A new update makes its way to Black Desert Console, bringing the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor, Node and Conquest War Pre-Season, and the third Dream Horse Doom.

● The Conquest War Pre-Season has begun.
● Conquest War for Balenos and Serendia have been disabled during this period.

– After reorganization, they’ll be revamped in a different way. Hence, during this period, Conquest Wars will only be held in Calpheon and Mediah territories.
– As the information regarding Conquest Wars will be reset with this change, there will be less tax obtained before Conquest Wars on November 13th.
● Successfully conquering Mediah and Calpheon Conquest Wars will give all guild members a handsome reward, on top of the usual Tax income.
● Liberated territories are no more, as a new points system has been introduced to settle matters in case of 2 guilds remaining at the end of a conquest war.

● On the banks of the Demi River, between Heidel and the Mediah border, sits a brand new Manor. While the building has been under construction for quite some time, it has attracted many curious glares and wonderment from those who passed by. Now that it has been completed, the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor has finally been unveiled.
– Many wonder who the mysterious proprietor of the Mansion is, and now it can be revealed to the patrons of the Golden Toad Inn that Crucio Domongatt is the lord of the manor. Find out more behind the circumstances of the Manor through the related quests needed to obtain your right to use the manor!

● The final offspring of Krogdalo, Doom, has arose from the darkness in a blazing display of power.

– Due to the intense flames burning throughout Doom, this dream horse boasts a more powerful attack and faster movement than its sisters.
– Doom can be obtained by training and awakening a Tier 8, Level 30 Courser with a Krogdalo’s Origin Stone via Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch.
– While training your dream horse, you will want to focus on the increases to the Strength stat (over Elegance and Skill) if you want a higher chance of obtaining Doom once the courser successfully awakens.
– Succeeding in awakening your Dream Horse will cause it to turn into one of the three Dream Horses: Arduanatt, Diné, or Doom. Failing to awaken your horse will reset all stats in Skill, Elegance and Strength (using Cron Stones will reduce all stats by 50%).
– The following skills are Dream Horse skills that can be obtained by Doom, Arduanatt and Diné.

Skill Name Skill Effect
Courser’s Spirit Recovers a certain amount of HP and Stamina on standby when unmounted
Double Jump Able to jump once again while jumping (Activated after learning High Jump and Streak Leap)
S: Charge Able to charge once again while charging (activated after learning Charging)

– At Level 1, Doom will already know Courser’s Spirit, Double Jump and Dark Flame Step. There is a certain chance that it will also know Dark Sprint.

– Dark Flame Steps leaves a fiery trail behind doom that inflicts damage to nearby enemies while using Instant Accel and Dark Sprint.

– Dark Sprint can be used after learning Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel and it allows you to speed up once more.

– Using Dark Sprint inflicts damage to nearby enemies and there will be blazing flame effects near the target area. Once Dark Spirit is learned, you can attack enemies while using S:Instant Accel.

– Doom is the only Dream Horse that can learn Two-seater.

– There is an issue where the surrounding environment does not display as intended when using the two-seater skill on Doom. Therefore the skill has been temporarily disabled.

Read full patch notes here.

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