Dead by Daylight Chapter 22.5 update will soon roll out on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official DBD Chapter 22.5 patch notes, the latest update added new changes, adjustments, and much more. Apart from this, the Dead by Daylight Mid Season Chapter 22.5 patch also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new Killer (The Artist), a new survivor ( Jonah Vasquez), and more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing various issues with the game. Today’s Dead by Daylight Chapter 22.5 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

What is new in DBD Chapter 22.5 patch notes? – January 4, 2022


The game and the community are constantly changing, and the matchmaking system should always be adapted to support them. This is why we’re constantly making changes behind the scenes. One recent example came from an influx of new players. We noticed that the default rating was placing first-time players against some fairly experienced opponents. So, to remedy this, we lowered the default rating for new players so they would be more likely to play amongst each other. We’re regularly making changes like this behind the scenes to find the best balance of fast queues and quality matches.

Beyond small tweaks, we’ve identified some areas where the system could be improved. Let’s run through each of them quickly:

Backfill Improvements

If someone leaves a lobby, the matchmaker needs to find a replacement (a.k.a. backfill). Right now, it heavily favours a quick replacement over a quality one. This can lead to some matches where one (or more) players are outside of their normal skill range. We’re going to work towards finding a good balance between quality and wait times.

Disconnection Handling

Currently, the SBMM system doesn’t handle disconnects as well as it could. We’re looking to make adjustments to handle them better and make sure disconnects are treated fairly when altering someone’s rating.

Extended Breaks

When someone takes an extended break from the game, their rating does not change. This isn’t ideal since you’re bound to be a little rusty after not playing for a while, and returning to difficult matches is a recipe for a frustrating night. We’re hoping to introduce a mechanic that adjusts your rating(s) when you’ve been gone for a while to ease you back in when you return.

General Improvements

This one is a little more technical: The game will detect which server you have the best connection to and match you with other players who are close to that server. This works well enough, but if you’re right between two servers, you’ll only be matched with one set of players. For players who have good connections to more than one server, we’d like to open up matchmaking and allow them to find matches with either set of players. This can help balance out queue times at off-peak hours and even improve the quality of the matches made.


Last year, we changed struggling from button mashing to skill checks, making it much more accessible and a lot easier on your buttons & keys. We’ve been working on a similar update to wiggling as well, and we’re finally ready to share it with you.

Instead of mashing buttons, you’ll see a skill check while being carried- only this one has two zones and doesn’t go away when you hit it. Instead, hitting the skill check successfully will cause it to switch directions and gradually fill your wiggle meter. Keep hitting those skill checks to keep wiggling!

This interaction keeps wiggling interactive while requiring far fewer inputs and is much easier on your joysticks, making it more accessible to players with repetitive strain injuries. Additionally, each side of the skill check can optionally be bound to a different button to further increase the gap between repeated button presses.


On the topic of accessibility, another feature that will be debuting with this update is a toggle mode for interactions. This new option, which can be enabled in the Settings, makes holding a button for long periods of time a thing of the past. Simply press the button to start the interaction and press it again to stop it.

To go with it, you’ll also find a new option to cancel interactions by sprinting. Enabling this will automatically cancel actions and cause you to start running whenever you sprint.

Our goals with these new settings are to make Dead by Daylight more accessible, and to provide an alternative for players that don’t wish to hold a button for the entire length of an interaction. Plus, this frees up a hand so you can take a drink while hitting skill checks! (We’ll still predict when you’re taking a drink and give you a skill check, though, that’s our favourite feature.)


Before we dive into the fun stuff, we want to address a serious topic.

For those who may not know, The Cannibal can unlock the faces of the four original Survivors by sacrificing them 25 times.

Members of the community have shared their experiences with people targeting and harassing them while using some of these masks. These reports were disheartening to hear, and we absolutely condemn this behaviour. We are not comfortable having these masks in the game when they are used as a tool to spread hate. To that end, we will be removing The Cannibal’s unlockable faces in this upcoming Mid-Chapter.

Anyone who has ever played The Cannibal by the release of the Mid-Chapter update will be awarded 6,000 Iridescent Shards to compensate for their removal.

We will not tolerate hateful activity and will continue to take every step necessary to protect the community.


A few months back, ranks became grades and we introduced rewards based on how far you manage to climb each month. Currently, the rewards range up to 250,000 Bloodpoints.

We’ve been tracking grade resets in the months since to see not only how far everyone manages to get in a month, but also how many matches it took to get there. The current reward for your efforts doesn’t seem very fitting, so we will be increasing the grade rewards starting with the January 13th season, with the new rewards first going out on February 13th.

We’re in the process of finalizing the exact rewards, but we’ll keep you posted once they are decided. (Rest assured, they will indeed be higher than before.)


