Hell Let Loose update 1.012 (1.012.000) is now rolling out on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. According to the official Hell Let Loose Console patch notes, the latest update added new changes, tweaks and quality of life improvements. Apart from this, Hell Let Loose patch 1.012 also includes stability fixes.

Recently, a major update added Night Maps including Remagen, Flare Guns, new Commander abilities, and much more. Recently, a hotfix was also released. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Hell Let Loose version 1.012 will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Hell Let Loose Console Update 13 Patch Notes – December 6, 2022

Map Rotation:

  • Map rotation will be limited for the first 1 week after Update 13 release to make new maps more accessible through matchmaking

Limited Map rotation includes:

  • Kharkov Warfare
  • Foy Offensive (GER)
  • Remagen Warfare (Night)
  • Kharkov Offensive (SOV)
  • Foy Warfare (Night)
  • Kharkov Offensive (GER)
  • Remagen Offensive (US)
  • Hurtgen Forest Warfare (Night)
  • Foy Offensive (US)
  • Kursk Warfare (Night)
  • Foy Warfare
  • Kursk Offensive (GER)
  • St Marie Du Mont Warfare


  • Added Soviet T-70 Light Tank
  • Added Jeeps to all factions
  • GER: Kubelwagen
  • US: Willys Jeep
  • SOV: GAZ-67


  • Added Flamethrowers
  • GER: Support lvl.8
  • US: Support lvl.8
  • Added Molotovs
  • SOV: Assault lvl.9
  • SOV: Support lvl.6
  • SOV: Automatic Rifleman lvl.3
  • SOV: Rifleman lvl.6
  • DP-27 buff
  • Reduced recoil while brace firing from 0.75 to 0.2
  • Increased damage from 65 at 75 meters to 100 at 150 meters


  • Added Lend-Lease Bazooka loadout for Soviet Anti-Tank lvl.8


  • Added Kharkov
  • Kharkov Warfare
  • Kharkov Offensive GER
  • Kharkov Offensive SOV
  • Added fire damage logic to preplaced fire assets across all maps


  • Added persistent dismantle progression (saves progress for 5 seconds of inactivity)
  • Added shared dismantle progression (dismantles faster the more people there are assisting)
  • Improved Satchel placement logic
  • Improved Satchel damage consistency
  • Vehicle engines now drown when being submerged in water
  • Added 10 new trophies/achievements to console:
  • Frozen Fields
  • Fast Track Delivery
  • Firestarter
  • Fight Fire with Fire
  • This Is a Flammenwerfer, It Werfs Flammen
  • Jeep Let Loose
  • Liar, Liar, Pants of Fire!
  • Za Zdorovie!
  • Drop it Like Its Hot!
  • Molotov Party!


  • Skull Bucket DLC
  • GER: Paratrooper Fallschirmjäger M38
  • GER: Double Decal Police M35
  • US: 101st Airborne 506th PIR Paratrooper M1
  • US: 29th Infantry Division M1
  • SOV: 1941 Model Blockaded Leningrad Helmet
  • SOV: M36 Budenovka Winter Cap
  • Winter Warfare DLC
  • GER: Winter Covered Fallschirmjäger M38
  • US: Winter Covered M1
  • SOV: Winter Covered SSh-40
  • SOV: Winter Toques
  • Base Winter Uniforms
  • US: M1943 Winter Uniform
  • SOV: Ameba Winter Uniform
  • GER: Heer Schneetarnjacke Winter Smok
  • Base Winter Helmets
  • GER: White Painted M42
  • US: White Painted M1
  • SOV: Winter Painted SSh-36
  • SOV: Winter Painted SSh-40
  • SOV: White Ushanka
  • SOV: White Tied Ushanka


  • Added the ability to set cosmetic presets in the Barracks and Loadout screens
  • Added additional non-verbal comms
  • Precision Strike
  • Request Ammo


  • Refactored the animation system to use fewer bones per character mesh
  • Particle and decal FX optimization
  • Improved LoDs for vehicles


  • Added variation to the Bombing Run explosion FX


  • OPs/Garrisons/Half-tracks radio effect now fades to static noise when overrun by the enemy
  • Added UI SFX for deploy countdown in the final 3 seconds


  • Refactored a new animation system. This should result in increased performance and smoother animations in TPP

Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] Adjustments made to the M1943 Winter Uniform causing visibility issues.
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to SFX for medium tanks colliding with objects.
  • [Fixed] Adjustments made to Personal Stat tracking.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to stability of title in various menus & maps.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to stability when reconnecting headset during loading screen.
  • [Fixed] Barracks UI highlight remaining when changing presets.
  • [Fixed] Faction and role being changeable while focus is still on customization menu.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to UI elements of the Team17 cross play interface.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to performance when dying and shooting vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Addition of fortification snapping.
  • [Fixed] Fix for the long standing ‘Loadout Bug’
  • [Fixed] Fix for the long standing ‘Grenade Bug’
  • [Fixed] Improved ‘Shots Hit’ statistic to not count structures/vehicles shot with firearms
  • [Fixed] Drivers can no longer turn off the engine to ‘stealth roll’ long distances in vehicles
  • [Fixed] Incorrect plane used to drop Ammo Drop for RUS/GER
  • [Fixed] The Russian Commander Fuel abilities list order isn’t consistent and changes
  • [Fixed] Satchel Charges won’t destroy barbed wire at certain distances
  • [Fixed] German Fuel Nodes are unable to be destroyed with Satchel Charges
  • [Fixed] Gunshot SFX can still be heard after the player that is shooting with certain weapons dies
  • [Fixed] Panther (German Heavy) has a shorter cooldown after spawning it compared to the Tiger
  • [Fixed] Machine gun cannot be mounted in specific type of buildings across all the maps
  • [Fixed] [FPP] The German Small Ammunition box, Medical Supplies box and Explosive Ammo box have identical models when held in hand
  • [Fixed] “This sector is locked” hint triggers unproperly in deployment screen
  • [Fixed] Muzzle flash FX is missing from DP-27 Machine Gun
  • [Fixed] US Medium Tank M4A3 has no SFX when colliding with objects
  • [Fixed] At very specific angles Trucks would sometimes not receive damage
  • [Fixed] Floating fireball is visible after vehicle engines are damaged and repaired
  • [Fixed] Tanks moving in reverse will automatically change to Gear 1 when the tracks are destroyed
  • [Fixed] Satchel damage against Belgian gates is inconsistent
  • [Fixed] Walking into supply truck crates causes the dropping sound effect to be played
  • [Fixed] AP and HE shells are unable to suppress enemy players.
  • [Fixed] Destroying the Panther rewards the player with the wrong combat score
  • [Fixed] Hull and coaxial machine guns do not reload after exiting and entering during reloading
  • [Fixed] Choosing the Bill Head on a US role equips the player with the Hans Head from the German side
  • [Fixed] Kills With The RG-42 Grenade and Mk2 Grenade Are Not Recorded If Thrown Post Death
  • [Fixed] Soldiers don’t have 3rd person animation for vertical aiming movements on specific map HQs
  • [Fixed] Head rotates unnaturally after being revived.
  • [Fixed] The Russian Half-Track appears in the wrong part of the Russian Commander ability list.
  • [Fixed] No animation transition present when ADS with Flare Gun

Console Specific Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] [Xbox] Adjustments made to various achievements.
  • [Fixed] [PS5] Adjustments to haptics of vehicles & guns.
  • [Fixed] [Xbox] Adjustments to vibrations of explosions.
  • [Fixed] [Both] “Take Cover” achievement now counts kills of players within vehicles.


  • Improvements made to Vivox communication system.
  • [Fixed] Unit, Leadership and Party VOIP stop working after some time.
  • [Fixed] Unplugging/plugging headsets in repeatedly breaks VOIP.

Network Improvements:

  • Servers for Central US added as an option for US players to improve network.


  • [Fixed] Players can clip into a specific metal roof and hide from enemies
  • [Fixed] One of the buildings in the vicinity of the Nail Factory lacks collision below the staircase on the ground floor


  • [Fixed] Adjustments to lighting within the interior of houses when smoke is present.

Purple Heart Lane

  • [Fixed] Player can spawn into closed house in C8.
  • [Fixed] Invisible wall collision is present on a section of stone wall along the main road

Omaha Beach

  • [Fixed] Adjustments made to various misaligned textures.


  • [Fixed] Rubble can be seen through when prone.
  • [Fixed] There is a kill volume in sector E10 that makes vehicles disappear
  • [Fixed] Misaligned Train
  • [Fixed] Multiple visual issues around a trench
  • [Fixed] There is a large, misaligned dirt pile near a German Bunker
  • [Fixed] Mud embankment along road is misaligned in multiple places


  • [Fixed] Light can be see shining through the ground
  • [Fixed] Floating grass is present in certain areas
  • [Fixed] Misaligned terrain texture present in sector C9
  • [Fixed] A pair of wooden gates are not connected to any fence
  • [Fixed] The artillery shells are misaligned with the terrain
  • [Fixed] Two metal barrels in certain location are clipping through a wooden fence


  • [Fixed] Some crater assets allowed players to see under the terrain


  • Repair stations spawn in American HQs on US-Offensive
  • [Fixed] Some hedge instances being able to block bullets

Download free Hell Let Loose update 1.12 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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