A new Grounded update 1.1 is rolling out on PC and Xbox One. According to the official Grounded patch notes, the latest update added new Holiday event and Ziplines. Apart from this, today’s Grounded patch 1.1 also includes new Inventory, HotPouch Space, Building Additions

Previously, a major update 1.0.0 added 3 new base defense modes and tons of quality-of-life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Grounded update 1.1.0 will address a few of these errors.

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What is fixed in Grounded Patch 1.1.0 Notes – December 8, 2022


During the month of December, a few new unlocks will be purchasable at the Science Shop that will grant the “Holiday Tree” and “Holiday Wreath” building recipes as well as a new December Sign Set. The “Holiday Tree” may also present random gifts to the player only during the month of December (4-8 presents per night across all trees).

Note: While these unlocks can only be purchased at the Science Shop through the month of December, they will stay unlocked forever for your world if you have purchased them. Creative games will have these recipes unlocked permanently if loaded during the month of December.

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  • The teens have discovered a hidden pocket in their Holding backpacks, providing an additional row of inventory space and allowing you to carry more items while adventuring.


  • Ascend Ziplines and traverse them more quickly with this ingenious device from Wendell. The ZIP.R utilizes Aphid power and a gear train to overcome the force of gravity.
  • The ZIP.R can be found in a new room in the Oak lab that requires the Assistant Manager keycard. Once collected, this new ability is permanently unlocked for all players.


Nearby Storage Range Increased

    • The “Nearby Storage” range has been doubled from 10 centimeters to 20 centimeters.

Build From Nearby Chests

    • Base buildings can be built using ingredients from nearby chests.

Build From Nearby Pallets

    • Base buildings can be built using ingredients directly from nearby grass and stem pallets within a 40 centimeter range.


  • The HotPouch now supports 3 sets of favorites that you can swap through while running around the yard. Have more items and gear ready to quickly use or swap out.


  • Trail Markers can have text added to them. The text will be shown anywhere you can see the marker.


  • Players can change the background depth-of-field blur between High, Medium, and Low settings (High is the default).


  • Players can “Mark Foe” on any wall mounted bug trophy to give them a 15-minute damage buff against that creature type.


  • All lights that you build can now be customized to any color of the rainbow using new Color and Saturation sliders.



New Base Buildings

    • Mushroom Stairs
    • Mushroom Half Stairs
    • Grass Half Stairs
    • Grass Side Table (acts as storage as well!)

New Vanity Buildings

    • 3 Vases
    • Koi Scale Chair
    • 3 Folding Partitions

Additional Stuffed Bug Trophies

    • Antlion
    • Ladybird
    • Black Ox Beetle
    • Scarab
    • Termite Worker
    • Termite Soldier
    • Termite King
    • Moth
    • Tick
    • Black Widow
    • Black Widowling
    • Black Ant Worker
    • Black Ant Soldier
    • Fire Ant Worker
    • Fire Ant Soldier
    • Water Flea
    • Spiny Water Flea
    • Spiderling
    • Gnat
    • Infected Ladybug
    • Infected Larva
    • Ladybird Larva
    • Diving Bell Spider
    • Water Boatman
    • Tadpole
    • Roly Poly
    • Stink Bug
    • Green Shield Bug
    • Broodmother
    • Mantis

Additional Wall-Mounted Bug Trophies

    • Antlion
    • Gnat
    • Weevil
    • Ladybird
    • Black Ox Beetle
    • Scarab
    • Termite Worker
    • Termite Soldier
    • Termite King
    • Moth
    • Tick
    • Black Widow
    • Black Widowling
    • Black Ant Worker
    • Black Ant Soldier
    • Fire Ant Worker
    • Fire Ant Soldier
    • Water Flea
    • Spiny Water Flea
    • Spiderling
    • Tiger Mosquito
    • Infected Ladybug
    • Infected Larva
    • Ladybird Larva
    • Diving Bell Spider
    • Water Boatman
    • Tadpole
    • Roly Poly
    • Stink Bug
    • Green Shield Bug
    • Mantis

New Trap

    • Splinter Trap
      • Upgraded spike trap that deals double the damage. Made from Ash Cement, Splinters, and Lint Rope.


