Deep Rock Galactic update 1.0.2 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Deep Rock Galactic patch notes, the latest season 1 update added a long list of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 1.0.2 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Deep Rock Galactic Patch Notes – November 4, 2021


_Alright, Miners – listen up! We have confirmation: We are no longer alone out here.

A month or so ago, our deepscans started picking up energy signatures massing on the outer edge of the system. Within a week, automated scout ships penetrated the upper atmosphere of Hoxxes IV and started taking readings. Soon after, they started sending down supplies and construction materials – hectotons of it, across dozens of shuttles. Now, we are seeing full-fledged data collecting facilities being raised down in the caves – OUR caves.

In short, our dominion over Hoxxes is no longer total. Someone else is moving in on company territory._


With the introduction of a themed Season, several of the new features will only last in their current form while the season is running. Season 01 is currently expected to last for 4 to 5 months, so everybody will get a chance to experience the content. When the season ends, each of the season-related features will change somewhat, but never be truly gone.

Season Terminal

In the Space Rig, you will now find a new terminal aptly named the Season Terminal. This is where you can read Management’s all-hands briefing on the recent event, hand in your season-related loot, track your progression in the Performance Pass, and claim your rewards.

Towards the end of the Season, and probably a month in advance, a countdown will be displayed in the Season Terminal, so the end of the season will be known to all. This will also signal the start of the next season.


In light of this rival incursion, Management has begun a brand-new incentive program to distinguish our most dedicated employees. This is called the Performance Pass and it’s Deep Rock Galactic’s take on a 100% free Battle Pass. Season 01 brings you 100 levels of unlocks, challenges to complete, and bonuses to collect – all completely free.

Performance Points and Season Challenges

Earning Performance Points is how you advance through Season 01’s 100 levels. You earn these simply by completing missions, alongside hefty bonuses paid out for completing Season Challenges.

Your current Season Challenges can be tracked and managed in the Season Terminal. You can at most have three active Challenges at a time, and you will get a new Challenge each day. Most of the Challenges will be completed alongside your regular work in the mines, but one of them requires handing in the hard-to-get Data Rack, which can be obtained by completing the new mission, Industrial Sabotage.

Furthermore, during missions, you may recover Data Cells for even further bonuses. Do so by chasing down a Rival Prospector Drone and destroying it – or find a rival Data Deposit, hack it, and recover the Data Cell inside.

Company Scrips and Cosmetic Tree

Some Season levels grant you rewards directly, while others grant you Scrips. Scrips are Company Credit tokens that let you unlock a single field of your choice on the new and poetically named Cosmetic Tree.

The Season Level rewards and the Cosmetic Tree are packed with brand new Beards, Helmets, Pickaxe Parts, Paintjobs, satchels of Crafting Materials, and fat stacks of cold, hard cash – and to top it off, a brand new Weapon Framework for every gun available.

At Season End

The Performance Pass and the claimable rewards will be available while Season 01 is running. Afterward, any unclaimed cosmetics rewards will go back into the game as random rewards and other yet-to-be-implemented features for the future.


A number of mysterious prospecting facilities have recently been discovered on Hoxxes! The operations appear to be fully automated, and we do not yet know who is behind the incursion. The presence of a Rival Company on Hoxxes is unacceptable.

To complete this dangerous mission, you must locate the rival corporation’s towering Data Vaults, hack the connected Power Stations to take down the impenetrable Force Fields, and face off against the terrifying Caretaker and its minions before making off with the ultimate prize: The rival corp’s encrypted Data Rack!

Before Management lets you loose against our prospecting rivals, you need to prove yourself ready by completing the new assignment, SPEC OPS: SABOTAGE TRAINING. This assignment will be available for any miner that has completed the CONQUER HOXXES assignment. Furthermore, Management advises you to familiarize yourself with the mission details in the Miner’s Manual section before descending into the darkness.

At Season End

During Season 01, this new Industrial Sabotage mission will always be available on the Mission Map. When Season 01 comes to an end, the mission will likely be much less frequent and integrated into the game in a different way.


During regular missions, you may encounter the Rival Prospector Drone. The rival company is obviously trying to aggressively expand its operations. You must destroy these drones on sight, and collect their Data Cells.

