A new Deep Rock Galactic update 1.24 (1.000.024) is available on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic 1.24 patch notes, the latest update added some minor tweaks and changes. Apart from this, today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 1.24 also includes performance fixes.

Recently, a major update added a fix to an ammo-exploit for the Nishanka Boltshark, and a fix to wave music that was not playing during the Hacking Event in Industrial Sabotage missions.

Unfortunately, since the last patch. players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic version 1.24 will address a few of these changes. Read more details below.

Deep Rock Galactic Patch 1.24 notes – November 24, 2022

  • Meteor Showers are being observed all over Hoxxes, even in Lithopage areas! Make sure not to stand in their path when they drop and crack them to collect Plaguehearts to progress your Season Performance and keep Mission Control happy
  • Fixed the impact axe giving damage when passing through triggers such as those of the Poison Spores Fungus (You can still kill multiple of these with one axe throw, but the axe will need to come reasonably close to the fungus)
  • Fixed electric crystals not electrocuting you when pickaxed
  • Adjusted electric crystal resistances so that they can be destroyed with one powerattack
  • Made the Impact Axes deal similar damage to electric crystals as a normal pickaxe hit
  • Reverted spawn space reduction on electric crystals from last patch
  • Fixed Contagious being misspelled in the MC line

Download free Deep Rock Galactic game patch 1.24 on PlayStation 4, PC, and PlayStations 5.

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