Crossout  PS4 update 2.64 (Snowstorm Update) is now available to download. According to the official Crossout 2.64 patch notes, the latest update added a special New Year PvE operation, several brawls for the New Year holidays at once, traditional New Year’s garages and a number of important balance changes. Apart from this, Crossout version 2.64 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added a new season with unique rewards, a new PvP-mode, the return of the updated map “Fortress” and a new relic weapon!.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Crossout patch 2.64 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Crossout 2.64 patch notes – Dec 16, 2021

New Year’s event “Snowstorm”

Attention! The “Snowstorm” event will last from December 16 to January 16 inclusive!

Operation “Secret Santa”

Operation “Secret Santa” will be available from December 16 to January 2 inclusive!

Key features:

  • The battle takes place on the special “Mountain village” map.
  • The objective of the survivors is to save the holiday in the Wasteland, complete the tasks and destroy or clear the infected armoured vehicles and bosses.
  • The battle consists of stages with a boss appearing at the end of each stage. The boss can either be destroyed or cleared of infection, by destroying all the “blue eyes” of the Ravagers.
  • The number of stages is limited only by the time available to complete the mode and the efficiency and teamwork of the player vehicles.
  • To meet the boss, players need to complete the tasks, which may include:
    • Collecting and clearing the presents;
    • Destruction of the charging station;
    • Clearing the storages with presents.
  • There are surveillance cameras located at certain places in the location. If at least one of the survivors is spotted, the enemy reinforcements will be called. But this can be avoided by just staying out of their sight or driving quickly through the dangerous area. Or maybe you will take a chance and try to destroy the camera before it spots you? It’s up to you!
  • Players get points for completing missions, destroying bosses and infected armoured vehicles. Destroying the latter does not bring as many points as completing a task or participating in battle with the boss.
  • You can destroy the blue eyes on the armoured vehicles attacking you. Destroying all blue eyes on the car removes the infection and the armoured car joins the battle on your side.
  • For participating in the mode, players receive a special resource “Crackers”, which can be used on the workbench “Lost and found explosives”.
  • After the end of the Snowstorm event, all unused firecrackers will be withdrawn without the option to exchange them for other resources.

Lost and found explosives

  • The workbench will be available up to January 16 inclusive.
  • Using the workbench, you can craft New Year’s cosmetic items, a number of already upgraded parts with predetermined, as well as the “Lacerator” and “Mauler” saws at a reduced cost.
  • All items on the special workbench are produced using “Crackers”, other resources and parts.
  • The full list of items available for production, as well as their recipes, can always be found in the workbench’s interface in the game.
  • Please note that offers for the production of upgraded parts are periodically updated!

Operation “Secret Santa” leaderboard and special challenges

  • The best result of the player in the mode is added to the leaderboard. If a player succeeds in scoring more points next time, the result is updated in the table.
  • It is the player’s best score in the mode that counts in the table, and not the sum of all points scored for all attempts.
  • Based on the results of the event, players get rewards, depending on their final position in the leaderboard:
    • 1 — 1000: 800 Engineers badges + “Globeduck” + paint “Helper elf” + “Candy exhaust”.
    • 1001 — 3000: 600 Engineers badges + paint “Helper elf” + “Candy exhaust”.
    • 3001 — 6000: 450 Engineers badges + “Candy exhaust”.
  • During the event, a special task chain will be available to players (can be completed only once):
    • Complete 1 game in Operation “Secret Santa”. Reward: 2 stickers “Black tiger”.
    • Deliver 2 loads of cargo to the destination. Reward: 50 crackers.
    • Destroy or liberate 10 infected cars from the infection. Reward: 100 crackers.
    • Destroy 3 charging stations. Reward: 200 Engineer badges.
    • Together with the team, destroy 4 bosses. Reward: unique hologram “New Year 2022”.

New Year pack “Wind from the North”

We present to your attention the updated classics of the Wasteland! The car with the “Icebox” cabin has become a New Year tradition, and this year we offer you a new version of the vehicle with the rocket launcher “Snowfall”!


The pack includes:

  • Armoured car “Harbinger of the holiday”;
  • Cabin: “Icebox” of epic rarity;
  • Weapons – 2 rocket launchers “Snowfall” of epic rarity;
  • Character portrait “Vilena Rhyme”;
  • Unique hologram “Snowing”;
  • Unique decor “Fairy lights”;
  • Background and logo for profile customization;
  • Paint cans;
  • A set of stickers.
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 66;
  • 4000 in-game coins.

New Year brawl festival

For the New Year’s Eve, we have prepared new brawls, some of which have been created with the help of bloggers and players.

From 3 to 15 January, every day and for 1 day only, you will have 1 new brawl available with its own conditions and preset armoured vehicles.