  • Added the “Power Up” pose to Armor Dummies and Photo Mode


  • Each individual Storage building can be configured as included or excluded from Nearby Hot Deposit.
  • Looking at a creature in PEEP.R mode that has already been PEEP’d will show you their card for quick access.
  • Broken items will no longer unequip or drop in the world when destroyed. Equipped items that are broken will not appear on your character and you will not gain any of their effects.
  • Buildings now give back 100% of their resources when destroyed or recycled by the player.
  • Thrown items markers have been adjusted to show at further distances and to always stay on screen to make thrown items easier to find.
  • Added a “Respawn at Nearest Field Station” button on the Death screen.
  • When a creature that drops raw meat is killed with a spicy weapon, they will drop cooked meat instead of raw meat.
  • When a creature that drops raw meat is killed with a salty weapon, they will drop jerky instead of raw meat.
  • When sleeping, if your wakeup time was in the middle of the night, you now will wake up in the morning.
  • You can now copy options from the customization window (such as lights) and paste them onto other, similar objects.
  • Copying a building using the Pick control will copy its customizations to the newly placed buildings.
  • Bows and Crossbows can no longer be thrown. The default throw button now brings up the ammo radial when using a bow or crossbow.


  • Dying now only drops natural resources in the death backpack, in all difficulty modes.
    • You no longer drop any crafted items when you die.
    • Durability damage on death increased from 5% to 10% in Medium difficulty (still 0% in Mild and 10% in Woah)
  • When a player dies in the pond depths, their backpack will be teleported to the top of the pond.
  • Dying in the pond from drowning will trigger a survival quest about crafting pond diving gear (if you have not already crafted it).
  • Pets are now invincible by default in Mild difficulty.
  • Adjusted the outside nighttime lighting to make it easier to see at night.



  • Audio for combat has been improved (including new block sounds).


  • Charged Attacks
    • Damage of all charged attacks increased.
    • New animations for all charged attacks will better communicate when an attack is charging


  • Blocking
    • You can now block with bows and crossbows.
    • Damage reduction provided by non-perfect blocks increased from 50% to 75%.
    • Blocking an attack will now consume stamina when blocking with anything instead of only when blocking with a shield.
    • Stamina regen rate is now increased by 25% while blocking instead of being decreased by 25%.



Weapon Mutations have been reworked from random procs to guaranteed bonuses. Additionally, each one grants a “mastery bonus” for hitting level 3 with that mutation.

