Dead by Daylight (DBD) Update 2.46 Patch Notes – March 23, 2022


A new Dead by Daylight update 2.46 is now rolling out on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official DBD update 2.46 patch notes, the latest update contains a bunch of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, Dead by Daylight patch 2.46 also includes stability and performance fixes.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new Killer (The Onryō) and a new survivor (Yoichi Asakawa) to the game.

Unfortunately, players are facing various issues with the game. Today’s Dead by Daylight patch 2.46 will address a few of these issues.

Related, DBD servers are down. Check DBD server status here.

DBD 2.46 Patch Notes – Official

Fixed the following issues.

  • The Bloodletting, Vector Victory and Pulcinella cosmetics unlocked for free. (Epic Games Store only)
  • Sometimes players can purchase the same perk multiple times in the Shrine of Secrets.
  • Unable to unlock Sadako Rising DLC achievements. (PS4 only)
  • Fixed a crash when equipping the Boon: Dark Theory perk. (Switch only)
  • Unable to purchase the discounted outfits using Shards.
  • killer unable to block the ”Unhook” prompt with one of the hook in Industrial map.
  • The Onryo sfx unable to play when opening an empty locker.
  • The Hillbilly’s chainsaw sfx unable to play during a sprint.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when entering the perimeter of Yoichi Asakawa’s Boon: Dark Theory.
  • The Triage achievement is unable to progress if the healed Survivor was unhooked.
  • The Onryo’s Condemned kills from counting towards the Tome 10 Execution challenge.
  • Addressed an incorrect camera orientation while projecting as The Onryo to a nearby near TV.
  • Fixed a bug where a survivor using perk Head On from killing The Nemesis’ zombies when dashing out of a locker.
  • Addressed an issue where a generic icon to be shown when using a killer power.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Nurse’s blink charge animation to loop when charging her power.
  • Addressed a bug that prevented progress of the Demogorgon’s Daily Ritual.
  • Addressed a bug that prevented the Nurse’s blink charge time from being increased when using Kavanagh’s Last Breath and Heavy Panting add-ons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Survivor to instantly wiggle free when being downed while the Killer was carrying another Survivor with 90% or more wiggle progress.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the makeup to be missing from Elodie’s 50’s Night Out outfit icon.

Download free DBD patch 2.46 on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.

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