Devil Slayer Raksasi update 1.3.0 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Devil Slayer Raksasi patch notes, the latest Devil Slayer patch 1.3.0 added a new boss (Madam Weaver), a new weapon, a new relic, a new item, and much more.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new chapter, a new player character, new soul charms, and much more.

Read more details below.

Devil Slayer Raksasi Patch 1.3.0 Notes – November 26, 2021

# New Boss: Madam Weaver

  • Madam Weaver, surname Luo, name unknown. She was married to a weaver who died passed away years into their marriage. Madam Weaver continued running the tailor shop herself and did well. Her silk is well-known is and praised to be light as a feather, smooth as butter, white as snow, shiny like silver, and tough as a tendon. Since the old master passed away they have not hired a single person, nor bought silkworms from the mulberry fields. Yet, still, they produce large quantities of superior silk. A puzzling thing indeed…
  • Could appear as the Boss in Chapter 1.

# New Weapon: Draco’s Might

  • Draco’s Might has long been worshipped in the land of incense and it has also been blessed by many a high-ranking monk, imbuing it with a Buddhist aura and natural, yet sacred might.
  • Its scroll can be dropped by defeating the boss of Chapter 6.

# New Weapon: Frostblast Blunderbuss

  • Buried deep in the land of extreme cold, it absorbs the essence of frost. Frostblast Blunderbuss launches icicles that may freeze, or even pierce the flesh of enemies, making them bleed.
  • Its scroll can be dropped by defeating the boss of Chapter 6.
  • Its scroll also can be dropped by clearing the Challenge Rooms in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

# New Relic: Spider Inner Alchemy

  • When a spider devil reaches the full extent of its power a core is formed within them. The core contains the spider’s soul and is difficult to control. While most common men are harmed by it, those with a firm enough mind may imbibe the Spider Inner Alchemy and meld the devil’s power with their own, transforming into Arachnid Empresses.
  • Its scroll can be dropped by defeating “Madam Weaver” in Chapter 1。

# New Item: Spider Gland

  • Glands of spider devils can be worked into artifacts which when used spray a large web to stop a group of enemies in their tracks. However, being apart from a spider devil’s body the gland can only be used once.

# Balance

  • Net: deals damage equal to the player’s attack power.

# Experience

  • Add leaf shaking effect.
  • Add option: whether to show the current game time on the main screen.

# Bug Fixes

  • Harziel: Fixed an issue that the achievement could not be obtained after the summons generated by “Shade” skill killed “Demon Swordsman”.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could get stuck after the player and the boss died at the same time and the player was revived by “Divine Revival”.
  • Fixed an issue where demons in the process of being summoned would continue to be summoned after the death of “The Witch of Kwenlun”.
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue.
  • Fixed an animation resource loading error.

# Localization

  • Fix an inaccurate English description of “Tangtang”.

Download free Devil Slayer Raksasi patch 1.3.0 on PC (Steam).

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