Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.05 Patch Notes (Version 1.005.000)


Ghostwire Tokyo update 1.005 is now available to download on PS5 and PC(Steam). According to the official Ghostwire Tokyo version 1.05 patch notes, the latest update focuses on Tanabata (七夕), or “Star Festival,” a traditional Japanese festival. Additionally, the Ghostwire Tokyo patch 1.005.000 includes some additional game adjustments and bug fixes.

Previously, a day one patch was released with various bug fixes and gameplay changes. However, since the release, some players are experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Ghostwire Tokyo version 1.005.000 will address a few of these issues.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Patch 1.005 Notes – August 1, 2022

Obon Commemoration – New Emote and Costume

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game about spirits (vanished presences): rescuing them from evil, honoring them, and acknowledging and accepting their passing. Obon is a time to commemorate one’s ancestors, whose spirits are believed to temporarily return to this world during this time of year.

Obon traditions vary throughout Japan, but the most common are holding summer festivals in school yards or parks, with everyone dancing the Bon Odori together to welcome the spirits of their ancestors. In some areas, an event called “Toro-nagashi” is also held, in which lanterns are floated down a river or into the sea to mourn the souls of the departed. Areas inspired by the event are featured in the game, and the Tokyo Bon dance is available as an emote in Photo Mode.

On Wednesday, August 3 at 11 AM ET / 3 PM UTC (August 4, 12 AM JST), an all-new festive Obon costume and new Photo Mode emote will automatically unlock for all players:

  • Jinbei Costume – A casual Kimono-style jacket and short pants, this outfit is perfect whether you’re enjoying a summer festival, or sitting on the porch eating watermelon.
  • Japanese Sparklers Emote – It isn’t a festival without fireworks! With this new emote, Akito crouches down and enjoys the sparkle of a senko hanabi. (Hanabi literally means, “fire flower.”).

Bug Fixes

All Platforms
  • Adjusted Gliding Behavior
  • Adjusted effects
  • Adjusted emote volume
  • Changed acquisition flow for login bonuses
  • Fixed progression issue during “Hide and Seek 3” side mission
  • Fixed crash issue when changing settings

Download free Ghostwire Tokyo version 1.005.000 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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