Gems of War update 1.55 (v6.1) is now rolling out for players on Pc, PS4, and Xbox One. According to the official Gems of War 1.55 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. In addition, Gems of War version 1.55 (v6.1) also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, a major update was released with new changes and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Gems of War patch 6.0 will address a few of these issues.

Gems of War 1.55 (v6.1) Patch Notes – December 15, 2021

Soulforge Leveling 11-20

  • The Soulforge can now be leveled up to Level 20
  • Players will need to spend Cursed Runes or Gems to level up from 11-20
    • The cost must be paid completely with one resource or the other – you cannot buy a portion of a level with one resource, and the remainder of the level with the other resource.
  • Cursed Runes are a new resource that are used to both level up the Soulforge from level 11- 20, as well as to craft many of the new recipes unlocked at those levels.
  • Players can earn Cursed Runes by defeating the Cursed Gnome (see below).
  • Soulforge levels 11-20 will unlock many new recipes. Some of these include:
    • Crafting Forge Scrolls
    • Upgrading Medals to the next rarity
    • Crafting Orbs
    • Crafting Guild Gifts
    • Crafting new content
    • Crafting a Vault Key
  • Recipes from level 11-20 will require Cursed Runes as part of the recipe.
  • We have also added older resources, such as Treasure Maps, as ingredients to some of the new recipes to give players alternative means to use those resources.
  • We have added a new special Mythic Troop to the Soulforge, Dark Smith Drenza, who will unlock at level 20.


We have made some improvements to the Soulforge for all levels:

  • We have added a new tutorial to introduce players to the Soulforge. This will trigger for all players who have the Soulforge unlocked when they play the 6.1 update for the first time.

A “!” icon will now appear on the world map to let players know when they are able to level up the Soulforge. A banner will also appear on the Soulforge button in the Games menu to let players know that an upgrade is available.

  • When a player levels up their Soulforge a new Level Up Reward List will pop up that will display all the new recipes that they can craft.
  • Players will now get a special one-shot recipe for each level of the Soulforge
  • One-Shot recipes, as the name suggests, can be crafted only once and only produce a single copy.
  • The One-shot recipes contain good one-time rewards for players to craft using Souls.
  • Once crafted, one-shot recipes will disappear from the recipe list.

Cursed Gnome

  • The Cursed Gnome is a new Gnome from The Vault.
  • The Cursed Gnome is a rare Gnome encounter.
  • The Cursed Gnome will drop Cursed Runes when defeated.
  • We have added Cursed Gnome Bait that players will be able to purchase from flash offers, to get a Baited Cursed Gnome in either PvP or Explore battles.
  • If a player goes into a PvP battle with both Cursed Gnome Bait and Gnome Bait (for the Baited Pet Gnome), it will use up the Gnome Bait for Pet Gnomes first before using Cursed Gnome Bait.

To celebrate the release of the 6.1 Update, we will be temporarily increasing the chance to encounter the Cursed Gnome in Explores (outside of Gnome-a-Palooza) for the next 7 Days starting this Thursday.

New Heroic Gem Cursed Gem

We have added a new Heroic Gem that players will encounter when facing off against the Cursed Gnome, along with some of the new content that can be crafted from the new Soulforge levels.

  • Cursed Gems can be matched with Brown Gems for Brown Mana, and when matched, they will curse a random enemy.

New Shrine: Shrine of Treachery

  • We have added a new Shrine, the Shrine of Treachery, to go along with the Shrine of Cunning.
  • The Shrine of Treachery will earn 1 Soul for each Soul earned in battle.
    • These are bonus Souls and are not taken from any Souls earned in battle.
    • Souls must come from Battles, so Souls earned from other areas such as Tributes will not affect the Shrine.
  • Like the Shrine of Cunning, once the shrine reaches 50% of the maximum amount it will trigger a timed offer allowing players to purchase the Souls. Players can continue playing the game to fully fill the Shrine before purchasing.
  • Also like the Shrine of Cunning, once the Shrine is full, the Shrine Offer will only run for 48hrs after which the Shrine will reset and players will have to begin again.
    • Purchasing the offer will also reset the Shrine back to the beginning again.
  • The level ranges and rewards for the Shrine are:
    • Level 1-50: $1.99 USD, 400 Souls (max) + 1 Orb of Chaos
    • Level 51-100: $4.99 USD, 2,000 Souls (max) + 2 Orbs of Chaos
    • Level 101: $9.99 USD, 8,000 Souls (max) + 2 Major Orbs of Chaos
  • If a player levels up into a new level range while filling up a Shrine, they will continue with the Shrine’s existing max amount. Once the Shrine resets, it will then use the new level range.

New Achievements

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • It’s all about Soul: Reach level 20 in the Soulforge.
  • Curse Be Gone: Defeat 10 Cursed Gnomes.


  • We have added a confirmation screen if a player taps the “Buy Level” button in the Kingdom Pass.
    • We will be re-enabling the button in the current Kingdom Pass.
  • War Coin IAP has been moved so it lives on the Warband tab with the Warbands and Warband Boosters.
  • We have added a prompt that will appear if a player tries to purchase a Warband or Warband Booster when they don’t have enough War Coins, asking if they would like to purchase some War Coins. This will bring up the War Coin IAP.
  • We have added a new Deathknight Armor bundle to the Shop – the old Deathknight Armor bundle will be retired. This new bundle is $19.99 USD and will give:
  • We have reverted the recent changes to Potions of Power, so players can view their bonuses on the pre-battle screen again.
    • Deathknight Armor
    • 10,000 Gold
    • 1,000 Souls
    • 25 War Coins

The new Deathknight Armor Bundle will not be available on Switch until January 2022.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where 5+ gem matches in a L or T shape would not give an extra turn if part of the match had 3 heroic gems in a row.

We have fixed an issue in Journey events where gaining an extra turn would count towards the number of turns taken and effect miles earned.

  • We have fixed an issue where the game would soft lock if the player tried to cast a board targeting spell when a gem creation trait caused a match at the start of turn.
  • We have fixed an issue where looking at the Wereverine’s spell would cause bracket help text to appear.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

Download free Gems of War update 1.55 (v6.1) on PS4 and Xbox One.

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