Gloomhaven update (December 20, 2021) is now available to download on PC. According to Gloomhaven patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Gloomhaven patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Gloomhaven Patch Notes – December 20, 2021


We are adding new optional rules coming from Gloomhaven, Jaws of the Lion and Frosthaven alongside the update of several existing features. These changes and additions should let you customize your experience to a far greater extent!


Added – House Rules to the options screen and Campaign start:

  • Permanent Enhancements option
  • Summons Movement option
  • Rolling Modifiers variant option
  • Reduced Randomness option
  • Line of Sight variant option
  • Split Gold option now available in Campaign and Guildmaster

Updated – Ping system (now on Ctrl + key) to be usable during your own turn

Updated – Scenario preview UI on the map to display chests you did not loot previously

Updated – Enabled restart round in Multiplayer for the host

Updated – New Personal Quests UI

Updated – More information on the gold distribution UI

Updated – New Main Menu screen

Updated – New UI to help show when additional targets are available


Fixed – Missing Worldmap location names

Fixed – Issue with the Frost Demon movement on cards 624 and 625

Fixed – Issue with the Fast Healer Battle Goal

Fixed – Issue where players are unable to relocate mercenaries to different starting hexes after discarding cards due to a road event

Fixed – Issue with scenario 41 where you were unable to escape through the exit if you had been stunned on the exit tile

Fixed – Softlock with [spoiler]Psychic Projection + Heavy Basinet[/spoiler]

Fixed – Undo button being available during movement when using Trample bottom with no enemy targets

Fixed – Issue with using Chimeric Formula top in multiplayer

Fixed – Issue when selling an item in a road event in multiplayer

Fixed – Issue with [spoiler]Lead to Slaughter[/spoiler] top softlocking if the attack kills the target

Fixed – Issue with the boss Harvester where the end of round active bonus is applied more than once

Fixed – Issue with Scenario 54 where you are able to kill a Harrower Infester with a “kill” card if you are not the wielder of the Staff Of Xorn

Fixed – Issue with Dark Rider summoning two imps on the same hex

Fixed – Issue with [spoiler]Formless Power[/spoiler] consuming different items for players in Multiplayer

Fixed – Issue with skipping Cold Fire top in Multiplayer

Numerous minor fixes and optimisations.


You can now 100% Gloomhaven in a new way: Steam achievements, assemble!

Also, it earns you big-time bragging rights.

On top of completing the Guildmaster and board game campaigns, which is quite the accomplishment in and of itself, you can now also attempt to get the Steam achievements!

You get to look awesome in another brand new shiny way, as you can showcase it on your Steam profile.

Download free Gloomhaven patch on PC(steam).

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