Bungie has released Destiny 2 update patch notes details for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Destiny 2 6.3.0 patch notes, the latest Destiny 2 Season 19 update added new changes, new events, weapons balancing, and much more. Apart from this, today’s Destiny 2 patch 6.3.0 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a major update added a new expansion to the game. Recently, a hotfix was also released that added some minor changes. Unfortunately, some players are still facing several issues. Today’s Destiny 2 patch 6.3 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


We pulled quite a few weapons archetype changes from Season 19 into the previously referenced 6.2.5 update, so this section is smaller than it would otherwise have been. That said, we have some substantial changes here, particularly to Shotguns and Glaives, so it’s worth diving into if weapon theory is your thing.

Shotguns were previously able to one-hit kill (OHK) from too far away and needed adjustment. Once that was addressed, the weaknesses of random pellet spread became clear: they’ve become less reliable, even at close ranges. This gave us a solid starting point to do something we have been looking into for a while: Giving each Shotgun subfamily a custom, fixed spread pattern, and a matching custom reticle. Each of these spread patterns is intended to give a subfamily a unique style of gameplay and predictable effectiveness at specific ranges.

Additional changes: 

  • Aggressive
      • Fixed several Shotguns that were using the incorrect intrinsic Aggressive perk. All Aggressive Shotguns will now increase rate of fire after a kill, as intended.
  • Rapid-Fire:
      • Increased PvE damage by 5%.
      • The reload speed benefit for the Rapid-Fire Shotgun Frame now always applies instead of only when reloading from an empty magazine.


  • Reduced zoom stat on Drang and Drang (Baroque) from 14 to 13.


  • Reduced stability from 49 to 35.
  • Reduced aim assist stat from 59 to 45.
  • Rebuilt the Fusion Rifle hip-fire reticle so that it reacts more obviously to changes in the accuracy cone.


  • Glaive projectiles have been adjusted for more reliable hit detection over the network.
  • Glaive melee attacks can now benefit from the Exotic armor perks on Synthoceps, Wormgod Caress, and Winter’s Guile.
  • Glaive melee damage multipliers reduced by 25-30% against Champions, mini-bosses, bosses, and vehicles.
      • Damage against major and minor enemies is unchanged.
  • Glaive melee base damage reduced from 75 to 67.


  • Updated Rose’s stats to work for an Adaptive Hand Cannon.
      • Increased range from 38 to 43.
      • Reduced stability from 45 to 40.
      • Reduced handling from 68 to 60.
      • Airborne effectiveness is 20.

Blinding Effects 

  • Switched these to the new Arc blind effect, which has significantly reduced screen effect brightness and is overall less intrusive.

Weapon Mods 

  • The Dragonfly, Rampage, and Surrounded perks now have their spec mod behaviors enabled by default.



  • Air Assault now grants a stacking bonus to airborne effectiveness.
      • Maximum two stacks: one per final blow, two per airborne final, each stack is +30 AE.
  • Body shots now increase your precision multiplier and increase aim assist. Additional body shots reset the timer.1
  • It has a 0.55s base timer. Body shots while Headseeker is active reset the timer.
  • Final blows now grant stacks of Encore and stacks grant increased stability, range, and accuracy.
  • Body shot final blows grant one stack, precision final blows grant two stacks, with a maximum of four stacks.
  • Lasts 7s, enhanced lasts 7.5s. Final blows refresh timer.
  • +8 stability, +5 range, and +1.25% accuracy per stack.
  • Removed +10% range scalar.
  • Now offers +7 stability, +3 range.
  • The duration of these buffs can now be refreshed if activated while already active.
  • Reduced Kill Clip damage bonus  from 33% to 25%.
  • Now builds stacks against red bar enemies and consumes them on everything else (i.e., matches minor spec and other perks that use similar language).


  • Now increases damage vs. Ward of Dawn and Well of Radiance sword by 30% (60% with the artifact mod).
  • Damage bonus against Stasis crystals has been increased by 15% (both base and with artifact mod).

Gutshot Straight shipped a little weak on Auto Rifles, so we’ve bumped it up a little:

  • Increased bonus Auto Rifle body shot damage 10% to 20%.

Compulsive Reloader’s reload speed benefit is enjoyable, but on certain weapon types, it doesn’t remain active deep enough into a magazine:

  • Now remains active down to half ammo.

The High-Impact Frame intrinsic perk can be hard to use since it switches off with little movement. We’ve tweaked this so that that slow movement (e.g., crouching and strafing) doesn’t deactivate the perk.

  • Now allows a small amount of movement instead of turning off with any movement.
  • Increased allowed time between kills from 5s to 7s.