On January 16, you will again be able to participate in some of the brawls. They will change each other every 2 hours, starting from 07:00 GMT.

Invite your friends, take part in each battle, and share your impressions afterwards! We will be extremely interested to know which of the brawls you would like to see in the game in the future, and which, in your opinion, need some improvements.


New Year’s garages

Winter has come to all garages! Enjoy the views and the changed surroundings. Winter came to the garage of the Syndicate for the first time, so we are waiting for the feedback from its happy owners!


  • The environmental objects that could cause an armoured vehicle to get stuck have been optimized on a number of maps:
    • Rock City;
    • Ship graveyard;
    • Industrial track;
    • Broken arrow.
  • Implemented the display of capture points on PvP maps in compatibility mode with legacy GPU’s. The new rendering system does not yet work properly for bases in clan battles overtime in compatibility mode with GPUs, but this will be improved in the future updates.
  • A number of environmental objects on the “Fortress” map have been improved.


All automatic shotguns

  • Now the sight of any automatic shotgun shows the current spread of the weapon.
  • Changed the format of the pellet spread from square to rectangular (now it corresponds to the crosshairs).
  • Now turning the weapon doesn’t increase the spread.
  • The maximum firing range has been reduced from 100 to 60 m.

Developer comment: With these changes, we would like to improve the experience when playing with shotguns. The dynamic sight will allow you to control the spread and target vulnerable parts of enemies, and the lack of spread from the weapon’s rotation will encourage manoeuvrable close combat.
On the other hand, the maximum firing range of shotguns has been significantly decreased. Now shotguns no longer compete with weapons designed for medium range firing, and this corresponds to their initial role.

All melee weapons

  • The damage zone is now displayed in the assembly mode.
  • You can no longer mount other parts in the area that deals damage. Crossing the area with other parts is also not allowed.

Developers comment: This change is intended to affect builds with Borers, which took advantage of the game not taking damage area into account when checking the possibility of mounting parts.
With the display of the damage zone, it will be easier for skilled builders to calculate the armour and ramp of their vehicle in order to maximize the potential of their melee weapons.
We will monitor the performance of melee weapons and improve their parameters in case their efficiency will significantly decrease.

All cabins

Reduced the time before the car flips without using a car jack from 30 to 20 sec.

Developer Comment: The change should reduce the fatality of the overturned vehicles in some cases.
In the future, we plan to consider different options for redesigning the car jack in order to make it more useful for different assemblies.

Special rarity

Melee weapon “Tempura”

Damage area has been improved.

Developer Comment: Previously, Tempura’s area used to be heavily “buried” in the hull of the part. Now this issue is fixed, and the effectivity of the weapon remained at the same level.

Revolver “Emily”

  • Projectile explosion radius increased by 7%.
  • Projectile speed increased by 10%.

Developer Comment: this revolver was a weapon that was quite difficult to use at medium range. Now its projectiles will fly faster, and the slightly increased explosion radius will allow you to “graze” the opponents a little more often with an indirect hit.

Rocket launcher “Pyralid”

  • Perk bonus increased from 12% to 15%.
  • Perk duration increased from 5 sec. to 8 sec.

Developer comment: Pyralid was quite a weak weapon. The following changes will simplify the use of the weapon’s perk and increase its efficiency.

Automatic cannon “Median”

Projectile speed increased by 17%.

Developer comment: The change will make the weapon more convenient and suitable for firing from a long distance.

Nailgun “Summator”

As the shot is charged, the weapon’s rotation speed increases.

Developer comment: The change is intended to facilitate agile close-range combat while using “Summator” in charged shot mode.

Explosive “Boom”

Explosion radius reduced by 10%.

Developer Comment: Reduced explosion radius will reduce the extremely high efficiency of this weapon.

Epic parts

Plasma rocket launcher “Yokai”

  • Now the weapon’s perk increases the blast radius by 100% (instead of 70% earlier).
  • The physical size of the projectile has been reduced by 33%.

Developer comment: Yokai is a weapon whose effectiveness directly depends on how the player uses its unique feature (perk). With a reduced physical size of the projectile and an increased bonus to the blast radius, it will be easier to use the perk of the rocket launcher.

Defence module “Averter”

The module will now increase the damage resistance for any parts that are attached to the power nodes of the module (including cabins and movement parts).

Cannon “Elephant”

Perk’s effect duration increased from 3 sec. to 4 sec.

Developer comment: Now, with skillful shooting and a properly assembled armoured car, the owners of “Fat Man” will be able to constantly use its perk.

Drone “Yaoguai”

  • Module durability increased from 173 pts. to 223 pts.
  • The length of the first drone burst when attacking is always equal to the duration of the perk.
  • Drone activation and targeting times have been significantly reduced.