While exploring the caves, you should also lookout for any Data Deposits left behind by the rival company. Get in close, hack the deposit with your new Hacking Device, and recover the Data Cell inside.

Please make sure to bring back the Data Cells from these encounters, and hand them in at the Season Terminal for a quick Company Scrip bonus. The Data Cells also provide you with a Performance Point bonus, so it doubles up!

At Season End

These new mission events will be active while Season 01 is running, and they will be somewhat frequent. Afterward, they will be much less frequent or even removed.


To help with the fight against this new lethal threat, Management has approved four new Weapon Contracts – which of course includes a full slew of Gear Modifications to buy, and 26 brand new Overclocks to find and unlock. You can get licensed for all four in the usual manner at the Assignment Board, but given the highly advanced nature of these new weapons, you will need to have attained Level 20 for the respective class.


Take a standard, high-grade assault rifle, bolt a semi-sentient AI Core to the side of it, and rig it up with several sophisticated tracking packages. Arm the resulting abomination with prototype rounds that interface directly with the onboard systems, and you have the aptly named LOK-1 Smart Rifle – a glorious bit of kit any Engineer worth their salt would be happy carrying.


The Corrosive Sludge Pump is what happens when the maintenance staff is left with too much time on their hands. A complicated network of piping, distillation bottles, and safety valves results in a very capable device indeed – lobbing globs of corrosive waste at those you disapprove of has never been so fun!


The DRAK-25 is among the newest additions to the DRG arsenal and is a bit of a technological marvel. Capable of laying down a blistering hail of superheated plasma without hardly ever blowing up in your hands, and comparatively cheap to manufacture! Management was quick to approve and sign off on this design.


The Hurricane has quickly gotten a reputation for being a very crowd-pleasing weapon – unless we’re talking about the crowd it is being aimed at. It stows a weapons package usually reserved for heavy-duty tripods into something a hearty dwarf can carry with ease and has even been upgraded with sophisticated tracking software.


The Rival operations are fully automated and fiercely defended by a variety of robotic entities. Reports have confirmed that they are susceptible to small-arms fire but are quite resilient. R&D recommends targeting the less robust vent areas, identifiable by a bright orange glow.


The Patrol Bot is a defensive robot from a Rival Company, with versatile traversal options in combat, covering both ground and air. It shoots a plasma laser from the particle accelerator placed inside its “head” – which is also more vulnerable due to the many vents. Its synthetic exterior makes this a durable, tough enemy, but the firewall protecting its AI software is easy to bypass, making it a perfect target for your state-of-the-art Hacking Device.


The Shredders are small flying robots, that travel in packs and roam Rival Prospecting Facilities looking for intruders. A lone Shredder poses little danger, but together they can shred a dwarf to shreds in shreconds!


R&D reports sightings of these giant structures above our new Rival’s data vaults, hidden behind a giant impenetrable shield. The few miners who have returned alive report that the structure is the Facility Caretaker, an extremely dangerous machine that furiously protects the valuable data hidden underneath it. Bring your strongest arsenal for this beast!


The Burst Turret is protected by an impenetrable barrier, and lies in wait for intruders. They’re set up around Rival Prospecting Facilities to protect the Power Stations that keep the shield around the vault intact. Once its sensors pick up intruder movement, it will lower its barriers and attack!


The Sniper Turret protects the Power Stations that keep the shield around the Data Vault intact. Once an intruder enters a room with a Power Station, these turrets will immediately set their sights on their target, and shoot them with a powerful plasma laser shot.


The Repulsion Turret emits a barrage of Plasma Force Fields, which apply an extreme amount of force to anything it comes into contact with. Although completely immobile, the turret is protected by a barrier when inactive, and the huge amount of Plasma Force Fields it emits can’t be shot through.


A Prospector Drone sent by a Rival Company and programmed for curiosity and thorough work, it researches every nook and cranny around areas of Hoxxes for mining potential. If attacked, it will call for help from its fellow drones, and flee to avoid its precious data being lost in the depths.


R&D has been hard at work cracking the rival robots. You now have a handheld hacking device that will let you hack rival patrol bots and make them fight for you. The hacking device will be active when in close proximity to a hackable robot.


