A new Hammerting update released for PC players. According to the official Hammerting patch notes, the latest update brings new changes and improvements to the game.

Check out more details below.

Hammerting March 7 Update Patch Notes


Completely Remodelled and Reanimated 3D Dwarves!

  • The dwarves have been completely remodelled in full 3D!
  • Their visuals now match their 2D portraits!
  • When running around on the Overworld, they will now face the correct direction!
  • When running around inside rooms, they will also face the correct direction!
  • Dwarven women will now look like dwarven women both before and after a save/load!
  • Their clothes’ colors will match the colors of their clan, and their skin and hair should be consistently colored.
  • Their tools are still flat as pancakes. We tried to get the dwarves to upgrade but they really liked them that way so… What can we do?

Return of the Overworld War!

  • Factions will group up in alliances and wage large scale war!
  • While you can still directly manipulate the opinions between on the Overworld through Trade Lore, trading and building upgrades will also have significant effects.
  • Choose to team up with the closest, or the strongest, or perhaps wait until they’ve all duked it out, and only then get truly involved.
  • You must now keep factions on your good side, or at least on your not-bad side.
  • While the Overworld is still quite mellow at the start of the game, as soon as someone starts a war, another one will start an alliance, and then the others will scramble to ally before it’s too late.
  • Use your manipulative influence to choose who teams up with who.
  • Eventually you can start an alliance of your own and conquer the Overworld!

Overworld Faction Interactions!

Many new, tweaked, and improved rules for how factions update their opinion of each other and for how they declare war, truce, peace, and when they create alliances.

  • The overall aim of these changes has been to increase player agency and control, and to be initially fairly easy-going and then have all hell break loose with two or three large alliances vying for control.
  • There are too many changes to list, but here’s an overview.
  • Opinions now vary during the course of the game.
  • Opinions now play a large role. Declaring war or teaming up in an alliance is heavily based on the factions’ opinions of each other.
  • Opinions are mild at the start of the game and then ramps up over the course of a few ingame hours.
  • Border friction is smaller for the Mountainhome than other factions.
  • Conquered factions are now completely removed from the game. They won’t be shown in the UIs anymore.
  • Difficulty setting affects various player driven opinion adjustments.
  • Factions increase their opinion of the Mountainhome when you build upgrades in their locations.
  • Factions like other factions who are at war with the same factions.
  • Factions now only require 75% Fortification, rather than 100%, to declare war.
  • Factions will create an alliance if both share a common enemy.
  • Factions will create an alliance if there is another strong alliance.
  • Factions will create an alliance if they share a border.
  • Factions will dislike other factions who team up with the Mountainhome. Hey, it’s unfair!
  • Factions will essentially ignore the Mountainhome’s opinion when deciding on Overworld politics.
  • Factions will leave an alliance if they are hostile towards all other factions in it.
  • Factions will need to have a fairly high opinion of each other to consider creating an alliance.
  • Factions will only join an existing alliance if they like all of the factions in it enough.
  • In addition to the rule based opinion changes, a random value from a die roll is applied as well. It is skewed to be overall slightly negative.
  • Initial opinion between factions is a bit more varied, and a bit more positive.
  • New Logbook notifications have been added for Overworld related events.

Overworld factions now need 300 Manpower and Might, instead of 100, to launch an army. This should improve the situation where the time it takes for an army to reach its goal and be done is basically the same as the time to regain 100 points, thereby the player’s help with M&M not really having an impact.

  • The Mountainhome can still only get another faction to join it in an alliance by completing the Licorice quest.
  • Leaving an alliance is very frowned upon.
  • Trading with a location will eventually affect its faction’s opinion of the Mountainhome. However, other factions, especially those it is at war with, will dislike it. The effect is based on how much you sell compared to how large your Mountainhoard is.
  • Truce is no longer declared every time an army completes an attack. Truces also last a shorter amount of time.
  • When a faction joins an alliance, everyone not in that alliance will get an opinion boost towards each other.
  • When a faction joins an alliance, it gets a taste of the ‘Everyone disliked that’ medicine.

War on the Mountainhome!

  • Factions on the Overworld will now declare war on you and send armies towards the Mountainhome!
  • When an army reaches the Mountainhome, an enemy wave will spawned in the Entrance and attack your base! From the inside!
  • Yes that’s right, the dastardly factions will join forces with the most vile creatures found in the Underworld. Quite rude to be honest.
  • A new War on the Overworld alert has been added whenever there is someone at war with you.
  • Factions will only declare war on the Mountainhome if either itself or the Mountainhome is allied to someone.
  • Old save games that have disabled enemy waves also disables war on the Mountainhome.
  • There is a new game setting that will completely disable factions declaring war on the Mountainhome.

Lair Enemy Waves Rebalanced!

