Icarus Update Patch Notes (Official) – December 24, 2021


A new Icarus update (Dec 24, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam) players. According to the official Icarus patch notes, the latest update added two new missions to the game.

Previously, a major update added quality of life fixes and enhancements.

Unfortunately, since the last major update players are facing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Icarus patch will address a few of these errors.

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Icarus Patch Notes (New Update)- December 24, 2021

Two new missions

AGRICULTURE: Supply Stockpile


//OPERATOR: Sinotai //BIOME: Forest //BACKGROUND: The Operator is extending an orbital station in preparation for new personnel. Requires raw materials urgently. //MISSION: Reach loading zones, establish processing systems, and supply pods with requested resources. //TERMS: Cargo pods will be dispatched to two locations.

CLUSTERED:Extended Survey


//OPERATOR: ACS // BIOME: Riverlands // BACKGROUND: The Operator requires a long term survey be conducted at an area of interest. This mission will provide critical data about the long term weather patterns in this area. // MISSION: Locate, deploy and shelter multiple scanning devices around the area to collect data. The more devices you are able to keep active, the quicker you’ll complete the mission. //TERMS: Contractors will be provided with scanning equipment. All other risk and resourcing is the responsibility of the contractor. Expect elevated weather threats.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with Extractor only mining a single ore on reload.
  • Fixed Electric Furnace attempting to turn itself back on when reconnected to a power network.
  • Fixed some instances of issue with Exotics deposits not spawning on all prospects.
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck with the overburdened modifier when leaving the game and reloading.
  • Fixed issue with Electric Composter not turning itself back on when it receives power.
  • Added localization support for prospect names.
  • Fixed issue with several quest descriptions and objective text.
  • Fixed “Fireproof Sealant” talent, was actually making things more flammable.
  • Fixed issue with cargo ships sometimes being invisible on resuming stockpile missions.
  • Fixed issue where Vegetable Pies were not spoiling correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Pickled Carrots were not returning a jar when consumed.

Currently, Icarus servers are down on PS(Steam). Check Icarus server status here.

Download free Icarus update for PC (Steam).

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