Devour update 2.3.3 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Devour game patch notes, the latest update added a brand new map The Town to the game. Apart from this Devour patch 3.0 also includes various new features, fixes, and more.

Previously, a major update added a new playable character Anna Puerta, as well as an incredible new cosmetic, flashlight skins, a new perk, farmhouse mechanic changes, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Devour update 3.0 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Devour 3.0 Patch Notes – March 24, 2022

DEVOUR’s new map takes players to Mercy, an abandoned gold rush mining town in California. Stalked by the malevolent spirits of its long dead inhabitants, Mercy is the haunted birthplace of demonic cult The Watchers of Azazel.

Cult Ranks

For those truly mastering DEVOUR, we’ve implemented some brand new Cult Rank icons and Titles to showcase your skill and prestige: ‘Harbinger’ (Rank 100), ‘Corrupted One’ (Rank 200), ‘Dark Apostle’ (Rank 300), ‘Awful Visionary’ (Rank 400), ‘Destroyer’ (Rank 500), ‘Fallen Angel’ (Rank 600) and ‘Azazel Incarnate’ (Rank 666, max Rank).

New Perks

For those who love to fine tune their demon-banishing strategy, we’re also excited to reveal two brand new Perks:

Fast Worker: Long interacts (not including revive) are 50% faster

Under Pressure: Long interacts (including revive) are 150% faster for the last player alive (co-op only)

Sam “Paparazzi” Outfit

Check out this fresh new outfit for Sam, now available for purchase in DEVOUR’s in-game shop.

Town Robes

We know many of our fans enjoy grinding to unlock new robes for each map – here are the 4 new Robes you’ll be working to collect in The Town:

Hard Mode

Nightmare Mode

Collect all Horseshoes

Burn 1000 Books

  • New outfit for Sam: Paparazzi
  • New rank titles and icons for every 100 ranks and also 666
  • 2 new perks: Under Pressure and Fast Worker
  • 4 new robes
  • 3 new flashlights
  • Reconnect for clients that disconnect mid-game
  • Complete rework of character model textures to improve quality
  • Added Controller rumble support
  • Added a Vote kicking system added for players when in-game
  • New outfit for Anna: Beta Tester Hoodie
  • Fixes a bug on Zara where she sometimes wouldn’t resume her enraged breathing audio
  • Prevents eggs from snapping to terrain underneath the onsen
  • Inmates/demons can now grab you if you are standing on them when they spawn
  • Anna will no longer get stuck if staggered at the same time as burning the last goat
  • Improved anti-stuck mechanisms for all Azazels
  • Eggs can no longer be put into safe spots in the bathroom on The Inn
  • Fixed an issue where Proximity Voice and Player Collision lobby menu items were sometimes not being set correctly when returning to lobby
  • Better mixing of weather audio on previous maps
  • Fixed an exploit that gave you the medkit EXP bonus incorrectly
  • Tweaked all webs on The Inn so you can go under them when knocked out
  • Proximity Voice now follows players when they are being carried by an Azazel
  • Farmhouse BGM no longer stops for clients after the corridor scene finishes
  • Fixed speed of revive bar when the reviving player has Field Medic perk
  • Fixed red eyes sometimes not showing correctly in jump scares for clients
  • HD Flashlight Mode rework to improve performance
  • Hindi and Indonesian languages have been disabled as they are extremely out of date

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