Players are currently reporting NBA 2K23 error code 079d6cdc on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox. This error seems to pop up frequently when players are trying to connect to MyCareer. There are various reasons for error 079d6cdc in NBA 2K23, most likely a connection to either the 2K servers or a player’s internet is down.

Unfortunately, 2K games consider NBA 2K23 error 079d6cdc as an unidentified error. Read how to fix error code 079d6cdc and other details.

What is NBA 2K23 error code 079d6cdc?

The NBA 2K22 error code 727e66ac is most likely a network connection-related problem. However, sometimes it’s a backend issue. The game developers 2K games consider it as an unidentified error.

First, verify that other devices on your network can connect to the internet. Make sure that your console is connected to your router directly using an Ethernet cable or Wireless signals (Wi-Fi). Also, perform a network connection test for your console. You can also disconnect your router and modem for 60 seconds from the power outlet, then reconnect them to the outlet. This should fix the issues. Follow the steps below, if you’re still getting the error code.

How to fix error code 079d6cdc in NBA 2K23?

  1. Create New Player

    Try making another player. Upon making the player skip the prelude and your new player should load right up with no issue. You can then quit to the main menu.
    Now load your original player up and the NBA 2K22 079d6cdc error should be gone.

  2. Check your Network Address Translation (NAT) Type settings

    Open NAT Type will have fewer conflicts with other player systems and encounter fewer connectivity issues. Navigate to your console’s XMB. Push up on the left control stick and navigate to the settings panel and choose Network
    Under the View Connection Status. Your NAT Type will be on the bottom of the next screen

  3. Check your Firewall / Router for NAT Type restrictions

    If you have a firewall or other network hardware, such as a router, you may need to access them to change your NAT type. Sometimes this configuration change is caused by opening or forwarding other network ports.

  4. Check your Open Network Ports

    PlayStation Network uses the following ports for communication with game servers:
    Port 465 (TCP)
    Port 983 (TCP)
    Port 1935 (TCP)
    3478 (TCP)
    3479 (TCP)
    3480 (TCP)
    Port 3478 (UDP)
    Port 3479 (UDP)
    10070 – 10080 (TCP)

If everything is working fine, check the NBA 2K23 Server status here. A future update will fix the NBA 2k23 error 079d6cdc issue.

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