  • Enemy waves from lairs will now be initially weaker, but will grow faster and become both stronger and more numerous.
  • Once you start having problems with a lair, best to take it out!
  • Overall, the game is a little bit more hectic than before, but there now a lot more cases where the difficulty level is used to balance the gameplay.
  • Normal difficulty should still be a pretty chill experience. There will be more enemies than before, but they’ll be a bit weaker early on.
  • Easier difficulties should be very chill.
  • Harder difficulties is now more hectic and challenging, and puts decent pressure on you.
  • Enemies generally have significantly lower Armor and have been overall tweaked a bit.
  • Enemy waves will spawn a bit more frequently.
  • Enemy waves will grow faster than before, and will grow (slowly) even if you haven’t found their lair yet.
  • Enemy waves will now gain buffs too, but will be a little bit weaker than guards.
  • Enemy waves will now properly contain all its creature types. (A bug made them contain just one type of enemy)
  • Enemy waves can now properly pathfind to doors and attack them.
  • Enemy waves do not grow larger than 1 creature until 45 game-minutes into the game. This should reduce the initial survivability randomness.
  • Enemy waves grow faster after 3 game-hours, and even more after 10 game-hours.
  • Enemy waves and guards do not get lair buffs until 45 game-minutes into the game.
  • Enemy buffs are significantly reduced when playing on easier difficulty levels, increased a bit on harder ones.
  • Clearing out waves will now also provide lair buffs, albeit more slowly than guards.
  • Guards and waves eventually get Level 3 lair buffs.
  • Guards spawn a bit more frequently.
  • Initial enemy wave is delayed a bit.
  • Lairs with strong and weak creatures will now spawn the weak ones first.
  • Lairs that aren’t in the same biome regions as your base will now count as being a bit farther away for purposes of deciding whether they will launch waves or not.
  • Very Hard waves are slightly smaller than before.

Hammer Trap and Spike Trap!

  • Two new traps have been added to help you combat the new waves.
  • Spike Traps and Hammer Traps!
  • They are quite similar, but they deal different types of damage.
  • They always penetrate some of the enemy’s armor.
  • The sound the Hammer Traps make when they crush the enemies underneath is nice.

Rescaled Leveling and Buffed Talents!

  • XP required for levelling the dwarf (and their professions) is now much higher later on (and a bit lower until level 15 or so).
  • All Talents have been significantly buffed, and many now affect various profession levels.

The Favorite-match indicator for the talents have been slightly tweaked to make it easier to see which Talents best match the dwarf.

Wrong Tools Equipped Alert!

  • If a dwarf has a favorited profession but no tool that can be used for that profession, an alert is shown.
  • It is not shown for professions where tools are optional.

Dwarf Greed Scaling!

  • Higher level dwarves will now require more coin to satisfy their greed.
  • Higher level dwarves can now carry more coin on them.
  • On Very Easy/Easy, they require only a little coin, on Hard and especially Very Hard they require a lot of coin.

Larger Overworld Setting!

  • Added game setting for a larger Overworld.
  • It’s not MUCH bigger but.. it’s there if you want to check it out!

New Knowledges!

  • Added Foundational Structures and Probing the Depths.
  • If you’re loading an old game, remember you’ll still need to buy these.
  • Various things have been moved around and tweaked a bit in the Knowledge tree.
  • For example, Bricks tiles are now the only ones that are placeable from the start. The other ones require various Knowledges.


Optimized case (some may also say fixed bug) where lair guards would look through the WHOLE MAP to find a place to walk to because SOMEONE had placed doors locking them in. You know who you are.



  • Dwarves are overall less talkative.
  • Jobs won’t be interrupted by smalltalk close after they have been started.
  • Sowing orders are now High priority by default, to ensure that seeds get used for sowing rather than being crafted for a recipe.


  • Added the amount of fish supply in the extended map tooltip.
  • Added tooltip to the icon indicating that a certain Talent matches one of the dwarf’s favorite Professions.
  • Improved the Idle Dwarves alert to mention probable reasons and actions to resolve it.
  • Improved tooltip for missing Talent requirements.
  • The Mission Completed notification is now temporary.
  • The Room Under Attack notification now pauses the game.
  • The game now shows four log book notifications instead of three.
  • Vaults have been visually improved.


  • Added a few additional low-level lair buffs. This also means that lair guards (and now waves) will eventually get even stronger.
  • Dawnlit Caverns is now a bit deeper.
  • Lair healths have changed a bit. This may cause previously defeated lairs to come alive again in old save games.
  • Militia profession gains much more XP, about five times more than previously.
  • No rooms or infrastructure now require generic ingots. The requirement for copper ingots have been swapped out or removed for a few others. This should ensure dwarves don’t use precious Mithril for unintended uses.
  • Reduced cooldown for spawning guards outside lairs.
  • Significantly increased the cost of high-tier Knowledges.
  • Slightly reduced Mountain Lore rewards.
  • The starting chest now contains a Grandfather’s Ladle.
  • Using the Hand Pump now yields a small amount of XP instead of zero XP. Just promise not to exploit this to the max!


