Death’s Gambit Afterlife update 1.1.4 & 1.1.5 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Deaths Gambit Afterlife patch notes, the latest update brings fixes, balancing, and more. Additionally, Deaths Gambit Afterlife version 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 also includes stability fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Deaths Gambit Afterlife patch 1.1.4 & 1.1.5 will fix a few of these issues.

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Death’s Gambit Afterlife 1.1.4 & 1.1.5 Patch Notes – October 28, 2021

After defeating 5 heroic bosses, WILL no longer increases from dying. It can still be increased from other sources.

Blades of the Phoenix motes are no longer consumed after blocking.

Crash fixes:

Improved memory usage in the Caer Siorai ceiling on PC, some computers should no longer crash here.

Improved memory usage in the ??? room with the rain, it should help some computers not crash here.


Bysurge Heroic now drops capes instead of boots.

Spells/Bullets created by the giant drone and ash (during heroic thalamus) deal damage sooner if you blocked an attack recently.

Serpent Barrage and Spear Rush now correctly scale with STR if using the spear adjustment talent.

Halberd Lunge and Cyclone correctly scale with FIN if using the halberd adjustment talent.

Owlking journals correctly increase damage dealt to Owlking boss.


You can now correctly place markers on the edges of the map.

After defeating Aberrant AI and getting the cutscene with Death, the markers on the map will now persist after the cutscene.

Fixed a weird issue in which getting stomped by forgotten gaian would cause Sorun to play a weird knocked down animation.

Amulvaro double sword attack no longer hits the player from behind even if the player has the turtle shield.

Amulvaro’s heavy sword attack now has a more forgiving parry window, it was a bit buggy.

If Amulvaro dashes from a portal above the player he will now have his sprite correctly facing down.

Infinity Slicer uses correct sprite when player is has weapon charged and they move forward and back.

Charge sound effect now correctly plays when charging Infinity Slicer.

Soul Gambit now correctly increases spell blade shadow clone damage.

Spell Blade shadow clone now correctly deals damage when using a spellblade air attack.

Flying rabbits no longer deal damage while player is in a cutscene in the Rabbit Burrow.

Buying multiple weapons or armor from a merchant now correctly gives you all the weapons and armor you bought.

Endless no longer lowers WILL every time she is defeated in heroic.

Dying to spikes after defeating Cusith no longer bring you to the boss death results screen.

Going to NG+ and talking to Alistair (without resetting the game) no longer shows recipes obtained before NG+.

Assault Drone now teleports to Sorun instantly if the drone is too far away.

Skeleton Key is now purchasable from the Acolyte Lizard Merchant.

A few other misc fixes.

Patch Notes (Afterlife 1.1.5)

Forgotten Gaian kicks no longer deal damage while under the effects of improved fortitude.

Amulvaro miniboss debuff no longer deals damage if under the effects of improved fortitude.

Can now correctly buy abilities from ione in darkness falls while in keyboard only mode without closing the ability purchase ui.

Should no longer lose soul trigger ability when respeccing.

Fixed an issue which cause the hammer amarog enemy to fall down a platform in the central sanctuary ice cave.

Fixed a bug that caused the main menu to get stuck in its original version.

Added a missing save point icon to the map in Journey’s End, if in NG+ and the acolyte class.

Darkeater greatsword dash now correctly scales with int when wearing theurgist aura.

Soul boost ability no longer reduces cooldown of ability in slot 1.

Player can no longer use a crow plume to teleport out of the first few rooms of Collapsing Nightmare.

Heroic Forgotten Gaian is a bit easier now.

Some enemies will no longer say they dropped items that are over +12 upgrade level, even if they actually didn’t. Would happen in high NG+.

Rain now correctly falls during the Bulwark boss fight again.

Standing over broken save points as an acolyte class now correctly show a prompt that indicate you should press the interact button.

Immortalite blade no longer gives damage bonus even if not attacking with Immortalite Blade.

Can no longer trigger a grey wanderer cutscene in labyrinth if she has been attacked enough.

Skytomb purple orbs no longer deal damage when half visible.

Projectiles from Inquisitor halberd now get their damage correctly adjusted.

Valkyrie spears that fall have their damage correctly adjusted.

Perfect blocking with perfect block haste no longer reduces the cooldown of ability in slot 4.

Dark sigils no longer apply a new buff tooltip instead of refreshing the old one.

Fixed a crash with heroic Eldritch Council related to defeating her before any of her other eldritch casters.

Enemy projectiles now correctly despawn after defeating heroic Forgotten Gaian.

Blind bomb and blind traps now only gain charges if you have the correct trap mastery talent.

Dive kick now correctly affects Wraith King Sirad.

Skybreaker explosion now correctly scales with finesse if longsword adjustment is unlocked.

Soul trigger should no longer duplicate.

Added a failsafe that makes the fortitude spellbook appear again if you lost the ability via a bug.

Valkyrie plume healing amount is now correctly affected by vitality stat.

Pyroclasm talent now also makes tome fire 2 explosion create many bouncing fireballs that hit enemies around you.

Explosion from cosmic bow now correctly benefits from marksman aura.

Parrying a sorun doppleganger that is using the tome dark 1 dash attack no longer causes him to repeat his animation. Now correctly parries him.

Can no longer take damage from chamber floating mines while in a cutscene.

Exiting to the left inside the afterlife room with the valkarie miniboss no longer teleports the player to a weird spot in the next room

A few other misc fixes.

Download free Death’s Gambit Afterlife version 1.1.4 & 1.1.5 on PC.

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