Fallout 76 update 1.60 (Season 8) is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One is now available for players. According to Fallout 76 1.60 patch notes, the latest update added a new Scoreboard and an all-new suite of 100 rank-up rewards. Apart from this, Fallout76 version 1.60 also includes a long list of bug fixes and changes.

Currently, Fallout76 servers are down for maintenance. Check Fallout 76 server status here.

Previously, a big update added a new Halloween and Bombs Drop event that’s bringing Spooky Scorched and trick-or-treating to the Wasteland.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are reporting several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Fallout 76 version 1.60 will resolve a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Fallout 76 1.60 Patch Notes – March 1st, 2022

What is new in Fallout 76 Season 8?

Added a new Scoreboard and an all-new suite of 100 rank-up rewards that include some of Vault-Tec’s finest equipment. There are a variety of new Daily Challenges to conquer this Season, as well as a fresh round of dramatic radio plays that you can tune into during your adventures.

In addition, the fine folks at Vault-Tec understand that, for those who choose to rank up with Atoms, purchasing each rank-up one-by-one can be a chore. They’ve engineered a solution that will help you purchase as many rank-ups as you would like, all in one go. Head to the Scoreboard once Season 8 is available, select the rank you want to reach, and then press the “Rank Up to Here” button. After confirming your decision, you will instantly progress to that rank on the Scoreboard, and will unlock all of the rewards between it and where you began.


Whether you’re after amenities and décor for your C.A.M.P., new paints for your armor, weapons, or Power Armor, outfits, in-game currencies, or consumables, this Season’s got something for everyone. Make sure to pick up the Exercise Bike at Rank 5 and give it a spin to temporarily increase your Endurance. Don’t forget to build the Harmaceutical Chemistry Station to aid in crafting all of your latest experimental concoctions. You can also adorn your personal armory with Free States and Vault-Tec themed appearances for your weapons and armors, including the new Vault-Tec Hellcat Power Armor paint.

At Rank 25, you’ll also meet Sam Nguyen, a new Ally whose dual talents for engineering and musician ship have driven them to survive against all odds on the road to Appalachia. Speak with Sam to receive a “Tune-Up,” which will provide you with one of several temporary buffs, like increased Charisma, reduced Junk weight, or more effective weapon and armor repairs, among others.


Complete in-game activities to earn S.C.O.R.E. and advance your position on the game board. Challenges are given daily and weekly asking you to do everything from chewing bubblegum to killing creatures in a nuked zone.


Accumulate enough S.C.O.R.E. to rank up to level 100, or advance by spending 150 Atoms per level. Get Atoms now or earn them as a reward when you rank up during Season 8.


Get a new reward for your account each time you rank up, like a unique outfit or C.A.M.P. item, weapon skin or Power Armor paint, consumables, Perk Card Packs, and currencies.

Bug Fixes


  • Appliances:

    Popcorn from the Popcorn Machine now correctly reduces Hunger and Thirst gains by 25%.

  • Build

    : Items in the Build Menu’s “New” tab now remain visible after logging out and back in, and after relaunching the game client.

  • Build

    : Fixed an issue that could prevent certain C.A.M.P. objects from appearing in the Build Menu’s “New” tab.

  • Build

    : Scrapping or storing a C.A.M.P. object now correctly removes the grey highlight around that object.

  • Build

    : Selecting an object for placement and then switching to an empty tab in Build Mode now correctly removes the placement preview for that object.

  • Build

    : Slightly increased the crafting requirements for several C.A.M.P. items, such as Crops, which previously returned the same amount of crafting materials when scrapped as they cost to build.

  • Collectron Stations

    : Collectron Plans purchased using Gold Bullion, like the Nuka-Cola and Red Rocket Collectrons, now correctly grant access to their unique “Collect” options in the Collectron Station terminal.

  • Defenses

    : Adjusted the Wire attach point for Enclave Turrets so that players can now correctly connect Wires from one Enclave Turret to another.

  • Defenses

    : Enclave Turrets now correctly play sound effects while powered.

  • Displays

    : When scrapping or storing Display Cases and Mannequins, a warning now appears stating that any items assigned to that Display or Mannequin will be unassigned.

  • Displays

    : The Pepper Shaker is now properly aligned when assigned to wall-mounted weapon Displays.

  • Displays

    : Souvenir Teddy Bear variants now face the correct direction when assigned to a Display.

  • Displays

    : The Fasnacht Mask Display now has a build limit of 30.

  • Exploit

    : Addressed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate certain Crops.

  • Flags

    : Flag objects now have a build limit of 10.

  • Misc.

    : The West Virginia Slot Machine now has a build limit of 5.

  • Modify

    : Fixed a visual issue that could cause incorrect error messages to appear when attempting to replace a C.A.M.P. object using the Modify Menu.