Developer comment: these changes will simplify the game using the drone’s perk and increase its overall efficiency.

Grenade launcher “Thresher”

  • Projectile speed increased by 33%.
  • Maximum spread is reduced by 17%.

Developer Comment: similarly to “Emily”, “Thresher” is quite difficult to use at medium range. Reduced spread and faster projectiles will facilitate this process.

Plasma gun “Quasar”

  • The cannon reloads for 0.5 sec. faster (5 sec. instead of 5.5 sec.).
  • Projectile speed increased by 25%.

Developer comment: We think that many players will agree that in a direct firefight, even a split second can decide the outcome of the confrontation. A slight increase in the reload speed will allow the owners of “Quasar” to keep up with owners of other weapons with long reloading times. 

Nailgun “Argument”

  • Damage increased by 8%.
  • As the shot is charged, the weapon’s rotation speed increases.

Developers comment: the situation with “Argument” is almost similar to the one with “Summator”. These changes will make agile melee combat easier, and slightly increased damage will allow it to be more competitive against other epic parts.

Cabin “Favorite”

The cabin’s perk still prevents the heating of mounted weapons and modules, but now the duration of the heating stop depends on the minimum heating time among all weapons mounted on the vehicle. The longer the minimum heating time, the longer the bonus lasts.

Developer comment: It’s no secret that “Favourite” was often used as a cabin for shotguns. We agree that it should be more versatile. Changing the mechanics of this perk will expand the list of weapons that can be effectively used in conjunction with this cabin.

Legendary parts

Autocannon “AC80 Stillwind”

  • Perk duration increased from 2 sec. to 3 sec.
  • Burst length before overheating increased by 2 shots.
  • Shot spread reduced by 25%.

Developer comment: a slightly longer duration of the bonus will allow you to deal more damage while being invisible, or give more time for tactical maneuver, and edits to the spread and length of the queue will allow you to deal more damage.

“Fortune” minelayer

Blast damage increased by 8%.

Cannon “BC-17 Tsunami”

Now the point of explosion is shifted further if the bullet damage shot off any vehicle part.

Developer comment: now the cannon will be able to fight more efficiently against shielded vehicles, which can be often encountered at high PS levels.

Plasma gun “Pulsar”

Projectile speed increased by 20%.

Shotgun “Nidhogg”

  • Damage increased by 5%.
  • Durability increased from 340 to 357 pts.

Howitzer “Mandrake”

The weapon now drains 1 pts. less energy.

Developer comment: unfortunately, “Mandrake’s” already underwhelming efficiency has suffered even more since the introduction of reload acceleration modules. The high energy consumption of the weapon made it impossible to assemble an effective vehicle with the howitzer. Reducing energy consumption will not only allow to combine the weapons, but also make it possible to create an assembly based on a heavy cabin with 2 howitzers.

Cabin “Machinist”

Now the bonus to the weapon’s durability doesn’t depend on the current vehicle’s durability. It is now determined once (at the beginning of the battle) and no longer changes.

Shotgun “Parser”

  • Reload time increased from 2 sec. to 2.6 sec.
  • Maximum range decreased by 25%.
  • Optimal firing range reduced by 20%.
  • Changed the format of the pellet spread from square to rectangular (now it corresponds to the scope).

Developer Comment: “Parser” is an extremely powerful weapon. We have tried to reduce its efficiency and, if possible, preserve its uniqueness. As noted by many, its firing range was too great for a shotgun (albeit a versatile one), so it became the main focus of the changes.

  • Changed the sorting of clan members. The leader and officers are now displayed on the top. The rest of the members are ranked by the date they joined the clan. Players from each group (officers, ordinary members) who are currently online are always displayed higher.
  • A second click on an already selected part category in the market and storage interface now disables this filter.
  • Corrected the factional affiliation of the parts “Pyralid”, “Griffin” and “Fuze” according to the workbenches on which these parts are produced.

  • Added new tracks to the garage during the New Year holidays.
  • Added new sounds for the “Vector” machine gun.
  • Added sound effects for the “Pilgrim” cabin with the installed “T-Rex” CK.

  • Improved the effects of exhaust pipes on the cabins “Jawbreaker” and “Bat”.
  • Improved the model of the “Growl” cab with the “McCampbell” CK.
  • Now, when crafting a part that is produced instantly, the sound of production being completed is not played.

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect description of the seasonal challenge to destroy 60 parts classified as modules, movement parts or weapons. The challenge can only be completed in missions.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the scope of the “Clarinet TOW” could be shifted to the side under certain conditions and the position of the camera during launch.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

Download free Crossout update 2.64 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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