First Class Trouble update 1.06 (1.3.0) released on PC, PS4, and PS5. According to the official First Class Trouble patch notes, the latest update added new levels (SKI Resort), new features, new pickup, and much more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s First Class Trouble patch 1.06 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

First Class Trouble Patch Notes – December 16, 2021

What respectable Cruise Ship does not have an indoor ski resort? Certainly not Alithea! A multitude of apartments, bars and activities litter this environment.

At the Ski Resort you can jump on a pair of skis and carve the mountain as much as you want thanks to the inbuilt ski lifts that ferry Residents up and down (not Personoids – those filthy robots should stay out in the cold and clean up).

In this wintery map we celebrate the leisurely life in the mountains – never forgetting to chill with some warm liquor at the after ski lounges.

Do you think that it is sometimes too hard to get away with murder? Now it is much easier to kill unexpected Residents. The Ski Resort is filled with Snow Blowers that make the whole environment filled with snow – maybe a bit too much if you want to be able to see where your friends are. They are only able to be activated by Personoids.

Snow is here, there and everywhere. Why not roll it up into a ball and throw it into your friend’s face? The snow on Alithea is a little different with a hit causing the victim to go tumbling a great distance.

A butterfly flapping its wings may cause a typhoon across the world. Likewise, touching an innocent snowball on the top of a mountain may lead to a Resident having a very bad day at the morgue.

The Personoids have been slacking off and dangerous icicles are building up on the ceilings in the ski resort. You better be careful as they randomly fall and it would not take more than a well placed snowball to make them drop on an unexpected resident.

The kitchen left out some delicious Tiramisu for everyone to enjoy. However, be careful someone may have soaked them a bit too much in alcohol. This cake would not be ideal to throw in a fire that someone is trying to extinguish.

Patch Notes v1.3.0


  • NEW LEVEL: Ski Resort
  • NEW FEATURE: Blizzard
  • NEW PICKUP: Snowballs
  • NEW LEVEL HAZARD: Huge Rolling Snowballs
  • NEW LEVEL HAZARD: Falling Icicles
  • NEW PICKUP: Rum Soaked Tiramisu


  • Removed the initial Voice Settings splash screen as it is not present on PS4/PS5 anyway. With the microphone disclaimer on the start screen then we think it is fine with just having the options in the settings menu.
  • Tweaked the FCT Post Process.
  • Adjusted the amount of information available for the players in the Server Room before C.A.I.N. Now it will be more random the amount of information you will receive.
  • Updated the settings menu to have a more sleek look and feel.
  • Tweaked how data is streamed in on the end screen.
  • Reduced the Biovision Cooldown to 3.5 seconds.
  • Reduced the amount of computers that needs to be fixed in the Personoid Quarters.
  • You are now able to carry both a Fire Extinguisher and the Water Pistol.
  • Reworked and added back the boost on the Vruumbas.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the way that we handle cloud data for users that have many friends. It should now behave more as it was intended, however this is a process so you might run into a snag or two.
  • Fixed additional cases that could potentially crash the game.
  • Fixed smoke and fire particles going through roofs.
  • Fixed additional localization issues – this will be an ongoing process.
  • Fixed players occasionally not receiving any experience after an end match.
  • Fixed the sound on the Oxygen Hand in action.
  • Fixed the sound on the Find Game in progress.
  • Fixed the Hazmat Suit disappearing from players.
  • Fixed the friends highlight of the players on the social menu.
  • Fixed the Push-To-Talk keybind not being saved.
  • Fixed various keybindings not being saved.
  • Fixed some issues with highlights and transparency.
  • Fixed the blocking on recently played with having no feedback.
  • Fixed when you grab someone who disconnects you will no longer continue to grab nothing.
  • Fixed it so you are able to interact with players straight after an Airlock Meeting.
  • Fixed light map on the Ship in the Starting Area.
  • Fixed Vruumba keybindings not changing in the UI.
  • Fixed the Shadow on the Bar in the main menu.
  • Fixed the objective wording in the Personoid Quarters to be less confusing.
  • Fixed the Vruumba Flag holder so it is hidden when first loading in your Vruumba.
  • Fixed the glass shader on the Vruumba being almost invisible.
  • Fixed the Welcome Aboard trophy not unlocking.
  • Fixed the Welcome to the Jungle trophy not unlocking.
  • Fixed the Free Sandwich when you get 10 trophy not unlocking.
  • Fixed the Welcome Aboard trophy not unlocking.

Download free First Class Trouble update 1.06 for PS4, PC, and Xbox.

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