  • (Yes, even more things was done to the Overworld!).
  • Alliances are shown as icons on the Overworld, and in related UIs.
  • Buffed a few Overworld upgrades.
  • Buying items on the Overworld now contributes a bit towards Overworld exploration, just like selling does.
  • Changing a faction’s Opinion of the Mountainhome works properly in the Mountainhome UI.
  • Exploration far from location is a bit more expensive.
  • Granite Pillars and Support Beam restore more Fortification.
  • Increased Trade Level XP and Overworld exploration reward from buying items.
  • Overworld Markets produce more than other location types, but at a higher markup. Buys low, sells high!
  • Overworld items are a bit more expensive to buy.
  • Overworld location UI now has a tooltip explaining the faction’s opinion towards the Mountainhome.
  • Overworld location UI now shows the relationship towards the Mountainhome.
  • Overworld locations can now hold 200 items rather than 500.
  • Overworld locations have more items at the start of the game.
  • Overworld locations increased their demand for items that restore Fortification, Might, and Manpower.
  • Overworld locations pay slightly more for things in demand.
  • Reduced Preciousness for Granite based items.
  • Tooltip improvements to the location UI.
  • Weapons and armor restore more Might.
  • You can now disallow automatic selling to specific factions. Do this in the Mountainhome UI on the Overworld, alternatively using the new small button found on the location screen.

Bug fixes:


  • Dwarves jumping up to grab a ledge will now play the correct idle animation.
  • Dwarves that are not allowed to do the Militia profession will no longer follow attack orders.
  • Dwarves that die while falling will now continue to fall. In fact, a dwarf that for any reason things gravity shouldn’t apply to them during death, well, that dwarf is having gravity reapplied to it.
  • Dwarves will no longer start to fall after jumping to a room.
  • Dwarves will no longer talk while standing in fluids.
  • Dwarves will no longer try to harvest plants that aren’t harvestable yet. The tooltip now indicates this.
  • Falling dwarves should now grab onto ledges properly again.
  • Fixed bug making it impossible to store Citadel Mushrooms.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Rail Tracks to not get crafted.
  • Fixed bug where Overworld upgrades wouldn’t get built if the queue was too long.
  • The Dwelling now has a basic stone bed that the dwarves will lie on, instead of floating in the air.


  • Ancient Omen quest is no longer listed as a Victory Condition. It still will be for old save games.
  • Beets now look like beets and not like chicken.
  • Creatures spawned from lairs as waves actually get a proper position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the so called world loot to stop spawning after a while, especially Dwarf Guardian statues, which broke the ‘A Dole of Dwarves’ achievement.
  • Fixed a Japanese tooltip.
  • Fixed lair guards not being properly saved and loaded, causing no more guards to spawn.

Fixed the Brick Door layout, so it can’t be built on top of each other, thereby making dwarves not able to run through them. If you have already built doors like this, please tear down that wall, I mean door.

  • Shroomfolk now has a loot drop table of their own.
  • The amount of gold looted from various items found around the cave used the completely wrong value. It is now fixed and tweaked to be more balanced.


  • (We’re not done yet!).
  • Axes for the Mill mission will now repeat as intended.
  • Conquered Overworld locations now fully transfer over to being owned by their new faction, providing the right bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug where dwarves would think they were on the wrong place in the navgraph on the Overworld after loading. This could sometimes mean they were stuck.
  • Fixed autosell relationship requirement to be properly saved and loaded.
  • Fixed the Dwarven Subversion quest so that the faction now leaves any alliance it is already in, and fully joins the new alliance.
  • Fixed the Dwarven Subversion quest’s reward text. It now exists.
  • Locations no longer produce things when they are over capacity.
  • Removed a road that wasn’t supposed to be there from the texture on one of the Overworld hexes.
  • The Opinion text on the Mountainhome UI now shows the factions’ opinions of it, rather than the Mountainhome’s factions of them.
  • When an Overworld location is selling something at a discount, it is now called Supply rather than Demand in the tooltip.

Stability improvements:

  • Added assert in case another overflow bugs slips through.
    Dwarves now have a max level of 300. This is more than any dwarf should ever reach, but if they do, there’s now a limit we can use to base other limits on. Trust me, it makes sense.
  • Ensured in various places that the coin carried does not surpass the coin carry capacity, or handle it if it somehow does.
    Ensured that XP can’t overflow and that negative XP can’t be awarded.
  • Fixed Overworld related hauling crash.
  • Fixed a case where Overworld locations wouldn’t clear out their inventory properly.
  • Fixed a few cleanup issues with the Vigilance multi-dwarf-move order that could cause crashes and other bad behavior.
  • Fixed crash that could occur during idle/falling if the creature had no valid action.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when an Overworld location culled some of its items.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when an item marked for autosell suddenly didn’t find a valid location to sell to.
  • Fixed crash when an Overworld faction tried to check its relationship status to a non-Overworld faction. It’s complicated.
  • Fixed crash when trying to clean up Overworld location items.
  • Fixed memory overwrite for animations with too many events. (Dang artists, aren’t two events enough!?)
  • If you give a Tear Down order, and then that thing gets destroyed for another reason, the Tear Down order would not be cancelled.
  • This could cause any entity in the game to be destroyed at some random point in the future. This was very bad.
  • Improved assert message for a specific crash.
  • Improved detection of corrupt save games.

Download free Hammerting update is now available for download on PC.

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