Ghostwire Tokyo Save File Location and Config File


Ghostwire Tokyo is now available on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing various issues including a bug where Ghostwire Tokyo failed to save the game or save get corrupted. Today, we have posted a guide on how to find Ghostwire Tokyo game save file location and Config.ini file details.

Please avoid Ghostwire Tokyo Trainer and any other game cheat programs. You can also read Elden Ring save files location details.

How to find Ghostwire Tokyo save file location?

Follow the steps below to find the Ghostwire game save file.

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Locate Ghostwire: Tokyo
  3. Right-click over the game’s name
  4. Click on Browse Local Files
  5. This will take you to the game’s install folder

There is another way to access Ghostwire Tokyo save locations. Open the following location.



C:UsersYourUserNameSaved GamesTangoGameworksGhostWire Tokyo (STEAM)SavedSaveGames

Ghostwire Tokyo game save file is in *.sav format.

Note: Make a backup before making any changes to the Ghostwire game save file. You can also use Ghostwire Tokyo Steam Cloud to save your progress. You will require Ghostwire Tokyo save editor to make changes and modifications to the game save file.

How to find Ghostwire Tokyo Config file?

C:UsersYourUserNameSaved GamesTangoGameworksGhostWire Tokyo (STEAM)SavedSaveGamesConfigWindowsNoEditor

You will find Ghostwire Tokyo config.ini at the above location.

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