In our last Mid-Chapter, we made some tweaks to a bunch of different add-ons. We were thrilled to see such a positive reaction, so we’ve decided to make it a tradition. We hope to make add-on tweaks like these a more regular part of our updates in the future.

Please keep in mind that just because you don’t see a particular add-on on the list below doesn’t mean it’s not on our radar. We’ll rapid fire through the add-ons we’ll be adjusting this time:

The Blight

  • Adrenaline Vial: Reduced the rush turn rate penalty to 55%

The Cannibal

  • Carburetor Tuning Guide: Reduced movement speed penalty to 2% (was 4%)
  • Depth Gauge Rake: Reduced movement speed penalty to 2% (was 4%)
  • Iridescent Flesh: Lowered the maximum tantrum duration to 5 seconds (was 8)
  • Long Guide Bar: Increased time before tantrum by 2 seconds (was 1)

The Clown

  • Solvent Jug: Increased duration of Invigoration by 2 seconds (was 1)
  • Robin Feather: Decreases cooldown by 40% (was 30%)
  • Flask of Bleach: Increases Hindered effect by 4% (was 5%)
  • Redhead’s Pinkie Finger: Reduces bottle count by 2

The Pig

  • Amanda’s Letter: Reduces available RBTs by 2 (was 3)
  • Last Will: Increases time to charge Ambush attacks by 33% (was 66%)

The Twins

  • Iridescent Pendant: Increased Exposed duration to 45 seconds (was 30)
  • Baby Teeth: Increased Blindness duration to 30 seconds (was 15)
  • Madeleine’s Scarf: Increases Victor’s movement speed by 0.3m/s (was 0.4m/s)
  • Toy Sword: Decreases Pounce charge time by 0.2 seconds (was 0.25)
  • Stale Biscuit: Decreases Pounce cooldown by 0.4 seconds (was 0.5)

The Nemesis

  • Iridescent Umbrella Badge: Increased duration of Exposed effect to 60 seconds (was 30)
  • Shattered S.T.A.R.S Badge: Increases zombie movement speed by 150% for 60 seconds (was 100% for 60 seconds)
  • Marvin’s Blood: Increases mutation rate by 25% (was 33%)
  • Mikhail’s Eye: Increases zombie movement speed by 35% (was 50%)

The Huntress

  • Wooden Fox: Increased Undetectable duration to 30 seconds (was 15)

The Oni

  • Iridescent Family Crest: Increased range to 24m (was 12m)


It wouldn’t be a dev update without a list of perks being changed. Here’s what’s in store for this Mid-Chapter.

Boil Over

The effects of wiggling have been increase to 50/75/100%, and the aura blocking range for nearby hooks has been increased to a nice round 16m. Additionally, Boil Over now has a new effect: If the Killer drops from a height while carrying you, you’ll instantly get a 25% wiggle progress bonus.


With all the things that can read your auras these days, those tokens can disappear sooner than you’d like. So we’re upping the number of tokens that you start with to 4.

Remember Me

Remember Me can have a lot of potential, but the basic attack condition could make it an unpopular choice on some Killers. So it’s gone: Remember Me will now get a token whenever the Obsession loses a health state.

Wake Up

On that note, it seems only fitting to revisit Wake Up. We’ve increased the gate opening speed bonus to 15/20/25%. This should make the perk more impactful when it comes into play and offer some counterplay in the event that Remember Me catches on.


Simply put, the conditions for Gearhead are too strict for the payoff, so we’re giving it a small rework. Any time a Survivor loses a health state, Gearhead activates. The next time a Survivor hits a great skill check while repairing, their aura will be revealed for 6/8/10 seconds. Gearhead then deactivates. These changes will make the perk more appealing on Killers that rely more heavily on special attacks and make it activate far more often while also providing more detailed information.

Power Struggle

This one released with pretty safe values so it wouldn’t get out of hand, but we’re now comfortable with reducing the activation conditions. Power Struggle will now activate once 25/20/15% wiggle progress has been reached. This should make it a little easier to pull off with some planning.

Buckle Up

Another small tweak: The aura reading duration has been increased to 6/8/10 seconds.

Coup de Grace

This one’s a bit of a rollercoaster: It was originally toned down because it was too strong, but then that made it a little too weak. We’re bumping the lunge increase up to 70/75/80% (also shortening the gap between different tiers of the perk, woo!)

Furtive Chase

Furtive Chase has found its way into some niche builds and can be a lot of fun to experiment with. However, losing all your tokens when the Obsession is killed leaves you without a perk for the rest of the match. So, we’re getting rid of the restriction: You’ll no longer lose your tokens if the Obsession dies.

Dead Man’s Switch

The Obsession condition of this perk makes it very inconsistent to use, and also severely limits the number of times it can activate in a match. So it’s gone! Now, Dead Man’s Switch will activate whenever any Survivor is hooked.

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