Immortal Life Update 0.4.11 Patch Notes – April 30, 2022


Immortal Life update 0.4.11 is now rolling out for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Immortal Life patch notes, the latest update added some bug fixes and various improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Immortal Life patch 0.4.11 will address a few of these errors.

Read more details below.

Immortal Life Patch 0.4.11 Release Notes


1. You can now load corrupted save files and continue with your progress.
2. Breakthrough feature has been updated (requirements, hints, and the model).
3. The whole UI for character stats has been redesigned both in the Character and Breakthrough menus.
4. The MP cost of battle spells is lower now.
5. We changed the location of the cave monsters. Also, the difficulty of battles has been reduced and now they should be easier to overcome.
6. You will receive gifts from NPCs after you breakthrough successfully.
7. There are 4 new dishes available in Sunset inn, including the double-cooked pork requested by Tingfeng the Wanderer.

More changes based on players’ feedback

1. There will be more rainy days in Autumn.
2. The smaller Watering Gourd won’t cover all the crops.
3. You can now stack more items (from 3 dishes to 10, from 10 Ore to 20).
4. You can now enter the class 30 minutes early when you go to the Lecture Hall.
5. You should now long-press E to keep cutting down the tree or keep mining.

New bug fixes

1. Fixed a bug that was making the game crash sometimes after clicking the clock at the top-right corner of the screen while fishing.
2. Fixed a bug that crashed the game as a result of copypasting items.
3. Fixed a bug in which the time-stop feature failed (i.e., time kept moving when you opened the bag, the NPCs turned around when talking with them, etc.)
4. Fixed a bug that made the Major Quest ‘Rebuild the Main Hall’ disappear after completing the pre-quest ‘Building the Workshop’.
5. Fixed a bug that made the game crash in certain situations like fishing, putting items into the warehouse, or entering different areas.
6. When creating your character, you will no longer receive an error message if you forgive to put a First Name and Last Name. Instead, the game will remind you to add one.
7. Localization bugs for pronoun female character with “he” in the Friends tab.
8. Fixed a bug that makes the game crash when you click the “Sort” button in the Warehouse.
9. Fixed a bug that some rare crops like Red Bok choy has too low probability of occurrence.

Download free Immortal Life update 4.11 for PC (Steam).

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