  • Power

    : Ceiling Conduit Junctions can now correctly connect through Enclave Flat Roof pieces to electrical objects placed beneath.

  • Stairs

    : Removed the railing at the top of the Guild of Antiquities Stairs with Posts, which could clip with other objects when built indoors.

  • Structures

    : The Wildwood Den can now be sunk into the terrain more easily, and in cases where the terrain isn’t perfectly flat, it will appear closer to the ground and more natural than before.

  • Walls

    : Upper-level flooring pieces no longer clip into Enclave C.A.M.P. Walls.


  • Combat: Brotherhood Recon Armor Plans now correctly progress lifetime Challenges that require the player to learn Armor Plans.
  • Weekly: The “Repeatable Under Rank 100: Gain XP” Weekly Challenge is now correctly available at Rank 99.
  • World: “Pass the Buck” has been removed from the list of subchallenges for the “Complete Different Daily Quests” World Challenge.
  • World: The Dirty Fedora and Crumpled Fedora now count toward progress for the Possum: Archaeologist World Challenge to “Collect bones while wearing a Fedora.”


  • Elemental Resistances

    : Adjusted the calculation for energy and elemental damage to be in line with physical damage calculation. As a result, energy and elemental damage have been increased overall.

  • Enemy Health

    : Addressed an instance of enemy health “rubber banding” that could occur when using a high rate of fire weapon under poor network conditions.

  • Floating Damage Numbers

    : Armor penetration is now correctly factored into floating damage numbers that appear when attacking enemies.

  • VATS

    : Players can now use VATS to target and hit airborne grenades.


  • Bosses

    : Addressed an issue that could cause Daily Ops Bosses to flee from the player.

  • Rewards

    : Fusion Cores for the Ultracite Gatling Laser now appear in the contextual ammo rewards granted after completing a Daily Op.


  • Corpses

    : Opening the quick loot menu by hovering the crosshairs over a dismembered enemy corpse no longer causes that enemy’s limbs or clothing to reappear.

  • Humans

    : Corrected an issue that allowed human enemies to attempt to enter sets of pre-placed Power Armor.

  • Mothmen

    : Scorched Mothmen now correctly take bonus damage from weapons with the Zealot’s legendary attribute.

  • Wild Mongrels

    : After being crippled, Wild Mongrels now continue their attempts to attack the player instead of preferring to stare at them ominously.


  • A Colossal Problem

    : Fixed an issue that could cause the Public Event, “A Colossal Problem”, to begin after nuking Cranberry Bog to start Scorched Earth.

  • A Satisfied Conscience

    : Valdez and other NPCs no longer become stuck after taking cover at the end of the battle during this quest.

  • Campfire Tales

    : Fixed an issue that prevented players from remaining hidden from enemies while sneaking during the event.

  • Campfire Tales

    : Scout Leader Penny no longer plays placeholder voiceover for one of her lines during the boss fight.

  • Free Range

    : Players now earn the correct rewards after completing Free Range.

  • Lode Bearing

    : Ultracite Ore that spawns during this event is now correctly minable.

  • One Violent Night

    : Updated the text for the optional objective “Kill the Nightstalker bare-handed” to reflect that players can use explosives and thrown weapons.

  • Tea Time

    : Fixed an issue that could cause Tea Time to continue running in the background, which prevented the next Public Event from starting.

  • Legendary Perk Cards

    : Fixed an issue that could cause the Master Infiltrator Legendary Perk Card to unequip itself after joining a Custom World.

  • Menus: The ordering of Custom World settings categories is now uniform across different platforms.

  • Settings: Players can no longer earn Wanted status when PVP rules in a Custom World are set to “Never.”

  • Settings: When Fast Travel is disabled in a Custom World, players now correctly receive a message that they are unable to Fast Travel.

  • Settings: Jump animations are now smoother in Custom Worlds where Jump Height has been increased.

  • Settings: Jumping while overencumbered no longer consumes Action Points when Jump AP Cost is set to “Zero” in a Custom World.

  • Settings: Players can no longer damage their own CAMP objects when PVP is set to “Always” in a Custom World.

  • Settings: VATS now correctly targets enemies when the player has no Action Points in Custom Worlds with VATS and Melee AP Cost set to “Zero.”

  • Settings: Enemies now correctly stop spawning while the player is on the respawn screen when Proximity Enemy Spawns is enabled in a Custom World.

  • Settings: Players can no longer place stored C.A.M.P. objects when C.A.M.P. Budget is set to “Zero” in a Custom World.

  • Settings: Blueprints that contain floating objects can now be placed in Custom Worlds with Relaxed Building Restrictions enabled.

Download free Fallout 76 version 1.60 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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