Konami has deployed a new eFootball 2022 update 1.04 (1.1.0) on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox One. According to the official eFootball 1.04 patch notes, the latest update added new objectives, a new game plan list, and a new “Suggested” function in Dream Team. Apart from this, eFootball version 1.04 (1.001) also updated the stadiums, boots, balls, and more.

Previously, a major update added various fixes and tweaks to the game. Unfortunately, since the release, many players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s eFootball 2022 patch 1.04 has addressed a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

eFootball 1.04 Patch Notes (1.001.000) – May 30, 2022

Additional Features

・ Dream Team – added Objectives

・ Dream Team – added Game Plan List (you can now save a maximum of 10 Game Plans)

・ Dream Team – added “Suggested” function in Player Progression (Progression Points can now be allocated automatically)

Updates and Additions

・ Updated licence data from leagues, clubs and national teams from around the world

・ New and updated team, manager and player data

The following data have also been updated:

・ Stadiums

・ Boots

・ Balls

・ Commentary

Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments


・ Enhanced input response for cursor changes

・ Fixed an issue where pass and clear commands may not trigger properly when the ball is mid-air

・ Fixed an issue where the Super Cancel command fails to cancel the command inputted prior to quick free-kick and throw-in restarts

・ Fixed an issue where making a return pass without any L stick input after performing a 1-2 Pass (Forwards) or Pass-and-run (Cross Over), will see that return pass being made with speed and directional assists, even though the Manual Pass Level was set to “Level 4” (no assist)

・ Fixed an issue where performing a Pass-and-run (Cross Over) will see the player who made the initial pass make a run in an inappropriate direction when the Manual Pass Level is set to “Level 4” (no assist)

・ Fixed an issue where some commands may become erroneous after assigning [Player Movement] to directional buttons in [Game Settings]


・ Enhanced dribbling response

・ Implemented adjustments so that when releasing the L stick during a dribble to follow the ball, the player will now adopt an appropriate body position with regards to the ball.


・ Fixed an issue where Chip Shots are overly accurate in certain situations


・ Implemented enhancements so that players will now take more appropriate touches for floating passes coming from behind.


・ Implemented adjustments to “Possession Game” and “Out Wide” Team Playstyles. Adjustments were implemented specifically to the positioning of wingers and side midfielders on the opposite flank when the ball is deep in the opposition’s half. They will now take a more central position rather than positioning themselves far from the ball in the opposite flank


・ Implemented adjustments to the positioning of defenders in all Team Playstyles. This includes mitigating the frequent occurrence of where the attacking side would score straight after kick-off without losing possession

・ Fixed an issue where the player defending the near post during opposition’s corner kicks sometimes turns his back against the ball and cannot make appropriate clearances

・ Fixed an issue where the defending side cannot mark opposition players appropriately if the attacking side uses “Off the Ball Controls” during corner kicks


・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper may not dash towards the ball when performing the “Bring Out the GK” command

・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper may go into his own goal when holding the ball

・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper may position himself too close towards the near post

・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper may not attempt to catch oncoming balls that he should be able to catch

・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper may have a delayed reaction towards shots with a deflected trajectory if it happens while he performs a pre-jump motion

・ Fixed an issue where, in rare circumstances, the goalkeeper would deflect the ball into the goal when it was possible to push it outside of the goal


・ Implemented adjustments to the foul decision algorithms within the penalty area as fouls were called too frequently inside the box

・ Implemented adjustments to the foul decision algorithms for when the player’s feet makes contact with the opposition when performing a pass while sliding

・ Implemented adjustments to the offside decision algorithms regarding player involvement

・ Implemented adjustments to the foul decision algorithms for Shoulder Charges with regards to the area of body contact with the opposition

・ Fixed an issue where fouls are not called correctly for certain uses of Shoulder Charge, such as dashing towards a stationary player or making body contacts right before or after the opposition performs a kick. As a result, yellow cards may be issued when these fouls are called

・ Implemented other adjustments for more appropriate foul calls


・ Implemented adjustments to “Stadium” and “Live Broadcast” Camera Settings, so that the attacking directions are now more visible when immediately restarting with a goal kick


・ Fixed an issue where the normal power gauge is erroneously displayed even when the opponent inputs a Stunning Kick command in online matches


・ In some languages, screen transitions are slow when displaying multiple News articles at the same time

・ Claiming items from the Inbox right after reading the News will cause the articles to revert back to their “unread” state

・ The cursor in the Standard Player List erroneously moves back to the top of the List. This is triggered after signing a player from a List that is displaying 101 or more players

・ The sorting of the Standard Player List is erroneously reset to “Overall Rating” order after a filter is applied

・ Graphics of the menu displayed prior to screen transitions may still remain

・ Menu sound effects may be triggered repeatedly

・ The Coaching Affinity Bonus may be displayed erroneously in the post-match experience gain screen if a player reaches his maximum level

・ Records prior to the latest 100 transactions cannot be viewed in [Balance Sheet]

・ When using the “Receive All” function while having multiple Nominating Contracts of the same grade in the Inbox, the number of Nominating Contracts owned are reflected incorrectly in the display on the right side of the screen

・ The cursor becomes inoperable for around 1 second after returning to the Top Menu

・ Erroneous message regarding Promotion Rewards is displayed in eFootball™ League. This is triggered when clinching a promotion on the 10th match of the Round to a Division in which you had already received a First-Time Promotion Reward from

・ In some languages, the text displays are not aligned

・ In some languages, words and symbols may not be displayed in the correct order

・ In some languages, the bottom part of letters are displayed erroneously in certain screens

・ In the highlights, replays of shooting attempts may end before the actual shot is attempted

・ Erroneous information in the in-match “Downward Header” command guide

・ Erroneous information in [Extras] > [Help] > [Command List] > [Defence] > [Goalkeeper Controls] > [Auto Positioning]

・ Erroneous information is displayed in [Extras] > [Help] > [General Information] > [Foil]. You cannot sign Foil players from the Special Player List

Global Improvements

・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches, with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience

Download free eFootball update 1.04 (1.1.0) for PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox One.

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