Epic Games has released a new Fortnite update 3.52 on PS4, PS5 (1.000.062), Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Fortnite 3.52 patch notes, the latest update added various changes for Battle Royale and Creative Mode. Apart from this, today’s Fortnite version 3.52 also includes fixes for Save The World.

Previously, a major Chapter 2 Season 2 update added Doctor Strange, new weapons, features, new LTM modes, map changes, and much more.

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues with the game. Today’s Fortnite patch 3.52 will address a few of these issues.

Fortnite Update 3.52 Patch Notes – April 19, 2022

Battle Royale


Wanna fight for Coney with extra confidence? The Ranger Shotgun has appeared on the Island, built for much longer range than most Shotguns. This burst Shotgun has one shot per reload. Because each shot deals serious damage, you won’t need to panic while reloading.

Find Ranger Shotguns on the ground, from certain vendors, and in Chests, Supply Drops, and sharks.


The Resistance plans to supply the Boogie Bomb or Rift-To-Go — but needs help deciding which one. Both are tailored for escaping tricky situations. An enemy come out of nowhere? Throw a Boogie Bomb to trap them in a dance. In a losing struggle? Use a Rift-To-Go to create an emergency Rift.

Before one of these escape mechanisms is unvaulted, you’ll have the opportunity to try out both in the wild. Find Boogie Bombs and Rift-To-Gos scattered throughout the Island from Friday, April 22, at 8 AM ET to Monday, April 25, 2022, at 8 AM ET. Not too long after this trial period ends, you can vote for your favorite choice by contributing Bars at Funding Stations. The first item that reaches 100% Funded will swiftly enter the loot pool!


Help The Origin complete a covert operation in Zero Build. You must finish both stages of each Quest before time runs out to receive the next Quest! Your first task begins April 22 at 9 AM ET.

The Origin’s agenda:

Quest 1: Begins April 22 at 9 AM ET and ends April 26 at 8:59 AM ET

Finished Quest 1 before April 26 at 8:59 AM ET? You’ll proceed to Quest 2!

Quest 2: Begins April 26 at 9 AM ET and ends April 28 at 8:59 AM ET

Finished Quest 2 before April 28 at 8:59 AM ET? You’ll proceed to Quest 3!

Quest 3: Begins April 28 at 9 AM ET and ends April 30 at 8:59 AM ET

Finished Quest 3 before April 30 at 8:59 AM ET? You’ll proceed to Quest 4!

Quest 4: Begins April 30 at 9 AM ET and ends May 2 at 8:59 AM ET

Finished Quest 4 before May 2 at 8:59 AM ET? The operation is complete! And your reward? The Secret Sledge Pickaxe.


  • Coney Crossroads is not under assault in competitive playlists, but Huntmaster Saber has still relocated.
  • The Ranger Shotgun is not included in competitive playlists but is subject to an evaluation period.
  • The Boogie Bomb/Rift-To-Go trial period will not take place in competitive playlists.


  • Fixed an issue involving constant controller vibration after exiting a Motorboat on land mid-boost.
  • Fixed an issue involving an inability to slide if “Toggle Sprint” was set to “Off.”
  • Can’t slide after sprinting if the “Toggle sprint” option is off.
  • Match end UI occasionally missing from the screen.
  • Leaving a Boat while boosting on land may cause controllers to Vibrate.

Creative Mode Fixes


All creators will now have access to the Video Player device, previously known as the Llamatron, which they can use to broadcast a set of preloaded music videos created by the talented xDogged. Creators can use just one or string them together for a totally unique music-led island experience.


Creators can modulate the water level within a volume and allow for players to swim, use marine vehicle travel, as well as placement of fishing areas. This device could also be used to make oceans, beaches, swimming pools, sewers, lakes, and even floods.


The new VFX Creator device provides Creators with a set of tools to make tweakable FX. Creators can select a sprite and apply a variety of parameters to it to create divergent effects.


  • Titan Tanks
  • Mounted Artillery Cannon
  • Mounted Anti-Vehicle Turret



The new Career Tracker provides creators the ability to track more stats for players by adding these options to the Save Point Device. To enable the new Career Tracker, Creators will need to update to the Save Point Device and the scoreboard HUD.  A quick way of updating the scoreboard HUD is by cloning the scoreboard and changing it to Career. Once updated, players will be able to view career scores in the new Career Tab.


We’ve added the following new device skins for the Switch Device

  • Checkbox
  • Ancient Lever
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Added 5 New Prefabs
    • 2 Gas Station Prefabs
    • 3 Chonker’s Speedway Prefabs
  • Added 5 New Galleries
    • 1 Gas Station Gallery
    • 4 Chonker’s Speedway Galleries


Do you enjoy tacos? If so, you’re going to love our first Battle Royale POI Island, Greasy Grove! Experience Greasy Grove in this fully recreated POI Island that you can further customize and build upon.

Known issue: The thermometer memory won’t display when a creator first loads into the POI. The workaround is to leave the island and enter in again. This should resolve the thermometer issue.

  • Fixed an issue where some assets, from The Fortress Gallery and Command Cavern Prop Gallery A, were giving the incorrect type of resource materials.
  • Fixed an issue where some assets, from Command Cavern Wall & Roof Gallery, were overlapping.
  • Fixed an issue where galleries didn’t open for detailed view.
  • Fixed some issues related to misplaced destruction VFX on multiple items in the prop gallery.
  • Fixed some issues with placeholder icons showing in the Creative Inventory.


  • Fixed an issue where Pizza Party fails to restore player character’s health when max health is greater than 100 in Creative.


  • Fixed an issue with Accolades that caused XP earned to not be displayed on the HUD.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Prop Mover device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sentry Device not sending signals to other devices when eliminating players or creatures.
  • Fixed an issue with guards spawning at the incorrect time
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD Tracker did not appear in Welcome Hubs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wildlife Spawner was not tracking eliminations.
  • Fixed an issue where Billboards did not maintain settings in a replay


  • Fixed some terrain and asset gaps on The Shark Island.


  • Fixed an issue where the player becomes frozen in the Creative Hub after being kicked from an XL island with a network error.
  • Fixed an issue where player scores were not being recorded and sent to Event Service.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles can’t damage structures on published islands.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to interact with items/buttons on multiple creative maps.
  • Fixed an issue with the sprint button not being functional in creative.
  • Fixed an issue where players were jittering in Creative on certain surfaces


  • Fixed an issue where the Overshield UI was not appearing in Creative.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in tooltips.
  • Creative Accolades with splash size set to large aren’t showing up on the HUD. This is a visual issue and XP is currently being earned.

Download free Fortnite version 3.52 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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