Final Fantasy VI update 1.0.5 is now available for PC (Steam) players. According to the official FF6 update 1.0.5 patch notes, the latest update added adjustments related to battle, maps and events. Apart from this, FF 6 patch 1.0.5 also includes various battle fixes.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online.

Today’s Final Fantasy 6 update 1.0.5 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Final Fantasy VI Patch 1.0.5 Notes – Official

■ Battle related adjustments
Changed it so that an Esper can be re-used immediately if it is cancelled during Summoning, rather than counting that the Esper has already been used.

Changed it so an item is not consumed if the action of using it is cancelled just before use.

Changed it so that MP are not consumed when using enemy abilities with “Sketch”.

Changed it so that when a specific status effect is applied to a character from using “Rage”, the effect is not applied if that character is wearing equipment that prevents the effect in question.

Changed the default position of the cursor when selecting an item to throw with the “Throw” ability to the top of the entire items list.

Changed it so that only an applicable elemental vulnerability is applied to the target when using the “Debilitator” tool.

Changed it so the Golem can defend against enemy abilities that simultaneously make physical attacks and inflict status effects.

Changed it so that spell “Quick” and Terra’s “Trance” and “Revert” abilities cannot be used while affected by confusion,

Changed it so that a character can attack the opposing side when affected by both confusion and Entice simultaneously.

Changed it so that all allied characters are treated as being in the front rank when “surrounded” in battle.

■Adjustments relating to maps and events
Changed it so that it is possible to return to the previous map from the waste chute in the Magitek Factory
Changed it so that characters are correctly healed up to full health after specific events.

■ Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience these have causes.

<Battle related issues>
Battles would occasionally not progress under specific circumstances.
Some enemies would act unnaturally under specific circumstances.
Characters would sometimes act unnaturally when using auto-battle under specific circumstances.

Sometimes “Reraise” would not trigger under specific circumstances.

Sometimes other allies and enemies would cease to act when “Rage” was used by a character affected by “Quick”.

Sometimes unsuitable behaviour would arise when the “Cursed Shield” was equipped by a character affected by “Quick”.

Under specific circumstances, a character would sometimes stay airborne and not come down when using “Quetzalli”.

Damage modifiers from being in the front or rear rank of the party would be applied to the second and subsequent hits of the Bushido techniques “Flurry” and “Tempest”.

Was able to learn ”Reflect ???” and “White Wind” that do not function correctly when using “Control”. This has been fixed so that only techniques which function correctly are learned.

Was unable to escape from battle when successfully using “Control”.
After “Dance” was ended by the character entering the “Confuse” state, “Dance” would subsequently always miss.

Sometimes the ATB gauge would not be used up properly if the player tried to escape from battle during consecutive attacks.

Sometimes the message “Couldn’t steal!” was shown when trying to steal from the same enemy again after stealing an item from them. This has now been corrected to show “Nothing to stea!!”.

Some attacks are able to target all enemies on both the left and right when surrounded in battle. We will continue to work to address this issue.”

Sometimes players would receive more dropped items, gil and experience points when killing an enemy with the instant death effects from weapons.

The ability of the weapons “Falchion” and “Murasame” to stop enemy attacks was not triggering properly.

The ability of the weapon “Blood Sword” to absorb enemy HP would not trigger correctly if the “Blood Sword” was equipped at the same time as the “Master’s Scroll” accessory.

Sometimes the ATB gauge would reset or the additional effects on weapons would not trigger correctly when making consecutive attacks using the “Counterattack” effect from the “Black Belt” relic.

Sometimes the “Cover” effect would trigger even if a character who had equipped the accessory “Knight’s Code” has already left battle.

The effects of the “Tintinnabulum” would only trigger for one character, even if multiple characters had equipped one.

The physical attacks from “Rage” would miss if the character using it had a shield equipped in their right hand.

Sometimes enemies would also stop moving if all allied characters had been incapacitated.

Sometimes status effects that were already affecting a character would be removed when character is hit by an enemy attack which inflicts other specific status effects.

The additional magic type effects on weapons would not trigger when a character was in the “Silence” or “Imp” states.

The “Freeze” state was not removed when the frozen character was hit by certain fire element attacks.

When a character was simultaneously affected by both the “Freeze” and “Reflect” statuses, the “Freeze” state would be removed when the character is hit by fire element attacks, even if those attacks were reflected.

”Stop” would not take effect on a target that was already affected by “Sleep”.
Sometimes enemies in the “Confuse” or “Entice” states would act differently to how they normally should.

Sometimes enemies in the “Imp” state would act multiple times consecutively.
Blitz abilities that are treated like magic attacks would miss against enemies in the “Image” state.

Under specific circumstances character behaviour and graphical presentation would act unnaturally in battle.

It was possible to escape from some battles where escape should not be possible, such as the Cultists’ Tower and some event battles.

*It was possible to avoid being surrounded using the ability of the Alarm Earring in some battles where the player should always be surrounded.

<Levels and Events.>
Sometimes it was difficult to progress forward on the world map when riding a chocobo.

Sometimes some event scenes would not display properly under specific circumstances.

Sometimes the following event or battle would not proceed correctly after re-loading a Quick Save made at specific times.

Sometimes Gau’s level would increase after he recovered from using Leap.
The default order for the list of magic that that has been learned would differ for each character.

When using “Mini” or “Imp” on the menu screen, the player would very rarely fail to cast the spell.

Sometimes Gogo’s abilities menu would display incorrectly if certain inputs were made.

Sometimes it was possible to select Espers that had not been obtained yet if certain inputs were made.

  • Certain locations would appear on the world map screen when they weren’t supposed to.
    Some graphics were not displayed correctly.
    Some BGM and SFX were not played correctly.
    The spawn area information for some of the monster entries in the bestiary was incorrect.
    The figures shown in the bestiary for “monsters encountered” in the Cave on the Veldt were incorrect.
    *The achievements “Master Blue Mage” and “Adventurous Wayfarer” would be impossible to achieve under specific circumstances.

Fixes to other minor bugs.

Further updates are planned in future.

Download free FF 6 update 1.0.5 on PC.

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