Hitman 3 patch 1.08 (3.70) September Update is now rolling out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One players. According to the official Hitman 3 patch notes, the latest update brings the the Season of Envy, the penultimate act of the Seven Deadly Sins campaign. In addition, Hitman 3 update 1.08 (1.008) also includes stability improvements.

Hitman 3 download size is around 3-6GB on all platforms.

Previously, a big update was released with quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Hitman 3 patch 1.08 will fix a few of these issues.

Hitman 3 Patch 1.08 Notes (1.008.000) – September 28, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins Act 6: Envy (Premium Content)

Face off against your ultimate rival and prove your skills in the Envy Contention Escalation, the headline act of this season’s Seven Deadly Sins content.

With a rival assassin hunting down your targets, you’ll need to think fast and make your move. Prepare to outsmart and outmanouevre your rival as you chase multiple targets throughout three stages of an escalating challenge.

Completing the Envy Contention will unlock three new unique sin-themed rewards. First, the Odium Suit, a suit for those who covet the look of high-end streetwear. Or high-end streetwear for those who covet the look of a suit.

Next, The Cat’s Claw, an eye-catching dagger with a distinct wave-shaped blade with a handle made to resemble a sitting cat. While it may not be the most comfortable weapon to wield, it’s certain to be the subject of widespread admiration. Finally, The Jaeger 7 Green Eye features a suppressor, a feline-inspired cosmetic mod, and a black and green fragment design. The perfect weapon for hunters who lie in wait and strike with confidence.

Get access to all of this content either through the Seven Deadly Sins Act 6: Envy or as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, which includes all 7 acts at a reduced price.

The Season of Envy brings another milestone reward for completing Featured Contracts. Rack up 60 completions across HITMAN 3 locations and the Hackl Covert “Ducky” Edition is yours to keep.

More unlockables items (that are not related to Featured Contracts) will be available throughout the Season of Envy.


Language Support
We’ve added full text localisation of all in-game menus and subtitles for the following languages on all platforms: Japanese. All players will be able to access these languages after downloading the 3.70 patch. PS4 and PS5 players will need to own the SIEJ (Japanese version) to access the Japanese localisation.

Shoulder Swap
We’ve added a Camera Shoulder Swap option to the Gameplay Options menu. This is set to off by default, where the camera will always be aligned to Agent 47’s right shoulder. After turning this option on, players will be able to toggle which shoulder the camera is aligned to during gameplay.

Sniper Slowdown
We’ve tweaked the parameters of mouse sensitivity when zooming in with sniper rifles to give a better experience. Previously, the mouse speed was extremely slow, especially when fully zoomed in.

Arkian Unlock
We’ve made further tweaks to correctly unlock the Arkian Tuxedo suit for players that have completed the requirements, or ran into issues after carrying over their progress from HITMAN 2.

Gold Upgrade
We’ve tweaked the inventory image for the Goldballer so that it better represents the in-game weapon. In other words, we’ve made sure that the unlock image for the gun actually looks gold.

Localisation Tweaks

We’ve made several changes to various subtitles, menu text and in-game signage (in multiple languages) to improve their localisation and translations.

Stats: DGS
We’ve updated the icon for the Dartmoor Garden Show in the Statistics menu to represent Dartmoor. It was previously incorrectly using the ICA Facility location image.

Deadly Sins Campaign
We’ve added the Seven Deadly Sins content as a campaign under the Side Missions menu, and put it front of the queue.

Suit Categories
We’ve added two new suit categories to the Inventory menu; Deluxe and Deadly Sins. These categories will include the suits unlocked via the Deluxe Pack and Seven Deadly Sins content packs respectively. This will free up the Themed category as well.

Stability Improvements
Addressed several issues to improve the game’s stability, including an issue that could cause players to encounter disconnection issues when completing a mission.

Water Worries
Addressed an issue where PC players using certain AMD graphics cards would not see water rendered properly in certain locations. This issue was fixed by AMD in recent patch notes.

Credit Where It’s Due, 3.70
We’ve updated the in-game credits to reflect work done since the last patch, including new members of the team that have joined.

Location Changes: Dubai, UAE

Rise Up
Addressed an issue where some players could not unlock the Rise Up trophy in Dubai, despite fulfilling the requirements.

Location Changes: Dartmoor, England

Gas Mark 9
Addressed an issue where it was impossible to create gas leaks in one of the kitchens in Dartmoor because the stoves would explode immediately after creating a leak.

Dartmoor Garden Contracts
Addressed an issue where Featured Contracts created on the Dartmoor Garden Show sublocation did not count towards progress for the Featured Contract Milestone challenges.

Location Changes: Berlin, Germany

Biking Bad
Addressed an issue where it was possible for some NPC to see through walls near the food delivery area.

Location Changes: Chongqing, China

Wall Hack
Addressed an issue where Agent 47 could be spotted through walls, notably when hanging on roof ledges.

Gluttony Guard
Addressed an issue where a specific guard didn’t count as a target in the Gluttony Gobble Escalation, despite dropping the same items as all other targets.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves
We’ve tweaked the name of the Maximalist Shotgun (Gluttony content unlock) to be correctly spelled.

Wrong Location
Addressed an issue where the descriptions for two Agency pickups were misleading and did not describe where the actual pickup was located.

Face Time
We’ve made a few tweaks to the targets’ behaviour so that they will react accordingly depending on Agent 47’s actions.

Location Changes: Mendoza, Argentina

Snipers Up
We’ve fixed an issue where it was possible to acquire a Sieger 300 Tactical in the Mendoza location with drastically different properties than intended after performing certain actions.

Mr Maker
Addressed an issue that could cause a crucial NPC in the ‘Private Tour’ Mission Story to suspend their routine and block progress.

Corvo Can’t Dance
Addressed an issue where it was impossible to exit the Mendoza campaign mission if players reached the only available exit in a specific disguise.

Hop On, Hop Off
Addressed an issue where it was possible for Agent 47 to fall into infinite space by vaulting over a railing after completing a specific Mission Story in Mendoza.

No Wine For You
Addressed an issue where a target in Mendoza could suspend their routine depending on player actions, leaving them waiting for wine that Agent 47 can no longer pour. Apparently, even he has his limitations.

Private Tour
Addressed an issue that could occur during the ‘Private Tour’ Mission Story, where a key NPC could stop moving if a player performs specific actions.

Lawyer Up
We’ve made sure that Agent 47 can only talk to NPCs as the lawyer, when he’s actually dressed as the lawyer. NPCs will now be more aware of

Location Changes: Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Too-Quick Cinematic
Addressed an issue where it was possible for a guard to trigger a cinematic instead of Agent 47. Contractually, only the protagonist (47) can progress the story of HITMAN 3.

Legacy Location Changes: HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2

Sapienza: Card Read
Addressed an issue where the keycard reader between the main square and a kitchen was not functioning.

Paris: Door Prompts
Addressed an issue where several doors in Paris had a prompt to ‘open’ that Agent 47 couldn’t reach, meaning that only NPCs could open the doors. The prompts are now back within reach.

Stadia Changes

Crystal Ball
Addressed an issue where the ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ achievement does not unlock despite fulfilling the requirements.

LOC Check
We’ve made tweaks to several localisation issues for various languages.

VR Changes

Quick HUD
Addressed an issue where the VR Quick HUD does not appear after performing a save/load cycle, unless the game is paused.

Download free Hitman 3 update 1.08 (1.008.000) on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.