To commemorate the release of Season 01, we will also be releasing a new DLC Pack – aptly named “RIVAL TECH”. The Rival Tech Pack will let you deck out all your guns in theme with our new enemies – no reason to let all those nice bits go to waste, after all!

On top of the set of new unique Weapon Frameworks for all your weapons, the pack comes with a matching Paintjob for your Armors, as well as a Rival Tech Paintjob for all other weapons and your favorite Pickaxe.


All the existing Weapon Frameworks have been updated to include the four new weapons, all of which have been added to the pool of items you can find in the Cargo Crates. Also, if you own the MegaCorp DLC, this has also been updated to include Frameworks for the new weapons.


The update, of course, also includes all the usual under-the-hood improvements and additions – and yes, we heard you, that also means a few more Loadout Slots for you to toy around with! We have added two more Loadout Slots for a total of five. We trust you will spend them wisely.


When calling Molly, if she isn’t present on the mission, the dwarves will have unique shouts to let you know she is not there. There will also be unique shouts for when Molly is on the way to the Drop Pod.

We have also added an icon next to the portrait of the player who’s calling for the M.U.L.E.


We got inspired looking through the community-made mods, and have added an anglometer to the Reinforced Power Drills crosshair.


Speaking of modding, we have enabled the SteamVR and OculusVR plugins to allow modders to play with them. Have fun!


Last but not least, a bunch of minor clipping and collision issues on the Space Rig have been fixed.


We have added Slovak and Arabian languages by community requests. As with most other languages, these are community translated and work-in-progress. If you want to contribute to the translation of your own language, then check out our Crowdin project page here. A huge THANK YOU to the hundreds of fans who have contributed so far and have made an extra effort to translate Season 01, so it is ready for launch today!


