A new Diablo Immortal update 1.6.4 patch notes details released for PC and Mobile players. According to the official Diablo Immortal patch notes, the latest update added 36 new legendary items. In addition, the Diablo Immortal patch 1.6.4 also includes various gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update added the season buff, new class sets, and a handful of items and skill adjustments. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Diablo Immortal patch 1.6.4 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Diablo Immortal 1.6.4 Patch Notes – November 22, 2022


36 New Legendary Items

This batch of Legendary items provides an opportunity to further discover new combinations between a few specifically targeted skills from each class, such as Hammer of the Ancients and Chained Spear or Meteor and Arcane Wind. We hope these new Legendary items give way to unique demon-slaying strategies, while also completing current builds you may have been tinkering with. The community has surprised us in the past with the builds they’ve dreamt up, and we cannot wait to see what players think into existence next.


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  • Lonecastle (Shoulders): Chance to block projectiles is increased by X% during Whirlwind.
  • Luring Club (Main Hand): Hammer of the Ancients damage increased by X% against Stunned enemies.
  • Scalesunder (Pants): Chained Spear now also shatters armor, increasing all damage enemies take by X% for Y seconds.
  • Splitting Outbreak (Head): Ground Stomp maximum charges increased by X.
  • The Startler (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients now strikes the ground multiple times, knocking enemies up into the air with each strike, but your movement speed is greatly decreased during the assault.
  • Temple of Battle (Chest): Chained Spear now sweeps spears from the left and the right, gathering all enemies within the area into a cluster in front of you.


  • Blade Prison (Main Hand): Falling Sword now calls down five electrified swords in a formation around you that arc, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Chambers of Exhaustion (Shoulders): Sacred Chain now Imprisons enemies in a targeted area. Enemies who attempt to leave will be Stunned.
  • Fitting Thunderhead (Chest): Falling Sword now also decreases enemy Movement Speed by X% for Y seconds.
  • Insulator (Pants): Conjuration of Light now also reduces the duration of loss of control effects by X%.
  • Lustre Titanic (Off-Hand): Holy Banner now also reduces continual damage taken by allies by X%.
  • Simony’s End (Head): When Sacred Chain ends, it now inflicts damage to all nearby enemies.

Demon Hunter

  • Abundant Intangibles (Head): Escape now makes you invisible for X seconds.
  • Buzzard on the Wing (Main Hand): During Strafe, your Movement Speed is increased by X%.
  • Concentrated Coldness (Pants): Smoke Screen now throws an ice bomb at a targeted location, Chilling and dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Increases Smoke Screen’s maximum charges to X.
  • Hundred Striking Shadows (Shoulders): Multishot now also deals X% damage to shields.
  • Radella’s Lifebraid (Chest): Each time Strafe deals damage to an enemy, its damage against that enemy is increased by X% up to Y% for up to Z seconds.
  • Sjikar (Off-Hand): Strafe now fires piercing shots at nearby enemies.


  • Blazing Ablution (Shoulders): Wave of Light now places multiple golden bells that all resonate and deal damage to nearby enemies when you or your allies hit any of them with Primary Attacks.
  • Branding Bond (Pants): Mystic Strike now causes you to move quickly in a direction, damaging all enemies in your path.
  • Budding Anew (Chest): Seven-Sided Strike now also grants you a shield, absorbing X damage.
  • Stirring Titan (Head): Inner Sanctuary now reduces enemy Movement Speed and Attack Speed in an area while you and your allies gain increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed.
  • Twitching Palm (Off-Hand): Fists of Thunder’s first strike now becomes empowered with Lightning, emitting bolts that each deal X damage.
  • Unyielding Doctrine (Main Hand): Each time you deal damage with Fists of Thunder, you have a X% chance to be electrified, increasing your Primary Attack Speed by Y% for Z seconds.


  • Communal Rib (Main Hand): Bone Spirits has a X% chance to inflict Fear on enemies lasting Y seconds. Cannot Fear the same target more often than once every Z seconds.
  • Executive Discontent (Shoulders): Increases all damage you deal by X% for each Skeletal Mage you have active.
  • Gilded Nightmare (Pants): If a target is killed within X seconds of being struck by Grim Scythe, it will inflict Y damage to all nearby enemies and cause them to flee in Fear for Z seconds.
  • The Maloccluse (head): Bone Spikes now creates pulsating bone spikes in a targeted location that continually damage enemies in the area.
  • One-Armed Devourer (Off-Hand): Corpse Lance now consumes nearby corpses to form a lance storm in the targeted area. The power of the storm is increased by the number of consumed corpses.
  • Siltstrider (Chest): Bone Armor now deals continual damage to targeted enemies and produces corpses once the effect ends.


  • Affinity Spiral (Shoulders): Meteor now deals X% increased damage to Frozen targets.
  • Alder Crystal (Off-Hand): Arcane Wind now also Freezes chilled enemies for X seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every Y seconds.
  • Frozen Wellspring (Pants): Meteor now calls down a blizzard that continually damages and Chills enemies in the area.
  • Nor the Hail-Nursed (Chest): Ice Armor now also reduces damage you take by X%.
  • Prophet’s Corolla (Head): Slow Time now blocks all enemy projectiles from entering or exiting.
  • Staff of Baying (Main Hand): Arcane Torrent now launches missiles ahead of you and can be channeled while moving.

Castle Cyrangar

A Stash Chest and Armory have been added to Castle Cyrangar’s courtyard to provide additional player ease.

Dungeons and Wilderness

We have adjusted the experience efficiency of several areas in the Ashworld Cemetery and Mt. Zavain zones to create parity across all zones.

Family Bonus Attribute

We have improved the mechanics behind Family Bonus attributes. Now, stacking the same Family Bonus attribute across multiple pieces of gear will result in its internal cooldown being lowered.

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