Guilty Gear Strive update 1.11 (1.011.000) released on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Guilty Gear Strive 1.11 patch notes, the latest update adds new playable characters and various bug fixes. Apart from this, Guilty Gear Strive version 1.11 (1.011) also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, a big game update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing issues with the game.

Today’s Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.11 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Guilty Gear Strive 1.11 Patch Notes (1.011) – November 30, 2021

Game Modes

– “Happy Chaos” has been added as a playable character.
* GGST Season Pass 1 owners will be available after applying the update patch on November 30.
* Ps4/PS5 version will be sold separately on December 3.
* Steam version of the single item will be available on November 30th.
– Added “Drift”, a BGM dedicated to Happy Chaos.
* In order to select BGM, “Happy Chaos” must be in a state where it can be selected.

Online Mode

Added “Room Customization Function” to Player Match.
Network > PLAYER MATCH > Room
Customization can be customized.

Added fishing for items related to room


Fixed an issue that could cause characters to behave unnaturally when throwing offsets were established.

Fixed an issue where Hitting “Psychic Burst” or “Romantic Cancellation” with characters’ positions completely overlapping would blow away in different directions depending on the character’s orientation.

Fixed an issue that could cause unnatural behavior when performing Romantic Cancellation immediately after entering the dash button. [May]・Hs version dolphin side fixed a bug that the correction value of the wall break was an unintended number in the update of Ver.1.10.

Fixed an issue where Zansei Wolf Fang could land in the middle of operation.

Fixed a bug that Gaiganter Kai may continue to remain unnaturally even after the attack judgment disappears.

[Zato=ONE] – Fixed an issue where the opponent’s character could move to an unnatural position when triggering Romantic Cancellation immediately after the Damdo Fang grab was completed.

[Ramlezal = Valentine]

Fixed an issue where large swords could behave unnaturally under certain circumstances such as throwing offset formations.
[Jack O]

Fixed an issue where Jack-O would not be able to attack servants at certain times after landing.

Fixed an issue where servants could sometimes disappear due to Jack-O’s attack.

Fixed an unintended trajectory when Jack Oh attacked a servant with a near-range S or a long-range standing S in the Ver.1.10 update.

minor bugs have been fixed.

[network play issues] in the online lobby and player matches, we have confirmed symptoms such as network disconnection, communication errors, and difficulty matching depending on the communication situation.

Download free Guilty Gear -Strive- patch 1.11 on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Xbox One.

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