Coromon Update 1.0.19 Patch Notes – April 15, 2022


A new Coromon update 1.0.19 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Coromon patch notes, the latest update contains some significant PvP improvements and lots of QoL updates, besides the usual bug fixes.

Recently, a minor hotfix was also released with changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Coromon patch 1.0.19 will fix a few of these issues.

Read the full details below.

Coromon Patch 1.0.19 Notes – Official

Fixed issues

  • Fixed people being unable to edit their squads in the online menu
  • When your Coromon is scaled up to 50 in an online battle, any empty skill slots are filled with the next skills the Coromon would unlock
  • The Forfeit button in online matches now has an extra conformation step
  • Thunder Salvo attack now functions as it should
  • Crumble attack now functions as it should
  • Kitty Claws attack now functions as it should
  • Cat Scratch attack now functions as it should
  • Peck attack now only steals Fruit
  • Whoosh attack now has a power range from 40 to 130, up from 1 to 130
  • Bolt Bomb no longer drains more than 60SP
  • Afterburner Trait now functions as it should
  • Impatient Trait now functions as it should
  • Motivated Trait now functions as it should
  • Soul Eater Trait now functions as it should
  • Caffeinated and Fearless trait no longer cause Invalid battle states in online matches
  • Stampede attack now functions as it should
  • Premonition now still finds a target even after the attacker or target is switched out
  • Iceberg Sweep, one of Vørst’s attacks, is buffed
  • Trapped status is removed once the trapper leaves the battlefield
  • Berserk attack now changes target if a new opponent is send out
  • Phantom Spike no longer triggers Cado Fruit multiple times
  • Cado Fruit now only works when the holder is at full HP
  • Tama Fruit now only triggers on damaging moves
  • Players can no longer get stuck in the barracks
  • All Gems in Hayville are now reachable
  • Fixed a glitch which could happen when feeding Purrgy Nibbles
  • Revised Mescher Realm maps to remove some dead ends, effectively shortening some of the maps.
  • Kerrin no longer steals an additional Spinner from you


  • We removed the “You can’t use Recall Items” rule from Insane difficulty.
  • We also removed the “You can’t run away from wild Coromon” from the Hard difficulty. Note that this rule is still present for Insane difficulty, and that you can always customize your difficulty to enable these rules.
  • Cham Fruit is now available from the Fruit dealer in Darudic
  • The Drill Shovel is slightly faster
  • The Potential Reader is slightly faster
  • A lot of UI transitions are snappier
  • A lot of battle animations are snappier
  • We oiled the rusty old gears in the pyramid making the moving walls a bit faster
  • Decreased time of rain animation
  • Melissa wanders around a bit less, so she no longer blocks Shrooms
  • Clio in the Vermeer Grotto can no longer trap players
  • The Buzzlet Delivery quest now only requires you to find two Buzzlet of Potential 14 or higher
  • Nibblegar’s Perfect overworld sprite now has the same color as the battle sprite
  • Slightly buffed Mudma’s basestats
  • Fixed a number of typo’s and missing placeholders
  • Spencer in the pyramid speaks all supported languages again
  • Titan Essences are now removed from your inventory after the epilogue
  • Lena no longer leads a double life, now you can only find one of her
  • Alavi rebuilt their shop, which is now constructed in the local wood style
  • Skarbone can now also be found in Dawn Valley and in Darudic grass patches
  • Increased Squidly’s evolution level to 37, so players can benefit from finding its hidden early-evolve mechanic
  • Cakes (S) are slightly cheaper
  • Skill Flashes can be used on fainted Coromon
  • The player automatically equips their lab coat in the buzzlet lab, and changes back in their original outfit when leaving
  • The “Not very effective” texts now a have a red color

Download free Coromon patch 1.0.19 on PC (Steam).

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