Deceit update (Oct 7, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Deceit patch notes, the latest update added some minor changes to the game.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Deceit patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Deceit Patch Notes – October 7, 2021


They’re back! This year we’ve released a fair few different ways to turn the power back on and progress to the next area during the night period. Through taking on feedback from the community and many play sessions, we’ve developed an updated fuse system that brings together the strengths of the different versions we’ve tried.

When the lights go out, you’ll see a power bar at the top of your screen that, once filled, will open the doors and allow you to progress to the next area. If you’re innocent (or pretending to act as one!), find a fuse dispenser that will be highlighted to you on the walls to collect a fuse. Once you have a fuse, fuse boxes will be highlighted where you can attach the fuse, and gain power. Be careful though, holding a fuse will periodically reveal you to Terrors causing them to hunt you down. If a Terror manages to swipe you down whilst you’re holding a fuse it’ll be destroyed and you’ll have to find another when you respawn.

HRTF (aka “Binaural Audio”)

Our audio system has had a bit of a revamp with this update, introducing HRTF Audio Spatialisation. This will enable players to better locate where sounds are coming from by more realistically modelling how your ears perceive directionality, so no more sneaky Terrors popping up behind you without you noticing! With this change we’ve adjusted a lot of the in-game sounds, including adding occlusion to sounds that should be muffled by walls. If you’re using surround on your headphones, we recommend switching to stereo to have the best experience.

Terror Visual Update

The Game Master’s serum has been tweaked slightly, causing those infected with the virus to appear quite differently when in their Terror form. Once affected by damage, Terrors will now glow brighter and brighter (linked to their remaining health), up until their expulsion where they will dramatically disintegrate into nothing. Alongside this, Terrors that are Enraged will now have a notable aura around them to indicate that they are ready-to-kill.

Ranked Season

October’s ranked season has begun! Congratulations to everyone who placed highly in September’s ranked season – and gained the elusive crowns and ranked booth tokens. October’s ranked season will run up until Monday November 8th. Please note, as of the Labyrinth update – perks are no longer tied to seasons, and you will keep all earned perks, unless you prestige.


This year’s Halloween event is scheduled to be released on October 14th and will run up until Monday November 8th. In addition to some awesome seasonal cosmetics, we’re also releasing the first iteration of our item upgrade system. Collect consumable upgrades on the Labyrinth that you can equip in-game to give your item unique flair – this could be anything from a jack-in-a-box trap, to an armour upgrade that makes you appear ghostly. Be sure to check our socials for more details and previews over the next week.

Patch Notes
  • Shooting Fuse Boxes in the day now requires you to hit the Tamper Box, rather than the whole Fuse Box.
  • Reward Crates can now be tampered with whilst their linked task is still being completed.
  • With the removal of Generators, the Werewolf’s Howl now causes players to lose their fuses instead of cancelling their current interaction.
  • Viewing terrors on the main menu will now turn the menu dark – more accurately depicting what they look like in game.
  • The Yeti’s ‘Frozen Fury’ ability now shields for an extra 50 health, bringing it up to 200 upon initial use.
  • The outlines used for highlighting objects you can interact with have been adjusted and, for a lot of them, no longer show through walls.
  • The Tutorial has had several improvements & fixes as well as being updated to include the Fuses.
  • Our in-game translations have been updated thanks to our Community Translators.
  • [FIXED] The hitbox on Tamper Boxes is much larger than the actual model size.

Download free Deceit patch on PC (Steam).

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