Far Cry 6 update 1.05 (1.000.006) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox. According to the official Far Cry 6 1.05 patch notes, the latest update added support for the upcoming Far Cry 6 Insanity DLC. Apart from this, FC6 update 1.05 (Title Update 3) also contains various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a day one update was released with quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues with the game.

Today’s Far Cry 6 patch 1.05 will fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Far Cry 6 patch 1.05 notes (1.000.006) – November 15, 2021

Addressed a bug where the game can become unresponsive during the mission.

Addressed high latency and bad connection between the host and joining player in co-op can cause severe desynchronization between the clients.

  • Addressed a bug where NPC Models may become visually corrupted during a co-op session after several hours of play from the clients’ perspective.
  • Fixed an issue where during co-op play, launching a new Assault map might cause an infinite loading screen.
  •  Addressed a bug where loading a save game file that was created while holding the Auto Turret gadget in the deploy animation can cause the character to become stuck in a looped animation.
  • Fixed a bug where the mission progress for “All the blood” might not continue when looting “Colonel’s lockbox” before eliminating the Colonel.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances Ubisoft Connect challenges might not complete correctly, even if a player as met all requirements.
  • Addressed an issue where the game crashes when putting the console in standby mode during a co-op session when using an endgame save file.
  • When clicking on the Ubisoft Connect button in the main menu while having the Ubisoft Connect overlay disabled might cause the game to become unresponsive. This issue is now addressed.
  • Addressed a bug where players have reported that launching the game on Xbox One is causing a black screen without any progress.
  • Fixed a bug where players might receive a message that they are required to quit the game after resuming Far Cry 6 from standby on consoles.
  • Addressed an issue related to a black screen when launching the game.

More details are coming.

Download free Far Cry 6 version 1.05 on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.

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