player from getting stuck
    • Chaos Theory: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: San Diego – Banned Monorail construction contract
    • Chaos Theory: Isla Sorna: Site B – Re-enable storms
    • Chaos Theory: Return to Isla Nublar – Added Viewing Gallery to research so it is available to build
    • Campaign – Pennsylvania – Ignore dead dinosaurs in the final comfort check
    • Improvements to vehicle navigation in Challenge – Southwest USA
    • Various contract fixes
  • Foliage
    • Balanced/Improved the wind effect on foliage during extreme weather events and also resting states
    • Adding Barrel Cactus into the desert shrub brush
  • Further fixes to HDR on consoles and PC
  • Various localisation and text fixes for all languages
  • Various optimisations for game performance
  • Various stability fixes

Download free JWE2 patch 1.05 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox One.

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