Gems of War update 6.0 is now rolling out for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Gems of War 1.55 patch notes, the latest update brings quality of life improvement to the game. In addition, Gems of War version 6.0 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Recently, the game received a big update with various changes. Unfortunately, since the release, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Gems of War patch 6.0 will address a few of these issues.

Gems of War 6.0 Patch Notes – November 3, 2021

The Kingdom Pass is a new event that runs when we release a new Kingdom.

  • A Kingdom Pass will run for 5 weeks starting when a new Kingdom releases. Over the 5 weeks, the new Kingdom will have several events that will unlock new content for it such as a New Hero Class, a Faction and a Bounty Troop.
  • While the Kingdom Pass is running, players will encounter a Legendary troop from the new Kingdom as a battlecrasher in PvP and Explore. Defeating it will give a Kingdom Crown.
  • Kingdom Crowns are used to progress through levels of the Kingdom Pass. Each level needs 5 Kingdom Crowns.
  • Each level of the Kingdom Pass gives a free reward. Players can also choose to purchase the “Royal Kingdom Pass” which will give an extra reward each level.
  • Players will only be able to earn a maximum of 10 Kingdom Crowns per day, with the chance to encounter the Kingdom Battlecrasher decreasing after players have encountered it 5 times. This will reset daily.
  • Players can access the Kingdom Pass Menu from the World Map, and it will have a notification icon when there is a reward available to collect.
  • There are 50 primary Levels for the Kingdom Pass.
  • Some details for the rewards in the Kingdom Pass are below:
    • Kingdom Troops: Several Troops from the new Kingdom will be available from the Kingdom Pass. Some are available from the Free Pass, and some are only available from the Royal Pass. Here are how the troops in the kingdom will release:
      • 1 Common Troop – Will go directly into gold chests (& will be in Event chests during the weekly event in that kingdom)
      • 1 Rare Trop – Will go directly into gold & glory chests (& will be in Event chests during the weekly event in that kingdom)
      • 1 Epic Quest Giver- Will go directly into glory, gem & VIP chests (& will be in Event chests during the weekly event in that kingdom)
      • 1 Legendary Troop – Will go directly into glory, gem & VIP chests (& will be in Event chests during the weekly event in that kingdom). This will also be available in a shop pack.
      • 1 Ultra-Rare Troop – WIll be available in Free AND Royal Pass reward tracks. This will go into glory & gem chests after 2-3 months.
      • 1 Epic Troop – WIll be available in Free AND Royal Pass reward tracks. This will go into glory, gem & VIP chests after 2-3 months.
      • 1 Tarot Legendary Troop – Will be available in the Royal Pass only, and will go into the Vault after 2-3 months.
      • 1 Legendary Troop (the Battlecrasher) – Will be available in the Royal Pass only, and will go into glory, gem & VIP chests after 2-3 months (this will also be available in shop bundle).
      • As weekly event troops or mythics appear for the kingdom after release, they will follow the regular release patterns for those kind of troops.
    • Kingdom Weapons: These weapons will only be available from the Kingdom Pass and Royal Pass when the Kingdom releases. They will become available via other means after the Kingdom Pass ends when the new Kingdom is featured in a weekly event.
    • Kingdom Pet: Royal Pass players will be able to earn enough copies of one of the new Kingdom’s Pet to ascend it to Mythic. This Pet will also be available as a scheduled Pet Rescue or via random Pet Gnome Rescue when the Kingdom releases.
    • Resources: Some levels will reward resources that players can use to help level the new Kingdom or improve the Troops.
  • Once players reach level 50 in the Kingdom Pass, if they have purchased the Royal Pass, they will also gain access to 5 extra levels that may be repeated by earning extra crowns from the battlecrasher.
  • Players may spend 100 Gems to skip a level and earn Kingdom Pass rewards faster, or to assist reaching the end if they have fallen short. This option is only available up to level 50.
    • It cannot be used after 50 for players who have access to the extra Royal Pass levels.
  • Royal Pass players also have the option to purchase a Royal Pass Boost which will earn them 10 Levels in the Kingdom Pass. This is a repeatable purchase available to Royal Pass holders at any level, even for the bonus Royal Pass levels past 50.

Journey Events

We have added a new type of event to the game – Journey.

  • In Journey Events, players use a team made of a Troop Type and Mana Color, to defeat battles and earn Miles.
  • Players will be presented with a choice of paths to take and battles to fight. Harder battles will be worth more Miles, but will cause future encounters to increase in level faster.
  • Each path shows you the maximum miles you may earn as well as the level and type of enemies. You may lose some miles under certain conditions:
    • Lose 2 miles for each empty allied troop slot at the end of battle
    • Lose 1 mile for each turn past 10 that it takes to win the battle (up to a maximum of 10 miles lost)
    • If you lose a battle, you will be awarded 1 mile for each enemy killed, up to a maximum of 5 miles.
  • Some Battles will give bonus rewards of either: resources (Gold, Souls or Glory), or Skill Points (Life, Armor, Attack, or Magic) that will apply to future battles in the Journey Event.
  • Battles will be against a team comprised of a Troop Type – this is indicated by the icon on the map.
  • The first 10 battles will contain Troops up to base Epic Rarity. After that all battles will have Troops up to Legendary rarity.
  • After every 4 Battles, players will encounter a choice of 3 paths that will include a Boss Battle. The boss battle will be worth the most miles, but will be much harder than the other battles and will always contain a mythic Troop.
    • Boss Battles will be easy to tell from the other battles as they have a different frame from the other two battles and will be on the middle path.
    • Players are still able to choose easier battles instead of the Boss Battle to progress.
  • The Journey Event Shop will feature a new Guide Troop, as well as a new Weapon, and social collectibles (Portraits, Emoji Sets, and Titles).
  • The Guide Troop possesses the Pathfinder Trait. This trait will multiply the amount of miles from battles in which the troops fight (based on the guide troop’s level of ascension).
  • A Guide Troop’s bonus will only apply to the event where they are the featured Troop. And can only apply once per battle (you will not get 2 bonuses if you have 2 guide troops).
  • Journey Rewards will be earned from a Guild’s progress (like Raid Boss and Invasion).
  • Journey Leaderboards will be focused on a player’s individual progress (also like Raid Boss and Invasion).

New Kingdom

With the introduction of the Kingdom Pass, we will begin to introduce new Kingdoms and content for players to unlock. As mentioned above, these New Kingdoms will have several events which will serve to introduce new content to players over the Kingdom Pass. This includes:

  • New Troops: While several Troops will be available in Chests when the Kingdom releases, some will release either with events, weekly glory, or mythic release during the Kingdom Pass period. Others will only be in the kingdom pass. Eventually all these troops will move to chests (except the Tarot Card as noted above).
  • New Weapons
  • New Hero Classes
  • New Factions
  • New Pets (the number of Pets may vary based on the Kingdom)
  • New Banners

Our first new Kingdom, Nexus, will be released in a few weeks so please keep an eye out for it’s announcement.

New Achievements

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • I Would Walk 20,000 Miles: Earn 20,000 Miles in a Journey event.
  • It’s Elementary: Match 100 Elemental Stars.


  • We have reverted the recent changes to Potions of Power, so players can view their bonuses on the pre-battle screen again.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

Download free Gems of War update 6.0 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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