For Well-Rounded:

  • Duration increased from 10s to 15s.
  • Stacking the effect still resets the timer.
  • Tweaks to make this function in PvP as intended.
  • Now grants up to 100% bonus damage at max stacks in PvE.
  • No longer deactivates on a miss. Now has a 1s timer.

As part of the work on Divinity this Season, we looked at other related hiccups, including Rewind Rounds:

  • Rewind Rounds now work as intended when hitting the cage created by Divinity.
  • Now triggers on breaking player shields.

One Quiet Moment wasn’t really doing the job of providing fast reloads out of combat in cases where a player has dealt with all nearby threats, so we’ve made the following change:

  • Faster reactivation after a final blow.


  • Reduced damage bonus on Scout Rifles by 5%.

Unstoppable Force’s damage was a little too high for the level of investment, surpassing other damage perks for strength and uptime. We’re keeping the uptime but adjusting the damage:

  • Reduced damage bonus from 30% to 20%.

One-Two Punch is one part of several combos that allow stacking melee damage buffs to get far higher than intended. Here’s what One-Two Punch will look like:

  • Reduced bonus melee damage as follows:
      • From 3x to 2x vs most enemies with unpowered melees.
      • From 1.8x to 1.4x vs most enemies with charged melees.
      • Reduced the additional bonus vs bosses from 0.5 to 0.25.

Bug Fixes 

To Excess (Opulent weapon origin trait)

  • Triggering this perk across multiple weapons no longer displays a stacking counter on the UI.This perk never stacked its effects, so this change does not change its behavior.


We’ve taken a pass over several enhanced perks to bring their functionality more in line with the base perks:

  • Enhanced Unrelenting
      • Shifted to +5 health regen; removed +5 handling.
  • Enhanced Perpetual Motion
      • Removed .1s faster activation and removed the .1s grace period upon ending.
      • Added 1s faster activation of x2 stacks.
  • Enhanced Timed Payload
      • Shifted from range to +5 stability.
  • Enhanced Explosive Payload
      • Shifted from range to +5 reload.
  • Enhanced Firing Line
      • Added additional 10 handling when in proximity.
      • Removed increased neutral range.
  • Enhanced Grave Robber
      • Swapped +5 reload to +5 handling.
  • Enhanced Explosive Light
      • Added one more charge (stack caps at 7).
  • Enhanced Cornered
      • Added +10 stability when active.
  • Enhanced Cold Steel
      • Weapon energy and weapon magazine capacity now add +10 to be consistent with other ammo capacity-increasing Perks.
  • Enhanced Vorpal Weapon
      • Changed from +5 reload to +5 stability.
          • This will apply to the guard resistance stat on Swords.
  • Enhanced Genesis
      • Removed Primary ammo overflow.
      • Added additional handling.
  • Enhanced Flash Counter
  • Enhanced Chain Reaction
      • Updated the description as this provides a different benefit to Swords.
  • Enhanced Ambitious Assassin
      • Increased allowed time between final blows from 6s to 8s.



We identified a handful of weapons that we felt needed a substantial change to really hit the level of “exoticness” that we expect from Destiny 2 Exotics.

The Fundamentals perk (which can be seen on the damage-type switching Exotics: Borealis, Hard Light, and Dead Messenger), while functional, felt like it could do more to grant the modes some identity based on selected damage type, so each damage type now grants different weapon stats (think Elemental Capacitor, if that perk checked the damage type on the weapon instead of the player’s subclass).

  • Added stats to each element
      • Arc: +25 handling and +5 range.
      • Solar: +35 reload speed and +20 airborne effectiveness.
      • Void: +20 stability and +10 aim assist.

Even with the above change to The Fundamentals, we felt like Borealis needed a more substantial change:

  • Breaking a matched shield now refills the magazine from reserves and allows your next 5 shots to deal bonus damage. Not deactivated by reloading.

Jade Rabbit is a strong Scout Rifle, but its Exotic perk was lackluster, so we’ve redesigned it to be more of a gameplay loop:

  • Quickly landing 3 crits returns a round to the magazine and increases the damage of your next body shot.
  • Stacks up to 3 increased damage body shots.
  • Resets if you reload.

Lowest 20 Exotic usage by owners, with ownership percent, November 15


  • No Time to Explain: replaced with Feeding Frenzy.
  • Traveler’s Chosen: catalyst perk replaced with Surplus (it still has Osmosis).
  • Vigilance Wing: catalyst perk replaced with Ensemble.

