Horizon Forbidden West is now available to download on PC. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing issues, Horizon Forbidden West crashes, error codes, lag, and more. Today, we have compiled a list of Horizon Forbidden West known issues, bugs, and glitches.

Download the recently released day 1 patch for the game. Check out more details below.

Official List of All Horizon Forbidden West Glitches, known issues and bugs (Updating..)

Horizon Forbidden West low FPS and Shuttering issue

Players are reporting low FPS and shuttering issues in the game. A fix will roll out soon.

Horizon Forbidden West performance issues.

Apart from all the above issues, players are facing various performance issues. The game devs are working on a fix for these problems.

Horizon Forbidden West fail to launch or crashes

Players are also reporting game launching bugs where the game fails to launch and sometimes randomly crashes. The game developer team is working on a fix.

Horizon Forbidden West Network Disconnected issue

Players are experiencing login and random disconnection issues. Check the server status here.

Horizon Forbidden West Error Codes

Players are facing problems are reporting Horizon Forbidden West error code CE-107891-6 on PS5.

Bad Visuals in Fidelty Mode

There are reports of weird-looking visuals in the Fidelity mode. According to a user, the screen saturation changes depending on if the camera is moving or static. This can make the screen look washed out.

Anit aliasing and Textures Issue

Players are reporting various anti-aliasing issues in Horizon Forbidden West in both performance and resolution modes.

Horizon Forbidden West Code Redeeming issue

Some players are facing issues where their codes didn’t redeem when they tried to use them. This issue was due to the time region difference.

Aloy Doesn’t Interact With Machine Remains in

PS4 and PS5 players reporting a bug where Aloy doesn’t interact with the machine when you reach the first machine’s remains.

Workaround: This issue happens when if you get to the machine too quickly and your companion gets left behind. Restarting the game or reloading the Horizon Forbidden West save file will fix this issue. Also, players can walk slowly alongside their companions.

Many of these bugs are known to the developers and they are working hard to fix them.

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