Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out (Meet The People of Bazaar) – Guide


Some players are currently experiencing some issues in Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out quest where they are unable to meet the people of Bazaar. Today’s we have posted details on how to complete these objectives.

How to “Meet the people of the Bazaar” in Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out?

After traveling to the Bazaar, the objective will change from “Spend time at the Bazaar while waiting to hear from Hakon” to “Meet the people of Bazaar.” 

This part requires 30 minutes real time of roaming around or completing 1 bigger quest or 2 smaller ones out of those available at the Bazaar to proceed. Cheers and The Spark of Invention will do the job.

The Spark of Invention is the easier of the two. Cheers! requires you to make a difficult choice, but either outcome is profitable.

Start both side quests and wait for Hakon to make contact.


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