    • Dagger
      • OLD
        • 5/10/15% chance to apply bleed on hit.
        • Bleed for 100 damage over 10 seconds at all levels
      • NEW
        • 100% chance to apply bleed on every hit (non-stacking, but it reapplies and resets the duration)
        • Bleed for 30/50/75 damage over 5 seconds
        • Mastery Bonus: dagger hits reduce target’s bleed resist by 25%
    • Axe
      • OLD
        • 5/8/10% chance to stagger an enemy on hit
      • NEW
        • 100% chance to reduce an enemy’s physical damage resistances (chopping, bashing, slashing, and stabbing) on hit
        • Damage Resist reduction scales up based on level of mutation to 10/15/20%
        • Mastery Bonus: Attacking with an axe applies a buff to the player that removes their non-exhausted stamina regen delay
    • Hammer
      • OLD
        • 15/25/30% chance to slow enemy attack speed by 20%
      • NEW
        • 100% chance to slow enemy attack speed by 10/20/30%
        • Mastery Bonus: Hammers apply 50% more stun damage on all of their attacks
    • Spear
      • OLD
        • 15/25/30% chance to lower enemy enemy damage resist by 20%
        • Thrown damage with spears increased by 10/20/30%
      • NEW
        • Thrown damage with spears increased by 10/20/30%
        • Attacking with a spear gives you a temporary buff that reflects 50/75/100% damage back to the enemy
        • Mastery Bonus: Charge attacks with spears deal 30% more damage
    • Sword
      • OLD
        • 5/10/15% chance to lower stamina consumption for weapon swings by 20%
      • NEW
        • Hitting a creature with a sword lowers their attack damage by 10/20/30%
        • Mastery Bonus: Hitting an enemy with a sword gives you a temporary buff that lowers your exhaustion timer by 90%
    • Club
      • OLD
        • 15/20/25% chance to enter Rage in combat
        • Rage increases damage by 20% at all levels
        • Rage prevents perfect block
      • NEW
        • 100% chance to enter Rage when hitting a creature with a club
        • Rage increases club damage by 15/20/25%
        • Rage prevents perfect block
        • Mastery Bonus: Regenerate 1 HP per second while in rage (scales with healing received buffs)
    • Staff
      • OLD
        • 5/15/25% chance to proc an extra elemental effect based on the staff type
        • Spicy adds a burn effect for 50 damage over 5 seconds
        • Fresh adds a 30% movement slow for 5 seconds
        • Sour adds 10 additional stun damage
      • NEW
        • Adds the appropriate elemental effect to staff attacks 100% of the time
        • Spicy adds a burn effect for 25/50/75
        • Fresh adds a movement slow of 10/20/30
        • Sour adds 2/4/6 stun damage
        • Mastery Bonus: Attacks with staves apply a buff that reduces stamina cost of further staff attacks by 50%
    • Bow
      • OLD
        • 5/10/15% chance to root an enemy for 2 seconds
      • NEW
        • Reduces stamina cost of sprinting after landing a bow attack by 50/75/100% for 5 seconds
        • Mastery Bonus: Elemental arrows apply their special effects
          • Spicy burns for 50 damage over 5 seconds
          • Fresh adds 30% movement slow for 5 seconds
          • Sour adds 10 additional stun damage
    • Unarmed
      • OLD
        • 25/50/75% chance to increase unarmed damage dealt by 2% until combat ends. Stacks infinitely.
      • NEW
        • 100% chance to increase unarmed damage dealt by 1/1.5/2% until combat ends. Stacks infinitely.
        • Mastery Bonus: Every unarmed attack has a 75% chance to launch a follow up attack for half damage.
  • The summon from the Mantsterious Stranger mutation no longer does friendly fire damage.


  • Each player can hide their own nameplate and map marker from the other players, using the visibility toggle on the legend entry in the Map screen.
  • Game Mode selection in the game lobby is now in a standalone window with more information about the different modes, instead of just a dropdown.
  • The Game Lobby UI has been updated.
  • You can access the multiplayer text chat window while you have any other UI window open.
  • HUD markers that display cm distance will only show it when directly looked at, to help reduce UI clutter.
  • HUD markers will fade out when obscured by closer markers, to help reduce UI clutter.
  • If many items of the same type are dropped in the same place, only one HUD marker will be shown for the whole pile.
  • The Science Shop now shows you what tech chip each unlock came from (except recommended items, which all go to the “Recommended” group).
  • Sign Sets in the Science Shop show you the sign images you will unlock before purchasing them.
  • The profanity filter has been tweaked to fix certain false positives.
  • Creature trophy buildings for the same class of creature are now grouped as material variants in the building radial.
  • Pet inventories can no longer be accessed or used as Nearby Storage unless the pet is nearby.


  • Labs now contain “Water Coolers” where you can quench your thirst and discuss the most recent televised sports event with your coworkers.
  • The secret locked door at the end of Black Ant Hill lab now better indicates how to open it.
  • Removed shelves from Pond Lab biometric scanner room to clear up the line of sight to the scanner. Loot on these shelves has been moved to chests in the vicinity.
  • Consumable items dropped in the world will despawn after two days.
  • Added Data page entries for the Super MIX.Rs and a few other items found in the Upper Yard.
  • A new tutorial quest will now trigger if you continue to drown before crafting any diving gear. The tutorial will guide players through making initial diving gear required to explore the pond.


