Crossout PS4 Update 2.68 Patch Notes (Official) – February 17, 2022


Crossout  PS4 update 2.68 (Raven’s Path Update) is now available to download. According to the official Crossout 2.68 patch notes, the latest update added a new mode “Arena”, a new season and battle pass, a new relic weapon, as well as a number of other important changes and fixes. Apart from this, Crossout version 2.68 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added a special New Year PvE operation, several brawls for the New Year holidays at once, and a number of important balance changes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Crossout patch 2.68 will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Crossout Update Today? – February 17, 2022

New mode “Arena”

Attention! The mode will be available until March 20 inclusive!

  • “Arena” is a PvP mode that puts your individual and team playing skills to the test.
  • The mode is available from reputation level 7 with the “Engineers” faction.
  • Battles take place on the maps designed specifically for this mode:
    • “Power center”;
    • “City pond”;
    • “Defence line”.
  • The battles are held in the “3 vs 3” format.
  • You can enter the mode as a part of a group or on your own. In the second case, you will join the team of 2 random players.
  • The first team to win in 3 rounds (out of a maximum of 5) wins.
  • If the winner is not determined within the time allotted for the round, a deadly zone appears along the perimeter of the arena, which gradually narrows the area available for battle.
  • If the player leaves the battle before it is over, a raider is added to the team instead.
  • Before entering the “Arena”, you can select up to 3 car blueprints in advance (similar to clan battles).
    • These can be your own armoured cars as well as those that you’ve unlocked as rewards.
    • The vehicle can be changed at the beginning of each next round.
    • The use of explosives, fuel tanks, barrels, and the “Tusk” cabin is prohibited in the assemblies.
  • There are 2 modes available to you: “Arena” and “Arena: Rating”.
  • Attention! The first week of the event is set as a “warm-up”, during which only the “Arena” mode will be available. The rating mode will launch on February 24, at 06:00 GMT, and it will end on March 14, at 00:00 GMT.
  • In the standard “Arena” mode, players are matched according to their vehicle power score (PS). The system takes into account the vehicle with the highest PS value out of those 3 that you chose.
  • In the rating mode, the matchmaking is based on your current rating score. The number of points affects your position in the leaderboard.
  • For reaching the “Golden”, “Silver” and “Bronze” leagues, players will receive appropriate backgrounds and emblems for profile customization, as well as memorable decorations that will symbolize their skills and will not be available to other players: “Golden league champion”, “Silver league champion” and “Bronze league champion”.
  • Both standard and rating modes are available in the corresponding tabs after pressing the “Select mode” button on the garage screen or via the special event banners.
  • All players have access to the special Arena rewards, which are given for achieving the next level.
    • The Arena rewards and the new seasonal battle pass rewards are separate things and are earned independently.
    • Arena levels can be increased with points, which are awarded for completing special daily challenges related to the mode, as well as for each victory of your team in the mode (both in the standard version and in the ranked version).
    • There are 36 levels with Arena rewards.
  • Among the already familiar rewards, the Arena rewards also include:
    • ready-made armoured vehicles, which can be used only in this mode and only during the event. This will help those players who have just joined the game and don’t have a lot of parts yet;
    • battle pass Levels (experience points that are sufficient to raise the current season level by 1).

You can test the received armored car via the interface for selecting 3 cars for the mode or in the Arena rewards scale.

“Steel gladiators” season

Attention! The season “Steel gladiators” and the battle pass packs will be available until April 27 inclusive!

  • There are 54 levels with rewards in the event. Leveling up in the event will unlock new rewards.
  • If the player has a Battle Pass, 20 in-game coins are rewarded for levels from 55 and above.
  • All players without exception (both with and without a paid Battle Pass) can access:
    • “Workpieces” of the new parts from the season, as well as parts from previous seasons (you can find and use the received workpieces in the “Resources” tab in your storage). The workpieces remain in your storage forever. They can be used at any time, even after the end of the season.
    • Recipes for parts production. ATTENTION! These recipes will only be available temporarily during the current season. Once it is completed, the part recipes will be unavailable.
    • Elements for the banner customization.
    • 100 in-game coins.
    • Workbench coupons.
    • Building supplies.
  • Players who have purchased the battle pass may receive the following additional rewards:
    • Parts that have been crafted before. Please note that such parts are already issued with certain upgrades and cannot be sold/bought on the market.
    • 4 new CKs (customization kits).
    • In-game coins.
    • Cosmetic items: paints, stickers, hologram.
    • New decoration for the range.
    • “Storage expansions” and “Blueprint storages”.
    • Legendary upgrade stabilizers.
    • Engineer badges.
  • Rewards marked with a lock icon are only available in the Battle Pass.
  • Parts that you didn’t have time to unlock can be purchased on the in-game market from other players.


  • Improved mission icons on the world map.
  • Now, when you move the mouse cursor over the armoured vehicle blueprint, a special window with a list of parts used in that blueprint is shown.
  • Now, when selecting several armoured vehicles for game modes, the list of blueprints displays special icons: the ones that have already been added and the ones that cannot be added (with an explanation).
  • Improved the screen for selecting an armoured vehicle in clan battles and “Arena” mode: now the player can see allied armoured vehicles, as well as blueprints that they have in stock.


  • Added new special garage track for the “Steel gladiators” season:
  • Updated the sounds of the machine gun “Chord”.
  • Optimized the sounds of the autocannon “Joule”.
  • Added unique sound effects for the “Trump card” CK.
  • Improved the reload sound of the weapon “Pulsar”.
  • Improved the engineer badge exchange sound.
  • Updated the sounds of barrel and mine explosions.
  • Implemented A number of minor changes to the balance of sound effects.
  • Now the 14th skill of the “Bulldog” co-driver increases the damage of all rocket launchers.
  • Improved the front part of the physical model of the “Deadman” cabin. Other parts can now be mounted close to the cabin’s front.
  • Improved visual appearance of the generator “PU-1 Charge”.
  • Improved the decoration “Idol of death”.
  • Improved visual models of recharge boosters.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue when a player could add a leviathan into an armoured car slot.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause armored vehicles to twitch during movement on certain configurations.
  • Fixed the bugs where in the “Adventure” mode there was an opportunity to get inside the environmental objects or the location closed by the gate.
  • Addressed an issue which made it possible to fly outside the “Desert valley” map.
  • Addressed an issue when the appearance of the “Yaoguai” drone was accompanied by a white stripe effect.
  • Addressed an issue when the “Trigger”, “Destructor” and “Spark III” weapons could twitch when the car was turning.
  • Addressed an issue where parts could be mounted or removed from the vehicle with the left mouse button in build mode.
  • Addressed an issue where the power and maximum speed of an overloaded vehicle with melee weapons could temporarily increase.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of stones on the map “Founders Canyon”.
  • Addressed an issue where the player cars could spawn on each other in the raid “Frontier defense” on the map “Crater”.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of vegetation on the map “Terminal 45” .
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to environmental objects on the “Naukograd” map.
  • Addressed an issue with the disappearance of environmental objects on the “East quarter” map.
  • Addressed an issue with incorrect display of the challenge completion progress on the battle results screen.
  • Addressed an issue where animations of the “Deadman” cabin and recharge boosters began to launch when shooting the “Skinner” harpoon, rather than during its reloading.
  • Addressed an issue where destructible objects installed on the range could be destroyed without any interaction with a player or guests.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts.

Download free Crossout update 2.68 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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