Fixed an issue where crits from Dead Man’s Tale were landing inconsistently depending on whether your aim was above or below the target. We’ve also made some small changes to its base damage, which will apply to all 120 RPM Scout Rifles:

  • Now prefers critical hits over body hits in hip-fire if both types of targets are inside the precision aim cone.
  • Increased body shot damage from 46 to 54, and reduced crit damage from 81 to 80.

We’ve also been looking for a way to help D.A.R.C.I. players. We know many Guardians would like it to move to the Energy slot, but there’s plenty of competition for Sniper Rifles there, even Exotics. With the below change, it’s a more interesting choice in the Heavy slot:

  • Now applies Jolt when damaging targets affected by Personal Assistant.
  • Increased base airborne effectiveness to 80.

Wish-Ender has always had a hidden damage bonus vs. targets affected by Witherhoard due to its identity as a Taken hunter’s weapon:

  • Increased bonus vs. Witherhoard-blighted targets from 10% to 25%.
  • Increased base airborne effectiveness to 80.
  • Added Chain Reaction to the intrinsic perk.

The Fourth Horseman has some niche uses, but ultimately suffers from extremely hard-to-control recoil, which we’ve pulled back:

Forerunner is a fun weapon in PvE, but it’s never been a top pick. Changes to the weapon and its grenade should make it a lot more viable:

  • Increased crit damage by 30% and The Rock’s damage by 60% in PvE.
  • Reduced ammo cost to activate The Rock from 6 to 4.
  • Increased damage at the outer edge of The Rock’s damage radius from 0% to 20%.

Merciless is extraordinarily strong when ramped up, but it’s hard to keep it in that state:

  • Merciless’ decreased charge time on hit now resets on a 5s timer. This timer is refreshed when you land hits.

Rat King is a lot of fun to use, but the allowed distance from allies feels a little too strict as it stands:

  • Radius required to activate its perk increased from 15m to 20m.

Legend of Acrius has some movement penalties to make it feel weightier. We think that the feel of using the weapon does that sufficiently though, so this is what Acrius users can look forward to:

  • Removed movement penalties.

Bastion’s Season-14 nerf was a little more than it needed, so we’ve halved it:

  • Reduced spread angle by 6%.

Quicksilver Storm’s grenade

  • Increased PvP maximum grenade damage from 80 to 120, and increased the explosion radius from 3m to 4m.
  • Switched rocket damage from Arc to Kinetic.

Coldheart’s Arc 3.0 rework wasn’t generous enough with Ionic Traces, so:

  • Reduced cooldown on Ionic Trace generation from 3.5s to 2s.
  • Now maxes out stability and reload speed when at maximum damage.
  • Picking up an Ionic Trace now reduces the time it takes to get to max damage.

Grand Overture’s loop doesn’t feel rewarding enough in its current form, so we’ve dramatically increased the reward:

  • Increased missile damage by 50%.

Xenophage only deals Area of Effect (AoE) damage currently, which causes issues against some enemies in PvE. We’re not changing the overall weapon much, but we are addressing that pesky PvE issue. Despite benefiting from solid ease of use, we felt that its damage could be a little higher:

  • Now deals roughly half of its damage as impact damage, and the rest as detonation.
  • Overall damage increased by 5%.

When adjusting Divinity, we also looked at some bugs relating to it, including Cloudstrike:

  • The lightning storm will now correctly activate when hitting Divinity’s cage.


Some Exotic armor pieces were part of combinations allowing extremely high damage output from melee attacks in PvE, so we’ve brought a couple of these down versus altering enemy health:

  • Wormgod’s Caress: Reduced maximum damage multiplier from 7.5x to 3.5x.
  • Winter’s Guile: Reduced maximum damage multiplier from 7.5x to 3.5x.

Note on Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk: We have a change coming in Here’s a sneak preview of the changes that we believe will address balance concerns in PvP while maintaining a clear identity in the Void space:

  • Gain Volatile Rounds when exiting invisibility.
  • When executing a finisher while invisible, this Exotic now gives nearby allies a reserve overshield and give the wearer a temporary bonus to weapon damage.

Things players can look forward to in the future:  

  • A Heavy weapon damage rebalance:
      • Tinkering with bringing some less effective options up while bringing some damage outliers down.
          • What’s the Lightfall DPS meta? Mysterious.
  • A large rebalance of the airborne effectiveness stat, making Primary ammo weapons significantly more accurate while airborne without any investment in the stat. Think Icarus-level accuracy from before Season 17. Specifics are still in development.
  • Some tweaks to the new Shotgun reticles.
  • A pass at adding Subclass 3.0 verbs to several Exotic weapons:
      • There are currently seven.

Note: The full changelog will be available soon.

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