  • Reduced memory usage to fix memory-related crashes.
  • Reduced CPU usage across the game.
  • Reduced net bandwidth from having lots of dropped backpacks across the yard.
  • Adjusted net config settings to prevent some occasional client disconnects when lots of buildings / backpacks are in a yard.


  • Spike Strips no longer deal friendly fire damage.
  • Spike Strips now deal 50 damage per hit instead of 40 damage.
  • Fresh Storage recipe is found in the introductory lab before entering the Undershed area instead of in the final lab space after the Undershed area.


  • Moth armor “Ranged Cut” effect chance to proc increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Mantis armor “Cutman” effect damage increased from 15 per second to 20 per second.
  • Activating the Dandelion Tuft right before hitting the ground will no longer prevent fall damage. Fall speed must be sufficiently slowed before hitting the ground for no damage to be taken.
  • Added a new Tutorial Quest that will walk players through the process of upgrading weapons and armor when they find their first upgrade stone.


  • The Read To Me narration of the Game Lobby, OS, Resting, and Customization menus has been improved.
  • The Read To Me narrator will renarrate the Building Radial when the player changes the building material.


Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a creature performed a charge attack through clovers or grass.
  • Fixed a random crash that could happen while generating navigation data for creatures.

Major Fixes

  • Ants no longer gather excessive amounts of food in ant hills. They will stop when they feel they have a sufficient amount to feed themselves.
  • Creatures should no longer get halfway stuck in the ground.
  • BURG.L should no longer randomly go missing.
  • If the audio log in the Haze Lab was missing on older saves and was never collected, it will show up now.
  • Creatures will properly lose aggro after incapacitating a player instead of immediately retargeting them on revive regardless of where they are.

Other Fixes

  • Creatures in the Sandbox no longer get stuck on cocktail umbrellas.
  • Fixed some spots in the Mantis arena that the player was not supposed to be able to get to.
  • Players can no longer trigger emote animations while attacking.
  • Fixed a handful of world terrain visual issues.
  • Music changes from entering a new biome will transition more cleanly.
  • Various small audio fixes for sounds that weren’t playing or were playing incorrectly.
  • Ladybugs will properly aggro players when hit by thrown two-handed weapons.
  • Fixed memory leak in the Mantis boss fight.
  • The Resource Scanner will no longer hitch when opened with a lot of items unlocked.
  • Usernames with leading numbers will no longer become scrambled in certain contexts when playing in Arabic.
  • Read To Me will no longer read conversation lines that are already voiced.
  • The player can no longer connect ziplines to inappropriately angled target anchors.
  • Fixed the Pond Biodome POI sometimes not unlocking.
  • Sap Catchers can no longer be built on Fresh Storage.
  • The game will no longer slow down when the player rapidly scrolls through building radial pages.
  • Wall-mounted buildings can no longer be placed on turrets.
  • Wall-mounted buildings can no longer be placed on stuffed flying creatures.
  • Pets will no longer trigger inappropriate banter dialogue when player characters see them.
  • Zipped haulable items will no longer float away when they contact a character.
  • The player will no longer enter first-person perspective while zipping in some rare cases.
  • The player will be correctly restored to their desired perspective after freeing themselves from multiple spider webs.
  • Black Widow will no longer jump abnormally high.
  • Thistle needles will no longer respawn immediately after loading a saved game.
  • If a player disconnects while on a ladder, the ladder can now be recycled.
  • Ingredients dropped from destroyed stuffed bees and gnats can now be picked up.
  • A slight rebalance to the encounters in the Pond Lab has been made. Encounters with Taz.Ts and Arc.Rs will properly increase in difficulty as you progress deeper into the lab.

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