  • Added an option to show detailed network stats to UI options
  • Added Industrial Sabotage to the Miner’s Manual
  • Added Rival Tech enemies to the Miner’s Manual
  • Added new idle animations for holding a rifle
  • Added a small janitor room in the basement of the Space Rig and left something in it
  • Added Laserpointer shouts to the Mini M.U.L.E.s in Salvage Missions and Deep Dives
  • The revival of downed teammates is now prioritized over other nearby events that share the same key input, e.g. building pipes, petting Steeve, etc.
  • Updated Mission Icons on the Mission Terminal
  • Added the ability to get more and older Cloud Saves, from the Restore Saves menu
  • Expanded the cave variety for all Escort Missions
  • The distance between the caves can now be shorter than before, reducing travel time
  • Reduced cave size and complexity for the Medium Length & Average Complexity mission (the one used in deep dives)
  • Added a Medium Length & High Complexity mission that has larger and more complex caves
  • Added a Long & Average Complexity mission that has 2 stops, but smaller and less complex caves
  • Updated lighting in Vanity terminals to match better with the lighting on the Space Rig
  • Added basic support for PS4 controllers on Windows
  • Added modded server information to Steam Rich Presence
  • Added shouts for when the M.U.L.E. is not in a mission or returning to the Drop Pod
  • Supply Pods now give a small push to players who are caught under them to prevent being inside of the pods after being revived
  • The game now posts a “Player X has been kicked” message instead of “Player X left the game” if a player is kicked from the game
  • Tweaked mission weights to make Refinery and Escort missions appear in the same numbers as Elimination / Salvage
  • Tweaked the player resource inventory UI
  • Added localizability to Danger Level on Mission Terminal monitors
  • Added friendly fire sounds to the Cryo Cannon and the Flamethrower
  • Added useable text to the Fuel Canister
  • Slightly reduced the fire resistance of all Glyphid Dreadnought variants
  • Flamethrower can now ignite all poison gas clouds
  • Gave the old MK1 and MK2 armors a bit of love and polish
  • Made small adjustments to mission rewards to improve the consistency across the various mission types
  • The XP reward for completing the primary and secondary mission objectives now
  • scales based on the mission length and complexity; this gives a more consistent progression no matter what sort of missions you like to play
  • Fixed inconsistent spelling of the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed slight clipping into the wall on the back of the Character Select computer in the cabin. Well spotted!
  • Beautified various tooltips on the Save Menu
  • Addressed an issue that converted Main Saves to Sandbox Saves
  • Fixed a typo in the mission objective text when the Drop Pod needs refueling
  • Addressed an issue that caused the “Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon crosshair to reset
  • Addressed an issue that caused the “Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon crosshair to not always match equipped upgrades
  • Addressed an issue that enabled the Tritilyte Deposit to block access to the Drop Pod
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the Dreadnought Hiveguard from spawning Glyphid Sentinels if you damaged it too fast
  • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused the Dreadnought projectile to not collide with the player correctly
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Subata 120 magazine to face the wrong direction
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when the Fuel Canister was picked up by another player after the first pick up
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when activating Iron Will
  • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused gear stats to not update after purchasing a gear modification
  • Fixed a typo in the quotes for the Fungus Bogs biome
  • Addressed an issue that caused the recoil stat in the Equipment Terminal to not show the correct values
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Incendiary Grenade to not show duration in the stats
  • Fixed a text scaling issue on the Forge to enable longer translations
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Subata 120 to have a floating shadow in first person
  • Fixed M1000 Classic and Bulldog magazines getting skin textures applied when they should not
  • Addressed an issue with the third-person mining animation not rotating the arm correctly with the pickaxe to match the pitch of the character
  • Addressed an issue that caused Mineral numbers to be out of sync at the Mineral Trade Terminal
  • Addressed an issue where Cargo Crate batteries would be out of sync on clients
  • Addressed an issue where players automatically throw objects after picking them up
  • Addressed an issue that enabled dwarves to build turrets while carrying a Fuel Cannister
  • Addressed an issue that allowed you to equip a weapon while depositing minerals in the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed Inferno OC description not matching the OC’s penalties
  • Addressed an issue where the Embedded Detonators OC wouldn’t trigger with no reserve ammo left
  • Addressed an issue that enabled downed dwarves to expose OMEN Exterminator weakpoints if they were downed on a Maintenance Access Platform
  • Addressed an issue that caused the dwarf character to be offset to the left in The Shop
  • Addressed an issue that caused the mannequin dwarf to disappear in Vanity icons
  • Fixed missing space in ‘Pick up’ useable text across all assets that used it
  • Addressed an issue that caused the “Warthog” Auto 210 expanded ammo bags modification to not actually expand ammo bags. Silly ammo bags.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the Mactera Brundle charge-up from having sound while its armor was intact
  • Addressed an issue where Iron Will would not trigger if the HUD was toggled off
  • Addressed an issue that caused mods in the mods folder to not be enabled even though the game version check was disabled
  • Addressed an issue that caused local mods to be marked with an outdated warning in the Modding Tab
  • Addressed an issue with Bosco not returning to his speedy self after picking up heavy stuff
  • Addressed an issue where sometimes you could not create a new save, even though you had less than the max number of Save Slots used
  • Addressed an issue where the loadout overview in the ESC menu would not update if the ESC menu was closed while the overview was expanded
  • Addressed an issue that caused loadout icons to be active while the purchase pop-up for modifications was in focus
  • Addressed an issue that caused Fuel Cannister progress to only update when 100% full
  • Addressed an issue that prevented BET-C from attacking you if you had already been downed once
  • Addressed an issue where Cloud Saves would not be loaded properly
  • Addressed an issue with font sizes in the chat
  • Addressed an issue with some players not having a Main Save (a new one is now automatically created if the player for some reason does not have an available Main Save; if the player has more than one Main Save, we ask them to delete Main Saves)
  • Addressed an issue where Iron Will activation would activate See You In Hell, and vice versa
  • Addressed an issue where the Maintenance Access Platforms would not highlight which OMEN Exterminator module would be exposed if you stand on it while starting the Machine Event
  • Addressed an issue that caused Experimental and Sandbox tags to not be visible
  • Addressed an issue related to picking up carriables after throwing another
  • Addressed an issue that caused Homing Drones from the OMEN Exterminator to be way faster than intended
  • Addressed an issue that with Save Games sometimes being converted to a Sandbox Save, when loaded from the regular saves popup
  • Addressed an issue that allowed the drinking animation to be interrupted by tipping Lloyd
  • Removed wrong tooltip for ‘Show Sandbox Label’ option
  • Changed Heat Radiance text to say “Burn everything around you” instead of “heat up,” to reflect what it actually does

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